Total War: Warhammer 2

Fwiw my friend went to compleats strategist and couldn’t find it. (It was THE rpg store here)

My suggestion is to call your local comic shop and ask. I live out in the sticks so the nearest comic place is like 30 minutes away. Guess I’m waiting for the free online release, because they don’t carry it. Which is fine honestly, my backlog of games is roughly infinity.

G+F are good for a free update. After about 20 turns in game, an event fires and Gortrex and Felix appear on the map near your capital. You have to move an army across to them, and then they become a Lord and hero that can lead their own army for 20 turns. I transferred the army across from my second string army and sent them off. Gortrex is OK, mainly good just to have BB saying stuff. Hope there’s a mod to remove the 20 turn limit at some stage.

I’ll give you “complete” on ME, especially with updated mechanics for the older factions.
But polished no.

Still not a reason to go back to War1 though (well, War1 WElfs and Beastmen are unequivocally better experiences - their ports in War2 are very poorly done)

As mentioned above, I am a TW:W newb. I didnt play the first and am just now getting at the second one now even though I own everything. My PC just wasnt up to it. Now it is, so I’m digging in. I’m a middle aged guy so my RTS micro is a bit faded.

With all that said, I’m getting worked by the Queek Headtaker Vortex campaign. I’ve failed, and early, many times now. The Elven Dawn faction from the western island is a pain that floats in and razes every time I move away. The Lizards are an anvil that seep in from the SE or North.

In my last game I went for Warpstone Cats early and took the Dawn island while maintaining non-aggression pacts with the Northern lizards and left both Skaven factions completly intact and in good relations. This then left the Northen lizards to jump down on my capital to harass just as a doom stack of new Elves obliterated both Skaven allies and my solid Queek stack around turn 25.

I’ve watch a lot of mecanics and campaign videos. I have even taken solid notes about hot key uses (still sad I can’t rebind pause to a mouse button). I am upgrading Queek with priority to clan rat buffs, Life is Very Cheap, and camaign movement. The idea is to get the clan rats good enough to tie up units then use elites, Menace from Below, and flanking to chew up armies. Queek had 1 assassin, 4 WCats, 2 night runners, about 6 clan rats spears with shields, 2 Stormvermin, the Vulc fire RoR clan rats, WFire throwers, and the rat ogers. I did really well except the Eastern Elf doomstack. They rolled me. I cant say what they had. They looked like elf things to me. =)

I am only playing normal. I know I flub newbie stuff like inefficiently moving stacks as I learn stances or unit trading. I also am still learning little bits that you learn through doing like Hero use, food use, corruption, etc. I picked Queek as I wanted to play Skaven and he is the only Lord I know from lore (it is weird he is a so so fighter in game). Maybe Skaven are too micro heavy and unforgiving for a newbie; I often find rallied units sitting idle in the middle of nowhere. I plan to try it again tonight, but boy is it rough.

Initial starts in TW games can be wildly different depending upon who declares war on you. For ex., in Mortal Empires, sometimes when playing as Morathi big alliances of High Elves declare war pretty quickly at the start, and then the lizards declare war around the same time - against this many stacks, there’s pretty much nothing you can do other than fight an endless battle of attrition and rely on tons of magic just to hold the line. So it could just be you’ve got too many enemies and not enough troops at that point. One time as East Rome in Attila i had a “Likes Eastern Romans” and “Defensive” counterpart in Sassanid Persia (the actual traits of leaders in Attila was randomly rolled every game). That made the game about 100x easier - living my Best Dark Age Life.

So do everything you can to get some decent diplomacy with your not-yet-enemies and try as hard as possible to fight only one front at at time.

Another somewhat cheese tactic - something you can do far more cheesily with the Tomb Kings, is just make as many stacks with as many cheap troops as possible and auto-resolve every fight. The autoresolver overweights numbers vs. quality and it will consider you to be much stronger than you are with two trash stacks vs one medium tier stack.

