Total Overdose

Not a bad game. Considering it came out in 2007, the graphics are behind. But the music is good, the setting is different yet familiar and the moves are straight out of a John Woo movie including being able to use a gun in each hand (which you have to earn), the ability to slow things down, the bullets flying everywhere. You get special moves too, including El Mariachi (you carrying two guitar cases that are really machine guns), El Luchador where you become a luchadores, the golden gun that you can kill anybody with one shot. Fun.

A game that came out in 2005 has graphics that are behind the times in 2007? Really?

It was released in 2005. And i liked it a lot.

Yeah, the driving sections in the city weren’t very good, as lots of people will say. But as an over the top third person shooter it was great, and most of the game was that, not a GTA clone. Non stop action without overwhelming the player a lot, smooth difficulty curve, variety of scenarios, lots of weapons, acrobatics moves, upgrades, combo system (kill x people with less than 5 seconds between each death) etc, and even an not-so-bad plot. And again, very over the top. I liked how the upgradable weapons followed that style: when you get first upgrade for a weapons, you win akimbo in that weapon (because two guns at the same time own more than one!) and when you get the second upgrade, you win infinite ammo in that weapon (because badass action heroes doesn’t have to reload their weapons!).