Total War: Three Kingdoms

Trebuchets are good you guys (this was me with 3k dudes attacking a secondary settlement [so chokepoint galore] vs 5k defending dudes)

Another amusing instance, I kept having to reload a savve because I kept accidently killing my spy who happened to be a general in the enemy army. You think I would’ve learned after the first reload, but apparently I am bloodthirsty.

On another note, despite the entire rework of diplomacy into something functional, the very ancient vassal problem is still around. That is, when someone you have a deal with declares war on your vassal, you are the one who take diplo hits (untrustworthy) for defending them. Oh and if you choose to not defend your vassal you also get an untrustworthy hit for good measure.

I’ve seen some improbable weapons over the years in many a martials arts film, and those blade brollies look to be the most ridiculous yet.

Good Lord FD – that is a serious army.

Strat that is what I thought. I mean if we had a significant piece of ancient warfare historical data that stated “Ancient Chinese compound bows were twice the pull strength of western bows” or something I’d get it. So its just the usual CA thing “we need to make bows good so people won’t complain”

Rome 2 missiles were op. Attila were op but you could go into missile formations to block (as in rome 2 I guess but )

Warhammer 2? Well that is hardly comparable.

Looks like this was a harbinger of the complete collapse of my gaming PC. Other games are arbitrarily deciding not to launch, and I’m hitting a black screen with blinking cursor on half of my reboots. So now I get the special joy of reformatting and reinstalling windows and everything else, followed by testing my drives and hardware piece by piece until I figure it out.

So not CA’s fault. I just needed to vent for a moment.

How did you get those cool unit cards? I just have ghost cards.LpeJc1gsvq9Ap2UJ5HMpdtTF66nSIDPzQQ57XcVpMDc

Ouch. Good luck @CF_Kane!

Yeah the default units cards are absolute shit.

Options > Interface > Alternative Unit Cards

Cool thanks. There is a lot of generic placeholder art in this game that will look awesome once they get made over in mods.

It is the sort of thing that’s only really possible in Romance mode / Warhammer.

It’s basically permanent danger close. What’s a 1000 damage shot to a single unit with 40k HP that most likely doesn’t even get hit?

Has anyone fired up MP coop? From what I’ve seen in vid of people playing it this looks to be a new take on it in that you don’t per se play co-op, you just each start as if you were playing SP as someone and then have the option of joining up once you actually make contact on the map.

And until you’ve allied when you start a battle they can play as the other side of it, or share units and fight against the AI.

This looks like a pretty cool take on co-op if I’m properly understanding how this works.

I put in about 12 hours in a coop Gongsun Zan / Liu Bei campaign. In contrast to TW WH coop, you don’t start allied and can’t see each other’s moves. During battle you can observe (in which case the other coop player can gift units to you which you will control — same as previous TW coop), or you can control the AI troops.

Once we actually connected and were visually able to meet each other (which took more work than anticipated — both factions start in the North East, but there’s some hard slogging to get connected) — we were able to go the the diplomatic menu and negotiate. (Before meeting up, the other player wasn’t listed in the diplomatic menu.)

There was a diplomatic option to join forces and strive to jointly rule China together. From that point on, I think it’s same as previous coops. However, if you didn’t want to do that I believe you can just treat the other player same as other factions on the map — cooperate with them when you want to and fight them when you want to. Can’t say for sure what happens if you don’t join forces, we wanted to do the completely join in a permanent alliance option. So we went with that option as soon as it was available to us.

Until we actually joined up, I had no visibility on the other coop player and as far as the game UI was concerned, he didn’t exist. We ended up calling out province names and looking at the zoomed out map to try to get a sense of what the other player was doing in the fog of war. Plus we got to participate in each other’s battles even though we didn’t have any context on where said battles were taking place.

[Edit] one thing that is disappointing is that some of the character viewing options are disabled when the other player is playing. So you can see your characters, but can’t access the court and can’t check other characters relationships. So some of the stuff you might want to spend your time perusing during the other player’s turn in blocked. IIRC you can poke around your commanderies and look at building chains. You can also look over the tech tree and see the first page of the character sheets, just not the relationships part of the character sheets.

They are fucking awesome man :)

You need to open her up and clean the fans and cooling blocks. Get all those cat hairs out of there with a toothbrush and toothpick.

Thanks very much for the lengthy description. That sounds pretty cool. Would be amusing to play with a treacherous friend. ;)

I’ll continue in my SP campaign because the friend is holding off on purchasing, but definitely sound like something we’re going to fully explore.

Y’all weren’t kidding about the Yuan Shao vassal spam. I think I had six different people across China become his vassal in the span of two turns.

Panel 1: Diplomatic Proposal
Panel 2: Vassalage
Yuan Shao: It seems you need a strong leader to rule over you

There are so, so many.

I have to admit all the Yuan Shao memes are kind of funny, so there’s the silver lining on the bug!

Playing as Cao Cao I captured Lu Bu - it was so satisfying to re-live that part of the novel and spare Lu Bu rather than execute him. I’m sure that won’t have any adverse consequences!

I’m loving my campaign as Cao Cao, but I’ll admit I’m getting pretty frustrated by the Yuan Shao antics. I’ve half a mind to stop accepting coaltions from anyone until this gets tweaked because to accept them is simply to identify them as the next to be vassalized by Yuan Shao, sometimes literally the next turn.

It’s beyond silly at this point and if I try and take it head on by attacking Yuan Shao I’ll have half of China join him in attacking me at the same time, so it’s like committing suicide ending the campaign.

Tried influencing others he’s recently flipped, nothing happens. I even did it repeatedly to one, stayed vassalized. So at the very least they need to make it so I can flip them back.

Also question to anyone who might know: I’ve got a spy embedded as a general and he’s slowly becoming less satisfied so i’m starting to worry he’s going native, there’s no option to pull them back (which strikes me as rather odd) and I don’t have the option to promote him since he’s in the field being a spy, what are you doing to fix this? I can’t figure out what I’m suppose to do as I slowly watch his satisfaction tick down?!