Total War: Warhammer 2


oops I did the leftmost +10 armour one. Okay, I did that one fight, I am rusty and sleepy. I’ll have to take it up another day.


They set this up to be very hard… I will get my mind around it.

Playing Vortex. +10 armor isn’t a terrible choice.

But grabbing a RoR fast with plenty of gold seems better.


I’d forgotten what a pain Lustria is to move around in.

Every city is several turns from every other city and if you start to have public order issues (and you will) putting down revolts is a huge PITA.


I’m not a great Total War player, so I’m also finding the Suspiciously Buff Skink campaign quite the challenge for the bit I’ve played. The Ark of Sotek Bastiladon seems key early game; the skaven have trouble really hurting it, so run it into their lines and use its area snakening for best effect.

Running armies that aren’t MAXIMUM SAURUS is a fun change for the lizard boys; I just hope I’m good enough to dig myself out of this rat hole and go hunting for some less vermainous enemies!


This isn’t super important, but I wonder something.

In WH1 I got so frustrated with regiments of renown - their instant recruitment, anywhere on the map, especially for the AI but also fit for the player - that I got a mod to disable them entirely. Does anything about them differ in WH2?


ROR have a cooldown on recruitment.


Which is huge for dealing with the “instant army” effect. 10 turns is a long time, once you have them odds are they’re staying where they were.


Removing the secondary building requirements for most troop recruitment has the AI actually building decent armies with reasonable composition and troop quality.

Of course the fact that if you have more than one mod enabled your mods won’t work at all if you run through the launcher provided by CA is a pretty grim oversight. Fortunately you can just use whatever that 3rd party mod manager is called.


Unlocking DLC in warhammer is so weird. I can’t just do it in steam. Okay so i have to launch the game. But when I click in the game it opens up a mini-browser that goes to… which asks me to login. But I am. ARGH.


JM just leave steam and then re start steam. At least that is what works for me. Though yes that Unlocking dlc and downloading is a problem there.

Man that new lizard faction is tough…it is almost puzzly because with the rites and sacrifices done right you can do better but still… durn rats.


MM I sorta think -and this is just me --that CA (more than most) tries to consider modding. My few mods are working (except save camera setting which makes me furious) but generally I thought the new mod manager and mods on workshop is probably a good example of how it should be done. I am playing Ancient Empires over on Attila and that seems to work well too.


Better late than never.


What do you mean?


I’m a bit miffed at this update. Ikit Claw made me a Skaven fan for this first time and it looks like they took the nerf hammer to him in a huge way.


Empire should have had Amethyst wizards back in TWW1. It took them 3 years to add a unit that already existed in the game for other factions, because reasons.


How is Amethyst Wizards even a thing? Why don’t the Witchhunters show up and burn the whole college to the ground. Isn’t Necromancy considered evil by the Empire?


It’s not necromancy, it’s interpretive dance taxidermy.


Thanks @ShivaX. Always happy to expand my knowledge of Warhammer fluff (and very sad it’s been replaced by Age of Sigmar).


Cessationary Thaumaturgy is a dog whistle for Necromancy.