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there’s no unit collision in this game, so chariots are op.

spam chariots, run them everywhere and kill all those archers.

Only played a few Total War games but have always remembered Cavalry being that way. Have them set up to the side far enough away to not trigger the enemy then sweep in with basic flanking attack and run roughshod over them.

Chariots are melee weapons?

They’re more like hit and run drivers.

if you have the archer chariots you can force melee with the alt key iirc

these chariots are much stronger than cavalry in say, total war.

A reminder that if you have a Total War Access account you can claim the Amazons DLC for Troy starting next Thursday September 24th. Limited window to claim and redeem.

Amazons will be free to claim from the 24th of September to the 8th of October 2020. If you claim the DLC during this time, it is free to keep. You’ll have until the 5th of November to apply your product code to your account.

You can now claim the Amazon DLC for Troy from Total War Access (Until October 8th).

Though I am having trouble with their website now, so perhaps no need to rush.

I don’t see any way to claim it. You are supposed to register, link to the epic account and they will send an email right?

I keep getting 500, Internal Server Errors when I try to claim so I can’t comment further. I already have my Epic account linked but cannot get further at the moment. They might be getting hammered(?).

From an email I received:

The Amazons DLC is finally here! Before you claim this offer, you’ll need to link your Access and Epic Games Store accounts. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Total War Access account here
  2. Click on My Account in the upper navigation bar
  3. Click on the Epic Connect logo and log in with your Epic account credentials
  4. Grant permission to connect Access to your Epic account
  5. “Account Connected” will be displayed in My Account screen
  6. Once your accounts are connected, follow instructions from the in-game menu to claim, or claim from here:
  7. More questions? Read our FAQ here:

Once, those steps are complete you should see the following in your Access dashboard:

At the moment I get an error when clicking on Claim Code, but that should be fixed.

Checked on Reddit and this kind of seems like a shit show. Total War Access site has been crashing all day for people and some of those that did get the key and redeem with Epic are reporting that the game won’t let them play with the Amazons and keeps referring them to the Epic store to purchase.

I think I will try again tomorrow.

I got an internal server error, but then reloaded and did manage to get it through and linked. I’m a bit annoyed that they kept on CAPTCHAing me, but I guess if they think they might be getting hammered with DOS it might make sense (also it was the least painful CAPTCHA I’v seen — choose the Cat that is in the correct upright orientation).

The Worst Captcha of All is the “keep picking the images of X until there are no more” and the new images load so slowly and they just keep coming and oh my god I never want to see a picture of a fire hydrant ever again.

I just claimed the free DLC without a hitch. I had already linked my Epic account previously.

I hate those damn things.

I claimed it w/o any intention of playing it, a hollow victory that more or less describes my entire gaming history with the Epic store so far.

Claim process worked fine, free dlc, great price!

Great bug I have to post here. Some background:

There was an annoying bug previously with the Fletcher line of buildings that didn’t grant its bonus. It was a flat +4, +6, or +8 bonus to a unit’s ammo. Would have been too good for jav units and not so great for slingers. But hey cool, looks like they fixed the bug:


Great! Now it’ll be good for all units, and a unit like this:

with only 2 ammo won’t be overpowered with 10 ammo. Nice! Except…

Points if you see the bug and a bonus if you know why it happened.

It could be either a code bug or bad documentation!

Yup–the options are a 1-character bug in the documentation or a more-than-1 character bug in the code, so by Occam’s Razor it’s a documentation bug and the Myrmidon ammo is WAI.

Does Troy have a prepared skirmish or historical battles mode? I’d like to hop into a recent Total War game to look at nice graphics without getting invested in a campaign.

[EDIT] Installed, looks like custom skirmishes and tutorial battles only.