Total War: Three Kingdoms


I love the Three Kingdoms period, but Total War games have just… never done it for me. They’ve gotten oh so close, but I think I just need more on the strategy layer (the battles are awesome but I find them really tedious after a while). Because it’s Three Kingdoms I’ll probably get suckered into buying it so I can be disappointed by a Total War game for the nth time, but hopefully reviews aren’t too great so I end up doing that when it’s on sale or something. :)


I did not realize this was releasing so soon! I have barely scratched the surface of the Warhammers. Yikes.


Here’s some:


eurogamer: 4/5 too many things, bad UI
pcgamer: nice UI, nice diplomacy. This person has played total wars.
strategygamer: Most detailed look at changes - only one that mentions research is changed.


Looks pretty good. I’ll miss the self-insertion-create-a-general element from the koei games, but engaging tactical battles would be a new thing for the RTK setting.


Ahhh, 99 war 99 int 99 char officers.


TWarhammer2 has a mod that lets you hire custom generals with custom traits so conceivably someone might make one for 3K.

Wonder if that’ll be DLC down the line too.


There seems to be something like mild worry as CA is flooding Youtube now with “Influencers” playing Three Kingdoms, many of them just repeating each other as well. Pretty much anyone who plays Total War as their main activity on their channel has been recording and streaming the pre-order bonus (Yellow Turbans) for the last few days.


RPS had a very positive review.

I actually haven’t been paying any attention, so the move towards CK2 style interactions between characters is news to me and sounds really cool.


What is the context of the mild worry? I’m not sure I follow.


PartyElite (he’s the guy with the 40 part Total War Warhammer Beginner’s Guide that has been linked here a bunch of times) says that the additions to the Strategy Layer are really great, but he didn’t find the tactical layer all that compelling and ended up autoresolving a lot. So you might actually like this one.


I always thought people worried when publishers didn’t let folks see the game before launch. I guess people just like to worry.


Interesting, I’ll have to check out his video.


Sounds good to me, I get pretty tired of those battles.


Sounds meh


Glad I’m not the only, since I know that’s the heart of the game. I think I just moved past RTS babysitting type of gameplay. I love watching the battles and I wouldn’t mind having some high-level input in them, but after a while setting up all your lines, control groups, and formations over and over just starts to wear me down, as does having to tell a regiment when they need to change facing to brace for the cavalry or when to stop shooting their own infantry in the back, etc.

It’s definitely a me problem and not a TW problem. I feel the same way nowadays when playing the Wargame/Steel Division RTS series, even though I used to like them.


This sounds really good overall. I don’t mind the samey units, since I like that aspect of Shogun 2. And the improved strategic layer and diplomacy sounds great.

Ok, heading out to preorder this. Getting a new machine in a couple weeks too, so it should be great.


It’s pretty long. Conclusion is at 20:15.

He says if you’re the kind of person that wants to focus on strategy and the overall picture you’ll be in for a real treat. But if you really love the tactical battles most, you might be in for a bit of a disappointment.


Is he talking about the quasi fairytale campaign or the historical one?


I don’t think he specifies in his conclusion if there’s a specific campaign type he’s focusing the conclusion on. I’ll have to admit I was working on an art project while I was watching it, so wasn’t paying to it 100%. That’s partly why I went back and double checked the conclusion and posted that to make sure I was reporting accurately.