Total War: Three Kingdoms

Just saw this tweet a bit ago, and was curious about others’ thoughts.

I havne’t picked this one up yet (I’m really more a Warhammer guy), but I have to say those original icons look amazing to me. Very cool, stylish, and servicable showing the weapons being used more than the units. I like it a lot. The Alternate ones look like regular 3D models that seem totally fine, very good, but not as good in my opinion.

Nothing beats a good 2D art though, I wish more games would just use awesome 2D art instead of trying to use 3D models as icons/portraits.

I prefer the originals, partly aesthetically but also functionally. The more abstract unit cards focus on what the unit does and further serve to make the hero characters pop in the UI. And the heroes are very much the game’s focus, at least in Romance mode.

Anyone picked up the new expansion? I’m really impressed with it so far. Although I have noticed that turn resolution times seem to have degraded.

I agree that original shadowy ones are cool. In other games you have all those icons that make distinguishing units hard. You want to see weapons and armor. Does this guy have an armor or is it a fancy shirt? Is it a spear or a sword in this guy’s hand, I can’t see because of all the details and funny hat.

The base game has been on my wish list and I was planning on holding off for a bit to work on my backlog. But, on a recent 3MA podcast, most rated it as their game of the year. So, I will pick it up soon.

On a side note, steam tells me that this just launched:

English translation to come next month. Looks like it’s an iteration on IX and XI, so it’s not an officer RPG like X or XIII, but probably better mechanics and AI.

But will it have $1000+ of DLC like other Koei Tecmo games?

Probably at least a PUK to come, and 100s of officer portrait DLCs.

Oh really?

She seems popular.

Another day, another micro Total War Three Kingdoms expansion.

I’d like to see Eastern Jin and the Battle of Fei river… one day. That day will be some very distant time in the future though.

Hmmm I just noticed that three kingdoms --a total war game that I have avoided so far --has the “this is total war” achievement. An achievement I spent countless hours on in Rome 2 and Atillla… looks like it may be time to try again. (Atilla was easier because of the eastern empire interest rate).

I wonder which faction would be a good one for that?

Well thematically it should be done as Cao Cao.

Which is pronounced Saoh-Saoh, not cow-cow!

This is a Saoh-Saoh. (They are dangerous bastards despite looking so cute)


RH I’ll let you know when I start that… Bactria was pretty good in Rome 2. Eastern Roman empire in Attilla… but I can’t make heads or tails about strengths in this game yet.

I’m tempted to try it myself. You can make peace with them afterwards right? If so, it is kind of classic Cao Cao.

no, that’s Chow Chow, you’re thinking of an Italian saying goodbye.

RH they’ll be no peace --there will be only total war. The total war chievo is only if you are war with every encountered enemy every turn. All the way.

BTW it is hard to start this whole “this is total war” achievement without grabbing every dlc… sigh… looks like I will have to go big on this. Any hints at the best faction to start are welcome.