Total War: Warhammer 2

Well I’ve committed one of the classic blunders, waiting for the new content to drop I’ve started a new ME campaign as Ikit and damned if I’m going to stop playing this.

Ha! You may as well get involved in a land war with Asia!

New expansion is OUT! I’m gonna go see how they changed the ME map! (if they did I wasn’t sure…)

I’ve heard that the new expansion broke ports and CA hasn’t given a timeline on a fix. Apparently port income is way down, but costs to build/upgrade remain the same so they are just horrific money losers now.

I was wondering why my income was +2000 last night and when I resumed my campaign this evening I was -500!

Dang it. Seems like every time there’s a new DLC something major breaks so unless you want to play an extremely unbalanced map you have to wait even longer to play the DLC you just bought.

Urgh, will make sure not to update then. Just had a brilliant series of battles as Ikit, triple invasion by Tilea, Carcassonne and Bordeleaux. 6 battles later my bruised and bloody rats had killed Alberic and the Lady and driven all of them back. Watching knights get tarpitted then melted by ratling gunners never gets old.

Sort of worth pointing out that the whole ports thing isn’t a bug. It was a conscious decision on the part of the designers. But they have said they have heard the people and will be reverting or mostly reverting the nerf.

The game is perfectly playable right now, ports just aren’t particularly worth upgrading because I think it takes like 80 turns to make their money back. You’ll have less money overall. So will the AI.

I suppose that will mess up pre-existing saves (the income change meeper noticed!), but I never go into a major strategy game patch expecting my old saves to work as a kind of rule of thumb.

In my case, I hadn’t been following Warhammer 2 news and didn’t realize there was a major patch coming up. I just wanted to continue my campaign. :)

I don’t play very much, so it’s not a huge deal to me. The income difference is about a large army’s worth though, so it’s pretty significant.

Oh yea I understand I wouldn’t be thrilled to load up my game and realize I needed to disband an army because of some large scale economy change.

I guess there is a beta opt in coming monday that will address ports and whatever launch bugs they can quickly squash.

There’s some absolute silliness with the ports too. Like the big special ports were also nerfed down to 600, while still costing ~13000 base price.

Also, the nerf flat out makes port provinces worse than a normal province where you can put a better payoff building (or another prefered building, e.g. recruitment) in is also bad design. You already lost flexibility in having the fixed slot.

I’m gonna press insert and play Gotrek in FPS mode.

For people bothered by the port changes, there is a mod that revert them all in the workshop.

Does this port-bug affect non-expansion owning players?

Yes it’s in the free update.

Nice! But I get the impression if you revert to default it might be imbalanced, which is why CA was goign for the more measured approach?

That’s probably not wrong, but beyond my meager strategery abilities (and I think CA is working on something to tone it down/adjust/whatever). But if the mod helps people avoid rage quitting in the meantime…

I wonder if this patch will make my Mortal Empires games playable. I just cant get past the early stages where i play for 30-90 seconds and then spend up to 5 minutes waiting for the AI to finish its End Turn calcs. I guess its my PC cpu/mb holding me back.

What are your core systems specs?

So, best selling DLC on Steam Of All Time?