Total War Battles: Shogun?

What on earth is this?!?! And why havent anyone told me about it? At first I was aghast, then I was mildly curious then I was hungry, but thats besides the point.

So - anyone bite on this? It does look a bit like the old KOEI games actually.

woah. It looks to me that even though the sprites are animated to be attacking and stuff, that the combat is turn based?

edit: hm, no, the site describes it as “a new real-time battle system that feels both familiar and fresh. The hex battle maps allow for natural unit movements and deep strategy. However, as followers of the “Bushido” code of conduct, your units can never turn back — this twist to classic RTS gameplay adds tension and intensity to the action, making each victory even more rewarding.” Not sure what to make of that.

The main issue IIRC is it has in-app buff purchases on top of paying for the App itself. I don’t like IAP in the first place, but having that on top of a paid app is awful. Someone took the plunge and was going to get back to us on whether or not it was playable through the full campaign without IAP. I don’t recall a follow up, though I might have simply missed it.

ah - well…its out on Steamas well, so I guess thats the full game one gets there.

It came out on iOS a while ago. You might check the reviews of that version if you’re interested.

I’ve been playing this for the last couple days while I wait for my computer upgrade part to arrive so I can play some new AAA purchases. It’s an odd duck. The buildings must be placed on a hex grid, and each building type has its own multi-hex shape to it, so part of the problem solving is laying out the buildings so they fit together nicely, given the terrain you have to work with. Some buildings need to be adjacent to a particular building, others can’t be adjacent. Some buildings work better when adjacent to particular terrain.

The campaign has had some various objectives. Your troops just follow a straight path across the hex game board until they bump into something to attack - then they duke it out. There is some rock, paper scissor relationships between the troops, along with some ranged troop types. You can also give orders to halt or move to an adjacent row (but that is on a cooldown timer).

It’s interesting, and not a bad game but it does feel a bit weird. My biggest gripe is that you (and the AI) can place troops anywhere in your deployment zone - even behind an advancing enemy. You don’t even need to have a building there to do it. It just feels off and not right. I don’t even think they sell this on Steam anymore, but since I’m playing it I decided to comment.