Total Solar Eclipse Expected to Mess With India

Killah, but Americans north of Brazil and anyone not living the worst parts of the world are ass-out on this one, as it begins in Brazil and sweeps up through Africa and the Mediterranean and stuff. Man, I remember a total eclipse way back in 80 or summat. I looked straight at the fucker like a dummy, but it was still cool even as my retinas melted.

Either way, the things I’m pretty sure didn’t happen were:

One Indian paper advised pregnant women not to go outside during the eclipse to avoid having a blind baby or one with a cleft lip.

Extra palm-sized, easily-throwable stones have been shipped in from surrounding continents should Indian women disobey the paper (that they aren’t allowed to read anyway) and by extension their husbands.

Food cooked before the eclipse should be thrown out afterward because it will be impure and those who are holding a knife or ax during the eclipse will cut themselves, the Hindustan Times added.

Wow, that paper is almost as stupid as the New York Times! But seriously folks, did they really just tell their starving people to throw out what little food they have? Or is it a moot point?

Who are these people who can afford a newspaper in India but not food?

Meanwhile, some guy in Atlanta, Georgia says Galileo was wrong…

A “Solar Eclipse” is not really the Sun, but the “Dark Planet”, made of pure evil (which is why it taints the food). Didn’t you ever see 5th Element?

Anyway, the Sun isn’t black, it’s white like Jesus.

Atlanta isn’t the culprit here.

You don’t know many Indian women, do you.

I happen to work in a department that is 3/4 Indian women (most of them recent immigrants and very un-Americanized). They are anything but subjugated.

At least a cool dozen or so, all told. Way to be wrong and condescending in 10 words or less, though.

I happen to work in a department that is 3/4 Indian women (most of them recent immigrants and very un-Americanized). They are anything but subjugated.

Wow, you are in a place that is an overwhelming majority of Indian women and you don’t find them demur? You don’t know much about sociology, do you? Ever follow one home and surreptitiously watch the goings-on at her house, away from her job surrounded by Indian women all big-talking their lives to each other, just like dudes and women of any ethnicity are wont to do? And why do you figure they’ve moved away from India in the first place?

Forced marriages and honour killings are a big problem in India, and also Indian communities in the UK. One of my friends back in England has a very strong willed wife, but she still consented to marry him through an arranged marriage, where she’d never actually met him face to face and only went through with it because that is what her family willed. Forced marriages are what arranged marriages can become when the girl refuses. Honour killings sometimes become the next stage.

They also have this horrible caste system, which can be really embarrassing sometimes if you know people of different castes.

Just like everything else, it’s not universal. I’ve been to India, and know and work with quite a few Indians directly. I’ve seen both the independent free spirited and the subjugated slaves.

See… Don’t argue with Bill, he has actually done this, more then once too.

That was funny. Similarly, my original post was a joke. Obviously, at least one person didn’t get it.

That happens sometimes.

ITYM Pakistan.

I know them pretty well. I really don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

Roll, I doubt the immigrants to here from India are representative of Indian society in general. Tend to get moster upper caste from what I’ve read.

Nope. It’s a big problem in Pakistan as well. It’s a problem for Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in the region. The practice is based on tribal laws that pre-date all of these religions. It’s not allowed under Islam, even under strict male dominated Sharia law, but it is unfortunately tolerated in many societies in the region, even celebrated in some, like Jordan.

Pakistan gets a lot of press because the authorities there do very little to prevent the killings, or punish those who carry them out, so it is a serious problem. It also gets a lot of press because it’s a Muslim country, and any ghoulish practice carried out in these countries gets more press in the current Islamaphobic atmosphere in the West than ghoulish practices elsewhere in the developing world.


How about a Princeton Review journal article on the subject (written by Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo from USC), where this quote comes from:

Hindu Indian immigrants generally live in suburban locations, and many of them have formed new Hindu religious associations. Kurien assesses gender relations among these groups, but not content to confine her analysis to the household or family level, she also assesses gender in these newly invented Hindu congregations, and in larger pan-Indian immigrant organizations. At the level of family and congregations, Kurien finds that the Indian immigrant women make tremendous strides toward equality; husbands do more housework than they did in India, and in the congregations, women actively reshape the culture in ways that reflects their own enhanced status.

I was mostly joking, but you seem deadpan-set on belaboring this issue, which really isn’t one. Indian-American women adapt to the social mores in the US rapidly and dramatically, and as such your interpetation that all Indian women, even Indian women still in India, are likewise liberated and free from patriarchal dominance is, well, wrong.

Now then, what precisely is your problem?