Total War: Warhammer 2

Attila had a dynamic world and you could win without a lot of conquering. And Three Kingdom allows for diplomatic annexation so in the late game you can gain a lot of land by already being big.

It’s mostly Chaos. Chaos is terribly implemented almost across the board.
Wack-a-mole that never ends isn’t fun and it’s basically the whole Chaos campaign.

Chaos can’t do squat until they have 4-6 armies. So the first 100-150 turns are just cruising around squishing anything that looks interesting to get money and XP and give the hordes and the bank account time to grow. Once Chaos snowballs in the very very late game things get silly. I think the last time I won with Chaos I had like over a half a million in bank.

I had around 150 000 when I quit. 3 hordes, one of them only had lvl 3 main building and mostly consisted of very cheap basic units. I knew that if I give it better units it will consume something like 5000 per turn, same for a new horde even with basic units. So I had to get a new horde and slooooowly let it grow all the buildings and babysit it letting it raze small settlements. All this happening while I already know I’ve won, and some random stack can destroy that young horde and dozens of turns of progress.

Usually people just swap their main army to the new guy and buy a new one.

But it’s still not very fun. Hordes never are really in most people’s opinion.

I didn’t see the option to swap horde commander. I thought they are one and the same unlike Attila.

I enjoyed my Beastmen campaign. When I played Chaos though, it was pretty clear that they are the first DLC faction and free, if you see what I mean.

It seems the most interesting part of Warhammer 2 is the Multiplayer scene.

Why do you say that?

The most interesting part of Warhammer 2 for me is the single player scene because it is all I’ve played and all I’ll bother playing. I don’t care much for keeping up with the current metas in competitive multiplayer and I don’t care for co-op campaign. The single player campaigns (Vortex and ME) do have their own drawbacks. Yep, turn times suck and the end game can be a slog, especially when victory has been assured and it becomes a slow and ponderous snowball to the end. With that latter point, obviously that’s a common feature on more than enough strategy games. However, I did enjoy the frustration of the pushback with Vortex campaign - I was in a position where my army almost bankrupted me thanks to losing my capital towards the end of the game thanks to the stacks that absolutely devastated the Eastern end of Ulthuan when playing as Tyrion of the High Elves. Thus began the reclamation that eventually saw me fighting the final battle. Tomb Kings campaign is challenging enough, even with the easiest Lord, Settra. It has a different set of rules to play by compared to the High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizards and Rats. I’ve yet to try Vampire Coast or the Hunter DLC, but both are up on my radar to play sooner or later. I guess what I’m saying is that Vortex is a solid SP experience even though Mortal Empires gets a lot of air time here on the forums.

Mortal Empires is good, but it requires a sort of tenacity to see through to the end. I still remember my last go as the Dwarves and the challenges of managing ongoing Orcish raids and the sense of dismay as I pushed them back to extinction and then realised the Vampire Counts to the North were looking like a larger threat to deal with. After a binge of a couple of weeks, I had to stop, and by then a new patch was looming, so I decided to wait until after, and I’ll probably start again.

I can’t speak for @legowarrior but for me Warhammer 2 is more fun to play as a co-op game with a buddy. It’s longer, but it’s more interesting while playing it. I do enjoy the solo campaign experience as well, of course, but for me it’s better to play co-op.

I just like watching the matches online. Just to solid armies facing against each other, having steam tanks fight daemons, chariots against cannons, dinosaurs versus elves.

RTS without base building is the Pinnacle of gaming. It’s why Ground Control and Myth kicked so much ass back in the day.

There isn’t. It’s more a matter of:

Recruit new lord.
Enter trade units by clicking on them with main army (or vice versa).
Trade them basically everything in your army.
Start hiring a new army with your original lord.
Send new lord off with your old army to destroy things.

Horde commanders can be swapped. It’s my preferred method of doing things with Chaos.

You have to go into the skill details for the current lord, the same screen you go play with when a lord levels up. In there, hidden to the bottom right, will be a little boot button. Click that to boot them out of the horde and turn over control to another lord. The fired lord will do the standard spend-5-turns-sulking before they can be recruited again of course.

The advantage to doing things this way with a horde faction is that the old experienced lord should already have the blue line skills to boost horde growth. So giving a fresh horde to an experienced lord will shorten the amount of time that it’s useless and building-less while waiting for the population to grow.

Well it’s very much not obvious, you could expect this boot to delete the whole horde.

And just giving all your troops to a new horde means you start paying abyssmal wages to all those guys. In some cases single unit switches from requiring precisely 0 upkeep to ~400.

Agreed, it’s a UI fail that it’s such a difficult option to find. UIs are like jokes, if you have to explain them then they aren’t good.

I also agree on the new horde tax, it’s definitely a pain with horde faction. That’s why giving the new horde to an experienced leader who will grow it fast is pretty important. The sooner those -upkeep buildings can be built the better. Though honestly late game horde factions should expect to have hugely negative budget every turn and be making it up with cash with sacking/razing/fighting.

A reminder. You have to go through their Total War Access thing because they hate you.

Yea that total war access thing is totally pointless and stupid.


You guys don’t like ENGAGEMENT?

I’m fine with engagement. After the archers have softened up the opposing line first.

I suppose if CA wants engagement on those terms for free DLC I could see it. But I’d need to figure out where to hire a company of archers first so it might get spendy.

At least I should be able to resume my game now.

I didn’t have access to Gotrek and Felix when I started a game after the patch that introduced them, but I still had the event trigger that made them available and I foolishly walked a unit onto the event thinking that the event was QA’d. All was well until the next timed event with them fired and my game promptly crashed. The answer from CA was to wait until G&F became available for everyone.