Torrent that unreleased film, go to jail 40% longer! story
Of note is that this law (pushing stiffer penalties for pirating unreleased material) has been clarified to the point where uploading via a file-sharing service or providing chunks of a movie via Bitorrent could make you as liable as the guy who videotaped the movie in the first place.

So think twice before downloading that unreleased copy of Animal House 3: Jose Liz goes to College.

Since they pandered to everyone who isn’t up on this stuff by calling that the “Family Entertainment and Copyright Act,” this shouldn’t apply to R-rated movies, Parental Advisory’d music, and non-incest porn.

God, whenever I read the word “Family” in the context of politics, and especially as part of the title of a bill or law, my nutsack (hi nutsak!) immediately retracts.