Total War: Warhammer 2



well, that was fast




Jesus! This year?!?


Guess that explains why they gave it away on Humble.


Looks like they’re taking an almost “episodic” approach to this license.


If anyone needs convincing, consider this:

The lizardmen are a faction that includes dinosaurs riding other, larger dinosaurs.


It’s always been the plan to have the Warhammer game broken up into three stand along games. The plan, unless it’s changed and no one announced it yet, is that if you own any of the games (or all three) the maps will all attach and become a “super campaign” map with ALL the factions and DLC all working in a single sandbox/campaign.

It’s pretty exciting, assuming they can pull it off.


“We don’t want people to be like ‘okay I own half the world and I’ve won the game I’ll just start a new campaign’,” says Roxbourgh of a typical scenario in grand strategy and 4X games. "We want to keep people challenged and on the edge of their seat right to the end. So now instead of only being able to lose the game by losing your last territory, you get past the point very quickly where that’s never going to happen and now it’s a genuine race. You are seeking to influence the vortex before the other races do and they might get there first.

“Part of stopping them from getting there might be to go and beat them up, but you’ve also got a series of rituals that you need to cast that also feed the narrative of your individual race. If you win that race you effectively win the campaign. It’s building the narrative and the endgame into this climactic end for the first time so you feel like ‘I’ve gotta get there oh oh oh I’ve won’.”[/quote]

One such way Creative Assembly plans to underscore this drive for long-term engagement and more diverse battles is by rearranging how Legendary Lords take to the battlefield. In the first Total War: Warhammer, each race had two Legendary Lords that started from the same locations, however the sequel will now see them separated.

“Not only do you get the diversity of each legendary lord having his own or her own unique skill tree and everything there, but being plonked in a different part of the map fighting different enemies makes it a new kind of game as well,” says Bickham. “So we’ve effectively got four new races but eight playable factions. Again, we’re doubling on it and it gives us a chance to play with more things create more diversity.”[/quote]


I do think Creative Assembly has something right in the way they approach everything “cinematographically”; they’re trying hard to tap into other media other than games for the narrative and feel of their products. One reason Rome 2 failed, among many, was that they never completed the fully cinematographic approach, with the grand campaign being at odds with a Rome-centered narrative, which they never really resolved.

I mean, however cheesy the Attila in-game cinematics are they’re decades more mature than the nonsense Blizzard has been churning out with Starcraft.


How did Rome 2 fail in any way? Its one of the best selling total war games, and still one of the most played games on Steam, 3½ years after its release?

This looks awesome, although I dislike time pressure of any kind. I want to take my time and conquer the world as I please. Warhammer is REALLY good though, so Im quite positive.


Ohhhh, wait, this links up with the first game to make a LARGER campaign map? Ohhh, sold. Day one. Etc.


That’s a good point. I think most high level players and reviewers found a lot about it disappointing. Very Civ V in that respect.


All I know is seeing that rat at the end gave me a murder boner.


Do not image google search “Murder Boner”


This is a strange choice. As a Total war “person” I was hoping for medieval 3 and a more historical run. Sigh I think I see the writing on the wall. Warhammer = $$$


Their biggest internal team is working on the next historical Total War game, so don’t worry too much. But also don’t hold your breath, I think it’ll be a while.

The Warhammer thing is this three game, ten year plan, which seems kind of crazy. But I do like what they’ve done so far. I just got the base game, but the free DLC and patches have kept it fresh for me. I can’t begrudge them making money off this.

Is Skaven confirmed? They said there’s four races in Warhammer II and the trailer only shows three plus a rat. Please be Skaven. Unless they’ve not found a good way to do Skaven, in which case hold off on the Skaven please!

To be honest, I’m not sure I see my vision of Skaven working inside the Total War formula. They should be burrowing under the Old World and hatching schemes, not engaging in pitched battles.


The rat is pretty much the confirmation. There were only two possibilities: Skaven or Daemons of Chaos. And they showed a rat. There aren’t any rat daemons… well, at least none not in the Skaven roster.


“Meanwhile a fourth, secretive race stirs, their motives obscured by sinister plots and machinations.”

Sounds Skaven to me. :)


The Verminlord respectfully dissents.