Toshiba is screwed

“Sounds like a great time to invest in a nuclear construction company!” the soon-to-be-bankrupt exec said.

It’s 6.3billion.

Nikon is also in huge trouble. Stock down15% in a single day after they revealed “extraordinary” losses.

Too bad. Toshiba is a very good company. We have a TV that we bought 5 or 6 years ago and are very pleased with it. We also have a Toshiba fridge that ran out of coolant 6 years into its life and would have cost about $600 to fix but the the Toshiba repair guy put us down as having purchased it one year later so it would still be under the 5 year warranty.

Bummer. I hate to see an investment in nuclear go south so badly, not to mention I always had such positive experiences with Toshiba equipment.

Yes we should be investing in Nuclear, wind and solar, and divesting of all coal, gas, and oil powered neanderthal crap.

So how in the world did they vastly underestimate the cost of putting those plants on-line? And the people who were lying about income for all those yeara at Toshiba. Are they in jail or vacationing in some Hawaiian resort for the rest of their lives?

Didn’t Toshiba buy Hitachi’s HDD fab from WD?

The information I’ve read on it was a little vague. My understanding was that Toshiba acquired Hitachi’s 3.5" HDD assets. I guess that means the fab plus whatever else they needed to make the drives.

I have a pair of Toshiba drives in a PC, and they are fast and quiet.

I guess what I meant was that Hitachi drives, especially the 2.5 drives, were my goto back in the day. Never a problem. I miss you, Hitachi, wherever you are. :)

HGST I think is basically Hitachi’s hard drive division?

Even though it’s now owned by Western digital

Toshiba also bought OCZ’s drive division.

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Now that we’re talking about it though, is Toshiba still screwed?