Pause often. Also an extra army of nothing but skavenslaves to die for you is rarely a bad idea for Skaven early on.

Send them in first, follow up after the enemy wastes energy and efforts on the slaves and mop up the tired enemy. Slaves are almost free so just merge the groups and get some more as they’re horribly slaughtered.

So for those playing Vortex or Mortal Empires. What game mode and faction did you have the most fun with? I’m having trouble deciding what to play.

Well there’s the whole ME vs Vortex turn time thing. I actually prefer ME but I still play Vortex a lot due to frustrations with turn times in ME.

For ME I really think the Vampire Counts are an absolute hoot nowadays. They made a few “tweaks” to the tech tree a few patches ago that radically alter how they play. Now there’s researchable techs that make skeletons and zombies 100% upkeep-free. This means that instead of worrying about money and upkeep and other mortal concerns, VCounts players are free to just amass huge stacks of skeletons/zombies and fully prove out that quantity is a quality all its own. High losses aren’t even a problem because getting two stacks of trash skellies killed just means there’s now a battle site marker that allows raising even more dead in a few turns!

In the later game, when they get enough blood kisses to raise all the bloodline lords, the bonuses just get silly. Bonuses to movement, research, and casualty replenishment coupled with immunity from non-vampire-land attrition and huge bonuses to public order + vampiric corruption make them nigh unstoppable.

They sound scary to go up against!

Nah, AI can’t manage them properly. Very beatable if they are under AI control.

If you want to play TW2 races, play Vortex. Vampire Coast or the new Lizardman start are great choices.

Vampire Counts are kind of my go to in Mortal Empires as well. It’s also certainly one of the easiest starts. They’ve always been a strong campaign faction, but the bloodlines really put them over the top in whatever update that happened. There’s just something satisfying about turning the world grey and dead, and the raise dead mechanics can get really amazing later on. 3 Terrorgheists? Ok.

I usually play Vortex just because of the aforementioned turn times. Ikit Claw’s Skaven campaign was really fantastic, I love the workshop and the nukes and the undercities. But I think most of the starts have something fun/interesting about them.

I sort of suspect the next DLC is going to be Skaven vs Dwarves, though. I’d bet actual money on the Skaven part, so you may want to hold off on starting a new Skaven campaign if you are keeping up on DLCs.

Skaven/Dwarf or High Elf/Greenskins are the most popular suspects, both are plausible.

It also wont be for a loooong time, so I wouldn’t hold off on anything except Greenskins since they desperately need their rework.

They’ve specifically said that the next DLC will not have the Greenskin rework, which will be next year, and will instead focus on performance issues. But there will be a DLC before then (with the performance update), and i think Skaven is pretty likely because Lizardmen/Skaven players had to wait longer for their first DLC release. Lizardmen have their 2nd DLC release, so it would make sense for Skaven to be next. Plus, knowing it won’t feature an old world faction rework, Dwarves seems kind of likely as they are generally considered to be pretty full featured.

Maybe I’ve thought about it too much and just talked myself into it and it will end up being Wood Elves vs High Elves or something crazy, but I kind of doubt it.

Ohhhh - which performance issues? We have them in both battles, and turns.

CA haven’t given Vampire Counts a new Lord in the last 6 weeks so probably overdue for another.

They were unspecific. But I’d be happy for either or both! The battles and the turn times could both use some performance enhancing… algorithms or whatever.

One of the limiting factors with all races they seem to do DLC lords for is if they can fit into the Vortex map so they can sell the DLC to people who don’t have WH1/don’t play ME. Now admittedly the Empire DLC Huntsman Lord was a stretch that they shoehorned into the Vortex map but I’m not sure where they could fit a VCounts lord into Vortex. I think Vampire Coast supplanted all other forms of non-tomb-kings undead on the Vortex map during their rollout didn’t they?

I can see a beastmen vs Woodelf DLC as well. I haven’t played Skaven lately so eager to try them but hesitant because Dwarf / Skaven is also a viable DLC candidate.