Total tokens are expiring: Which games to buy?

My Total Gaming tokens will expire on December 31. I have 10 tokens available and never spent them. I have to use them or lose them. I already own Space Rangers 2 as well as the original games that came to the first subscribers. Can you recommend some games to spend them on? Thanks.

Tokens expire now? Man, that’s irritating. Where does it show the use-by date?


The hacking games available: Uplink is good; BS Hacker Replay is its retarded inbred cousin they keep locked in the attic.

Gish is top of the guide-balls-of-tar platforming genre.

BreakQuest is a decent little Breakout clone.

Jets’n’Guns is likewise a decent arcade shoot’em’up.

FATE is–utterly inexplicably and showing that the world is fallen from a state of grace–not available on it. I think the WildTangent people nailed it in place. The Diablo clone they do have, Morning’s Wrath, I got one night and never played again. Available tokens and coming back home from a cheerful less-than-sober night is a dangerous combination. They also have Space Hack, which is Diablo…in Spaaaace, but I was more sober when I played the demo of that when it wasn’t on, and still had the beautifully insane title of Maximus XV Abraham Strong Space Mercenary. What they should have done is kept the original title, and slapped a colon on the end and then stuck Space Hack after.

I suppose they’re not going to release the Master of Magic sequel before the end of the month, either, which is a shame.

As I understand it, only the bonus ten tokens that people who had previously signed up for Drengin/ pre-token system got when it converted will expire (on Dec. 31). Everything else should last indefinitely if I understand properly, though maybe Brad will stop by and clarify definitively.

As for games, I had 10 tokens when I got the message so I’ve purchased:

Space Rangers 2
GalCiv II Dark Avatar

and have 5 tokens left.

Right now I’m looking at either getting Jets & Guns and Astral Masters and whatever looks most interesting for the singular remaining token, or blowing them all on the pre-order of Sins of a Solar Empire and hoping it’s good. :)

I’ll probably do the latter.

Wow, didn’t realize you could spend tokens to pre-order Dark Avatar and Sins of a Solar Empire. That makes my choice easy for 8 tokens.

I think the Dark Avatar pre-order is available through SD Central as a sub tab. To do Sins though you’ll need to buy through the website.

I have the same thing, with 2 tokens expiring at the end of the month. Etherlords is supposed to be OK, isn’t it? I might get that. They have Etherlords 1 and 2, at a token each. Worth getting both, or just the second one?

FWIW you can get fate at EB / Gamestop and even Walmart.

I enjoyed evil islands. Not enough to finish it yet, but it kept me occupied for a while. Just play on easy first since it is insanely difficult at normal.

I have 6 or7 tokens left. I can either get galciv2 expansion or that Sins game.

Massive Assault would also be a wise purchase.

I’ve played Etherlords 2. I had a lot of fun with it in singleplayer. A light M:TG sort of thing.

I second Jets ‘n’ Guns.

Dark Avatar should be an easy purchase.

I’ve enjoyed Space Hack quite a bit even though you spend way too much time fighting the same enemies. It’s not a bad hack and slash.

Disciples2 FTW every time

Anyone who has to spend bonus tokens already has Disciples 2 and quite a few other games. We were grandfathered in to a copy of every game that was currently on TG.Net + GalCiv2 when they switched to the token system.

Never let it be said that Brad doesn’t show loyalty to his customers.

Just a heads-up that Shadowgrounds also just launched on TGN:

Thumbs up for Shadowgrounds. I got it off steam and loved it.

Yep that’s how I got copies of the political machine and Uplink.

The cell squadron game was pretty fun, basically it’s little tiny ships fighting other little ships. and Boss fights with colossal warships.