Total War: Warhammer 2

Hm, I just last night fought against two Lizardman armies (from the same faction). OTOH I also confederated a Lizardman faction that only had one wondered general (ie no active armies). Both had 3 settlements.

Is there a way to make the arrow keys kind of stick? I mean If I hit up arrow my formation moves forward, but the moment I let go of the up arrow, the formation is locked to that position, and any other keys seem to start my formation positioning where my army currently is rather than from its last placed position (if this makes any sense to you).

Id like to tap up arrow a few times, then tap to rotate a few times, then maybe tap other keys to get the alignment just right. If I let go of any keys it sets my formation and any new keys start at the base position.

BTW I am doing the elf campaign, and does anyone have thoughts on what mage types are the best? I put a bunch of points into tempest with a high mage, and then found out it only targets flying units, which kinds of sucks. I have only seen one enemy flyer so far, bats from the vampire pirates.

I had another sky mage, which died. They had lighting bolt, but its nearly impossible to hit troops with it. Its like as soon as I cast it, it has a warmup time and all the troops scatter before it goes off. I also got a dragon, and the same deal with the dragon breath. All the troops run away before it actually lands the attack.

I am also closing in on turn 100, and I have only 3 provinces (that is 3 cities with their associated villages). I am not sure if I am doing poorly or what.

For High Elf, Light or Life. Light gives Net of Amyntok so buys your archers more time to bury arrows into the opposition. Life because you want to keep the health of your High Elf units high so they have their martial prowess boon.

Don’t judge yourself or compare how you are doing against others. TW:W doesn’t have a strict time limit like some of the previous TW games. You certainly could have more provinces, but go at a pace that is helping you learn the game. A good way to lose the game is over-expansion as the AI exploits holes in your defence if you find yourself at war with many factions.

I do have another question about magic use in battles. Is there a maximum amount of manna available in a given combat? At some point my mage stopped re-generating manna and I do not know if it was a debuff or just that there was some global limit. Also my mage was close to death, I do not know if that had anything to do with it.

Yeah there is.

You’ve got your starting winds of magic. Then to the side of that is a smaller blue bar that is the reserve. The higher the reserve, the faster your winds of magic regenerates. But you can only cast a finite number of spells in battle before the reserve drains away and then no more magic. Mage skills like Arcane Conduit do give a boost to the reserve. I tend to not bring more than 1 or 2 spell casters into a battle because it is so quick and easy to drain that reserve. Main thing with spell casting is to not waste what you have eg: using a “breath” spell and believing it possible to judge the charge of the spell against movement speed to land a skillshot. I do that too often before battlelines clash and don’t do anywhere near the damage I could have achieved if I waited.

I also think high magic is pretty good. Spells that give +20 to attack or defence (or -20) can make a big difference in melee outcomes, and you don’t need to worry about targeting.

And yeah, for targeted spells and breaths, usually you want to wait until the battle lines are fixed unless you’re really practiced with the casting and animation delays.

Thanks for the info. What does mistcast chance mean? I do not think I have seen a mage fizzle a spell yet, even with spells that say they have a 50% miscast chance.

For movement stuff, you can set waypoints with CTRL and right-click, but the moment you give that unit any other move order it will forget them.

As for miscast chance, that’s the chance using the spell will cause physical harm to the caster (you normally see this chance with amped up/more powerful spells). Edit - to clarify, the spell will still work, just that it will also harm the caster when it’s cast.

Thanks for the clarity. Now I know why my mage is getting hurt all the time.

Miscasts at 50% are the bad-coinflip result of overcast spells. Here’s a Reddit thread with some thorough overcast explanations. The base miscast chance (normally 0 for non-overcast spells) can be increased or decreased by some character skills and possibly other sources like debuffs/items/perks/events, though I don’t know of any offhand.

So I did the quest line to get Lord Kroak, and… wat? He’s got a no-friendly-fire armor piercing bomb that just obliterates infantry. So long, chaos chosen, nice knowing you… along with the units on either side, too. It’s really quite close to an “I win” button. What’s up with that?

Lord Kroak (when leveled up) is probably the single most powerful unit in the game, imho.

I mean, he isn’t as literally invincible as Malekith with Sword of Khaine. Easy to hit 80+ defense and 50%+ ward save, over 100 MA and 1k+ armor piercing damage. He can beat down entire stacks of gold chevron Dragon Ogre Shoggoths and maybe have to cast Soulstealer once to regen his hp.

Kroak is very nasty indeed, but a solo Malekith with the sword will beat him (in about 3 hits, too) and any army he cares to bring along with him. Tyrion is equally unkillable with the sword and his legendary item, but if he’s the only unit you brought you are gonna be 3x’ing the combat speed and going to make a sandwich during battles.

Most of that is just how OP the Sword of Khaine is, though. The AI Alarielle tends to get it in my games and even on her dumb overgrown pigeon she’s still a terror with that thing and she has very mediocre combat stats.

The game has a lot of fun OP stuff in campaign. I actually wish there was a bit more of it.

lol - yep, that it is. The Sword of Khaine is quite ridiculous and I love how they’ve built the mechanism into the game (for those who have yet to experience it, the sword gets more and more powerful in stages, while you get more and more negative side effects; and don’t worry, you have the choice to drop it at each stage).

Was one of them the Rite army (or the remnants of one)? Because that’s usually what happens with lizardmen in the current patch.

They can’t recruit a 2nd army, so they stockpile cash and cast Rite of Primeval Glory, which spawns them a second army. Then they rampage around until they’re out of money and don’t do much.

Contains a fix for the one army bug and many small bugs present in the current patch. Even if you aren’t a person who likes to play with mods, I’d basically recommend this and Better Camera to everyone. The normal camera is super restrictive. Achievements still function with mods, for anyone concerned.

So in my current game, the vampire pirates have entire armies of necroflex coleuses. First off, these guys do mega damage from far range, like doing close to half of a units health per shot. Then when they actually get close to my melee troops, they all flee because they have some kind of fear aura. My archers pretty much ran away right after the melee defenders ran away.

In this last battle, with my best troops, I managed to kill exactly ONE of them before everyone started running in circles in a panic, and eventually everyone died horribly.

How do you beat them? Or should I just start another campaign now because its too late to do anything about it. Pretty much the AI could kill me should it choose to, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Giant units like Necrofexes or …giants have similar weaknesses, especially when controlled by the AI. First off, pin them down with a high durability unit that has Immunity to Psychological or has Fear/Terror itself or is undead. They won’t be terrified and they’ll keep the big guy reasonably contained.

Then, pincushion the thing. Focus fire all archers, or ideally gunners on it and watch the HP bar tumble. Finally, focus them down individually. A low-hp dragon or necrokitty still does the same damage as a full health one. If there are multiples, try to use tar pit units (mentioned above) to keep them entertained until you can bring your arrows to bear.

I had the same issue (necrofexes), but as the high elves I somehow managed. Try bringing a ton of spearmen and rushing them.

Also what faction are you?