Torres to be on 'Attack of the Show' today hyping SWG

This should be good. I have yet to see a cluster fornication worse than the mess they turned this game into.

I gave it a go and man…unless your a genetic freak with three arms this game is worse than useless.

Gonna pay good money if they open the lines and let him take calls. Torres I doubt will take any calls and somehow he will manage to spin this into the same BS he has posted on Ogaming and the rest. However, being a veteran of the game I have my hopes.

I’m so there. Attack of The Show that is, not SWG. Assuming I can remember when it’s on. I seem to have this miraculous ability to only catch reruns…

Lets make this a G4 thread.

I still watch Xplay and Judgement day but I was listening to Leo Laporte’s Twit podcast and he said that G4’s ratings at like .05. Almost below what they messure for ratings. Attack of the Show is lower than any version of the Screen Savers. They can’t go on forever like this.

I can’t figure out how to program my Comcast Notivo to record only certain times of a program – so recording anything on G4 is right out, because I get 500 episodes, 90% repeats. I haven’t watched it in months, and I flipped to X-play this weekend, and got all repeats that I’d seen – months ago.

I listened to Leo also – the highest rated show is repeats of The Man Show.

They aren’t going on forever like that. They’re picking up the Man Show and that Barbedwire Buscuit garbage. And all-day marathons of wannabe-Mythbusters (but funny! ZOMG) Brainiac. I even like the host of Brainiac. On Top Gear, anyway.

The highest rating show should always be the show with beer, midgets, and women on trampolines. Whatever the channel, whichever the culture.

Probably because the man show is a high quality show targetted to the mass market while the rest of g4 is comprised of mediocre programming targetted to a much smaller niche.

Much like CGM putting console, music, and DVD reviews in their magazine, g4 is making the classic mistake of trying to appeal to the masses. Musical guests, hot brainless chicks hosting shows talking “street”, etc.

Really the only show on g4 that’s remotely watchable is xplay, and I only watch xplay because I can fast-forward through the inane skits with my tivo. It still doesn’t merit a season pass.

You know when you’re sleeping soundly at 6am and your neighbor starts mowing the lawn, or a truck idles outside your window incredibly loudly or a dog starts constantly barking like it smells a vampire and you just get into elaborate fantasies about KILLING the motherfuckers in such detail as opening the window a crack and angling the sniper rifle just so and with a tight smile squeezing off a round and watching their head kick back in a sweet raspberry spray and the dog’s bark cut off all high pitched and then you lie back in your bed with a great feeling of accomplishment? Well, I got that feeling when I watched AOTS. The hosts are so offensively annoying that they inspire elaborate fantasies about murdering them. Yeah it’s that bad.

Don’t try to appeal to the masses. Instead, make the shows good.

Interesting. I tried out the 10 day thing and the game felt a lot better than when I tried the initial trial release. I didn’t like the first version. It just felt like EQ in space. The revamp, well it felt like I was doing something in the Star Wars universe.

It’s interesting… I used to watch TSS, and somewhat liked it…

I’ve watched XPlay, and I find it funny and interesting, and Morgan is mutant hot (Yes, I’m on that side of the Morgan debate.)

However, AOTS is the ONE show that my girlfriend actually likes on G4, and I like it too. The name is weird, but the show is consistently good, when I’ve seen it. I wouldn’t want Leo back.

Problem is man that once you hit level 30 the content hits the damn wall. At that point it becomes impossible to be able to use all hotkeys.

on 11-25 ole smed decided to post a open letter to the ocmmunity asking for suggestions on fixing the NGE. I think the term cyberlynching comes to mind. the bug list and the amount of people upset that they nerfed the game the way they did is amazing.

Kahar, just walk the fuck away. SOE didn’t kill your dog.

I’m clearly the lowest of the low here on Qt3, as I like pretty much all of the shows on G4/Tech TV. It’s not that any of them are exceptional, but I’m usually at least semi-entertained by all of them. Even that one about the cars… the Dip Set or whatever it’s called.

I used to skin fat women and dance around like Silence of the Lambs, but I have taken to watching “Icons” when it’s about stuff like the NES or George Romero.

I watch G4 through the filter of 30 second skip. That said, I enjoy the occasional Icon and Cheat. Never watch XPlay anymore. Watch AOTS every day. That’s actually my wife’s fav. show on G4. There’s a lot of skipping going on, however. We skip Happy Tree Friends, anything to do with those ditsy actresses/models doing the lan party, and musical guests. Also skip the lush thing. Well, come to think of it we pretty much skip our way through to The Feed, then skip/watch to the end.

Yeah, Icons is great. XPlay is often great but I have a hard time finding episodes that aren’t 10 months old it feels like.

Whip Set. Whip being slang for car.



I watch Attack of the Show in the gym - or at least, alternate between it and the history channel. I haven’t watched X-Play in a long time, but I try and grab any episode where they review an unsavory game from my development past.