Total War: Rome Remastered - Return the Eagle!


If you already own the original Rome Total War on Steam Sega/CA are offering a nice 50% discount making it $14.99. That makes me jump on this without hesitation.

Except the deal isn’t showing up yet for me. :(

That’s weird, it is for me, but I just freshly started Steam only minutes ago. Hope it gets sorted soon! :-)


  • UHD resolution support
  • Updated 3D unit models and textures
  • Widescreen and ultrawide monitor support
  • Enhanced battlefield environments
  • Enhanced campaign map
  • Improved visual effects


  • Campaign map overlays
  • Faction summary screen
  • Unit status displays
  • Enhanced camera and controls
  • New quick lists


  • 16 additional playable factions (38 in total)
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Steam Workshop mod support
  • New agent: the merchant
  • New summary screen: the agent hub
  • Improved diplomacy


  • Redesigned UI and tooltips
  • Optional classic versus remastered rules
  • Improved sound mix
  • Added UI scaling
  • Enhanced iconography
  • Improved support for colour blindness


  • Fully integrated game manual
  • Enhanced advisor messages
  • New first-time player advice
  • Redesigned campaign tutorial

I’ve got until the 31st, so I’m sure it will work out!

DAMN you people are fast! I wanted this to be MY topic :-D

Anyways - this is my favorite game, and I’ll get this for sure! The music is among the finest in all the series.

Resisting the urge to post videos of the ost.

Seems like content creators in the community already got early access to stream and make videos about the remaster. Legend of Total War and others are currently streaming the Remaster as we speak.

This game had the best road building. :)


I think this is awesome, if only for the ‘maried with children’-aspect that was left out of the other games for some reason. But I’m also a bit worried that my very fond memories are caused by the fact that this was the first TW I played. Now that I have played more of them, I fear I’ll be disappointed by things I did not mind back then.

We’ll see…

The speeches before each battle are wonderful as well - LOVED them!

Is this even worth it for people who own Total War: Rome 2 and didn’t make it past some initial conquests because it felt so damn easy and also clunky with its TBS/RTS hybrid approach? Hm, just asking… because I keep reading that Rome 2 was a downgrade to the original.

If the basic split between the turn-based strategic layer and the realtime tactical battles doesn’t work for you, then I doubt any Total War game will be for you.

Yeah, I see, I’ve just never tried any TW game beyond Rome 2. Thanks for the confirmation.

I certainly prefer the original Rome over Rome II. That said, if the TBS\RTS hybrid approach felt clunky in one of the more modern titles I doubt that feeling is going to change with any of the earlier Total War games. So, as much I want to recommend a game I love, probably not worth it for you at the full price.

What the original Rome sacrifices in historical realism or accuracy, such as Rome being split into three different factions (plus the SPQR in Rome), it compensates for in producing a more compelling gameplay arc. The build up and conclusion to the end-game civil war(s) between the different Roman families (factions) is much more satisfying to me in the original Rome. For all the original game’s AI faults the game typically does a good job of having large AI empires form, it isn’t unusual for Egypt to conquer much of Asia Minor and the Levant from the Seleucids.

Finishing a grand campaign in Rome II feels like a slog and unnecessarily long due to a number of factors, such as the lengthy victory conditions and often a lack of similarly large AI empires to counter-balance you in the mid-to-late game. In comparison, the original Rome often delivers an enjoyable experience enroute to hitting the point of inevitable victory because various factions will expand into satisfying opponents to face in the mid-to-late game. As the Scipii, for example, you will often have at least the Julii, Brutii and Egyptians forming their own large empires into the mid-to-late game and offer a satisfying mid-to-late game showdown.

Plus some of the campaign experiences feel more varied as well, in my opinion. The early game progression for Seleucids is consolidating and holding onto your existing empire from a myriad of threats. Stands in stark contrast to the typical progression of most modern Total War campaigns these days where you start out small and just constantly expand. A starting experience more akin to the Western Roman Empire in the Barbarian Invasion expansion or Total War: Attila. Large spread out empire that has multiple potential enemies poised to eat away at it, whilst lacking the funds and armies to respond to everything at once.

I didn’t really mind the historical inaccuracy for gameplay reasons, but the incorrect pluralisation really got to me. It’s not as if it’s difficult to research or affects the gameplay.

Julius => Julii
Brutus => Bruti
Scipio => Scipiones


Was curious how Feral Interactive were going to handle making the emergent factions of the Barbarian Invasion campaign playable. With the latest embargo drop finally people are allowed to showcase and talk about the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander campaigns.

Turns out the campaigns for the emergent BI factions, like the Romano-British, will have the potential to be subtly different each time round as the events of the campaign map are simulated up until the faction emerges (spawns) on the campaign map. So, you could feasibly find yourself facing different starting situations if you booted up two campaigns side-by-side.

Also, Brian Blessed’s voice appears to still be in the Alexander content of the remaster. So that will be fun to re-experience going back through the historical battles and campaign.