Total War: Three Kingdoms

I think Total War games look very consistent about archery casualty rates (at least the historical ones). They can be powerful, but are unlikely to heavily damage a heavy infantry unit by themselves. Historically (in the West, at least), missiles thrown by skirmishers were extremely effective against massed light infantry (you are likely to hit something soft), and very ineffective against heavy infantry (mostly if they had good armor and/or shields). However, massed archers, while rare, were really effective when employed in the Middle Ages.

I know nothing of Chinese military history, though.

I have a different problem with my RTX 2080. The benchmarks are all good at 60+, but at some point during a game it’ll just start to chug. The game becomes extremely sluggish. However, for me it seems like it’s not utilizing the GPU anymore, as the fans don’t really kick on much. So it’s like I have the horsepower available, it’s just suddenly not being used.

I should check for updated drivers, maybe I’m missing one that just came out.

I solved my problem, pebkac in this case. Apparently at some point a system fan cable got unplugged so not all the fans were going. Running battle benchmark with 1440p and Ultra settings topped out at 69C.

The latest driver came out on the 9th I believe, 430.64.

I noticed on the fps graph for the benchmark there were some dips were it went pretty low. 1440p at Ultra averaged out to 58fps.

One of the YouTube reviews I watched said that a few bugs they ran into disappeared after updating device drivers.

Well, the first two hours have been quite enjoyable, got a lot to yet figure out of course, but so far I’m really liking this one.

I’ve got the “DRM Fail” error. I have rebooted, reinstalled, verified files, disabled every program running in the background, and am running out of ideas on how to resolve. I guess I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning and see if it goes away. If not, I’m going to have to refund the game, which breaks my heart, because I really want to play it.

Score one for DRM hurting paying customers. Again.

That sucks @CF_Kane I hope you get your issue resolved and I hope you get to play soon. Whenever people shrug their shoulders at DRM it’s worth remembering moments like this.

Unrelated, I saw it noted that all time peak player count for this has surpassed Civ 6’s peak count; by just a hair, but still surpassed.

Truth. First time I’ve had a problem with DRM since the days of SecureROM, and it brings back some bad memories.

No, China number five! Taiwan number one! USA number two!

According to certain historical sources they were very powerful.


Mmm, so I was planning to play this in Romance mode, which seems really fun. However:

1- I’m getting a new machine next week, and I play in 1080p, so I should be able to play this on Ultra or maybe High-Ultra setting anyway.
2- The game has a new unit size “extreme” with 25% more soldiers per unit than ultra.
3- Records mode has soldiers along with the generals, making for up to 6 more units in play.
4- I think the maximum numbers of soldiers in a battlefield will be about 15-20k

So, the idea of playing a battle with 20k soldiers on-screen is tempting me to move towards records mode.

And now I’ll have to watch Hero again, won’t I?

Last night I learned how deadly Chinese archers are in one of my battles. I had about a 40% more powerful army but I only had one archer unit and a lot of calvary. My opponents strength rating was weaker but he had a force of of about 60% archery units and they were deadly and decimated my troops. I initially won with I think a ‘Close Victory’, said fuck that I can do better and replayed the battle only to end with a ‘Pyhrric Victory’. Gulp.

Otherwise I am loving the game so far. Total War games are strategy games about spectacle and Creative Assembly was firing on all cylinders here. The on-boarding and organic tutorial aspects have been spot on; helpful but never getting in the player’s way and the UI (including the F1 explanatory overlay) is wonderful.

This morning I had to think long and hard if I could come up with an adequate excuse to stay home from work to keep playing. Responsibility prevailed, but barely.

Supposedly they made the archers strong but limited their armor. Cunning stat helps armor. Strategist generals help archers somehow? I don’t know if that’s because they can recruit catas and crossbows

I tried a Liu bei which is like normal tw, albeit a bit slow in healing.

Tried a kong Rong tall mode but man… stupid events fire and I lose my capital. Gonna have to retry.

I hate blob melee fights and the unit cards are way too small at 3840x. They need bigger ui scale, 130% not enough

Man, I checked the specs you need to run this at 4K…

I’m so happy with my 1080p monitor. I know I will have to upgrade, but not until 4K at high capable graphic cards are affordable…

Runs 50 FPS with a 1070 on medium, no problem.

I like maxing settings (or getting as close to it as I can get) on TW games. I think they look significantly more impressive with all the detail in.

That director has a new movie out called Shadow that’s set during the Three Kingdom’s period and is fantastic.

I haven’t seen a new Zhang Yimou movie in so long. I don’t even remember one being advertised in the US since Curse of the Golden Flower.