Total War: Three Kingdoms

They better revamp that diplomacy model. At the very least add the autobalance feature Civ has. Nobody likes sitting around figuring out the exact amount of cash you need to balance the deal.

Agreed. Well, except for Warhammer, the very best that studio has ever done. But otherwise, yes, you are correct!

Yeah, this. Such a great game.

I’ve barely even thought about picking up Warhammer in a year or two when I get a new PC, and now they’re developing a new one!

But Creative Assembly and I have been doing this dance for almost a decade, so I’m not surprised.

Anyone try RTK 13 with the expansion/puk? I was sorely tempted during the sale at one point, then I forgot about it.

Despite the crappy AI, RTK 10 is still my favorite. Was a lot of fun running a custom character throughout China and unlocking all the skills.

I’m not much of a fan of Total War games, but I am such a sucker for the Three Kingdoms period. This one will be tough.

I believe that’s what my friend imported from China back in the mid-90’s, that he let me read. I think he lost them in a move, unfortunately.

Huh, it looks like it’s readily available on amazon now.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms: The Good Parts ?

I’ve never read it, but I’d wager that the novel would be a better read ;) Records is the one where you go to find out that Zhuge Liang didn’t really do much.

The opposite. The Record of the Three Kingdoms are the historical records that RoTK is based on. They’re very dry, basically historical numbers, that we’re then punched up into RoTK.

The context for RoTK is important, because IIRC, it was written at a time when the current Emperor traced his heritage to Shu Han, so there was more than a bit of flattery in the decision to cast Liu Bei as the hero. Overall, it’s best thought of as pseudo-historical. It’s King Arthur, rather than Charlemagne.

Unless you really want to commit, I’d probably just read an abridged comic version, like this one, to get the good stories.

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What’s the opposite of the gif where Captain America “actually does get that reference?”

I believe the gif you are looking for is this one:

That works!

Ok, In case you weren’t sure, I’m saying Napoleon is my favorite TW game. Not the most popular choice, I doubt I find any who agree, but the setting and campaign were tops in my book.

my two cents: FUCK to the YEAH!

I actually didn’t know what you were talking about! :)

But sure, I can see Napolean being someone’s favorite, it seemed like a lot of folks loved it when it came out. It wasn’t until Shogun 2 that I really dug in and learned to play TW and in that way, it was my favorite for a long time. But Warhammer plays the way I like it best, and is set in a setting I enjoy the most, so it’s going to be hard to top in my book.

It’s a little more historical than King Arthur. Roland, maybe?

Fortunately, that’s the one I bought! Pictures and small words!