Total War: Three Kingdoms

Yeah, I’m just going to call it now. This is going to be the best selling Total War game to date.

I think they’re just engaging with how most people get information about games in 2019.

And Steam says the game is unlocked, but when I start it, I have an error with “ColdFusion Technology” which is apparently copy protection. And the link on the error message goes to a webpage which just hangs. There are 32 other messages on the Steam forum with the same problem.

Thanks a lot Sega/Creative Assembly. Thanks a lot Steam. You guys suck.

I don’t what to try this until I buy my new computer… Damn, I need to get on that fast…

There are now 158 people on Steam with the copy protection problem. Good job guys.

Okay, update. Someone on Steam says that they got it to work after rebooting. I rebooted my computer and I’m in. I don’t know if the reboot is what did it or if their Code Fusion system was overwhelmed and is now better able to handle requests, but if someone else gets stuck, rebooting may (or may not) help.

Is this kicking the crap out of anyone else’s gpu? 2560x1440 High settings is making my rtx 2080 cry.


China Number One!!!

For what it’s worth, it seems to be running great on my 2060 at 1080 on ultra.

People are saying it’s 5 second battle load times and 10 second end turn times!

I haven’t given a shit about a TW game since Shogun 2, but I can tell you that I will be picking this up at some point. However, it doesn’t surprise me that the seemingly intensely nationalist Chinese gamers are making this one a hit all by themselves.

Holy shit they actually did something to load times?

Hitting that buy button now.

I don’t know if it’s quite as fast for me as wisefool mentions. But it’s definitely faster than Warhammer or Rome, and the campaign map feels massive.

That’s been my biggest traditional issue with it. Guessing multicore strikes again.

I’m gonna sneak in some time to test on an old Stusserbeast. For science.

Start campaign button is not working. Hmm. I see, fullscreen had a mouse bug where the cursor didn’t point where it was. Switched to windowed to fix.

On slowlish system: ($90 passive video card Nvidia 1030)

End Turn 18 seconds
Battle timer 30 seconds (1030 video card)
Entering siege battle: 90 seconds.

Thank you wisefool. My only real performance problem in Warhammer is the ME campaign turn times. Price point is a bit high still, and I may give in.

18 seconds good. Goood.

This seems to be a pretty good guide. Text + pictures, no stupid video:

there’s other guides too:

You live in suspense when you play Total War: Three Kingdoms . All your friends and allies will one day turn on you, but you never know when. The genius here is that it doesn’t only happen once as everyone enters the final stages of the game, but every time the stakes get higher as the chaotic free-for-all of the late Han period gives way to the Three Kingdoms that give the period its name, and Total War its most satisfying strategy game in a decade. It is, at almost every moment you spend playing it, a game where all hell is about to break loose, or already has—In spite of your plans or often because of them.

I’m running on 2560x1440 on a rtx2080 and haven’t noticed any problems. I’m not particularly sensitive to graphic slowdowns though — for example, I’m often perfectly content with 30 fps in games where everyone is clamoring that 60 fps is absolutely necessary, so YMMV and you might see the exact same thing I’m seeing and I might just not be noticing it.

Also I haven’t gotten particularly far in the game and my largest battle involved 14 units on my side + 3 heroes with roughly comparable numbers on their side.