Total War: Viking Invasion

I’ve been looking at the box (stacked up next to Port Royale) on my ‘to play’ shelf. Has anyone played this yet? How is it? Please let me live vicariously through someone here. Been pressed for time lately. Thanks!

Just started it last week. Actually, after trying to “get” M:TW for nearly a year, last week the heavens cleared and I finally understood what the heck I was supposed to do in the campaign game…and I’ve been playing pretty rabidly since.

Anyhoo, picked up the Vikings expansion a day or two ago since I had some EB trade $ on a card. I like it a lot. The new units are cool, the new Viking campaign (set on Britain) is fun, if difficult, and the two new factions (the Aragonese and Hungarians) are a challenge (the Hungarians are much easier than the poor Aragons, who are stuck between three tough opponents.) I’d say that if you really enjoy M:TW, the expansion is a very good one, but if the original game didn’t do it for you, there’s little in the expansion that will change your mind.

I love MTW and played the hell out of it. The Viking Invasion expansion is also very good… the England campaign is on a map a lot smaller than the Grand Campaign, so it makes for a very cuthroat game quickly, as all the factions are at each other’s throats pretty much from the get go.

I would love to pick it up, but I still feel like I was robbed by MTW, which does not run on my computer at all, for no reason that I have been able to discern. STW and it’s expansion ran fine.

I think the game sounds awesome, but I’m not going to drop cash on a game that I doubt will work.

there are some pretty harsh things said about the needed fixes to the expansion over on the “unofficial” forums…

shrug i’m not going to buy VI even though i’m a huge TotalWar fan…i’m saving my cash for Rome…drooool