Total chick magnet

Now just think of how many heads would turn if you were driving this styling machine.

Tons. All of them wearing beehives.

And you don’t mean the hairstyle do you? Real beehives. With bees.

I thought this might be about Tom Chick refrigerator magnets.

They’d go well with the Tom Chick collectible cards that are all the rage in Japan.

If I drove, I’d drive that.

Since only one of them was every built, it might be a little hard…

Bizarre car, to say the least.

He should totally upholster the front bumper, put in cupholders and seatbelts, and fucking charge people to sit there as he flies down backroads.

I just love the idea of seats that can be rotated 180 degrees prior to impact. I mean, you have enough time to do that, you oughta have enough time to maybe swerve out of the way. Was this car the inspiration for the Homer?

Maybe they swivel around on impact, like an airbag exploding only with a twist. If so, it might be easier to recover from an accidental detonation at a standstill. And probably no worse than recovery from an airbag detonation while moving.

Quote from the site.

Its windscreen was curved away from the driver so the possibility of impact with it was reduced.

This design meant that windscreen wipers were not required, but it also distorted the view through it.

I like how due to the windshields shape it distorted the drivers view. I suppose thats why the front section was designed to reduce injury of a pedestrian if one was hit.

Dude, to take care of this totally minor problem, they just put a little brass sign on the steering wheel that said, “Stuff in the windscreen may be closer or futher away, so don’t drive too fast.”

Is that a photo of the priest who only drove it to church on sundays?