Total War: Warhammer 2

Yeah, people use it to break the game fairly often, or at least used to.

IIRC it usually involved taking Mariemberg and covering it in lords who boosted province income.

I am into turn 150 with Wulfrik. I consistently move too slow in the early game and then end up in multi army slugfests. I am currently running at a 8-10K per turn deficit with 7 armies trying to corral the Empire who has confederated with everything I can see. Sigh.

I can’t give up though because of the ‘Norsca battle cry flavor’…

We want their eyes!!!

I smile every time I hear that.

7 armies is pretty rough on the old supply lines penalty.

Forget the accounting deficit, what’s the actual cash trend over time look like? Norscans can run a pretty big deficit as long as those armies are out earning their keep by raiding and pillaging.

It’s all looking roses. I have about 200k in the bank and the Empire towns are so rich I can make 40-50k from a sack on their provincial capitals.
They just have soo much land, it is a back and forth slugfest. Seema like there is always a level 5 settlement I am missing because the reincarnation of Karl and Volkar every 5 turns is filled with rockets.

Interesting. rubs chin

I believe they nerfed it in some manner though.

Might be additive and not multiplicative now or something, not sure

So I’ve been trying to get better at this game. Bounced off and back a bunch of times. I thought I would watch some youtube videos to pick up some battle tactics and tips. So I’ve been watching LegendOfTotalWar. It’s like watching a different game. I know he plays on legendary difficulty and he’s sort of proud of the cheese of doomstacking with a single unit and even though I enjoy watching it, I really don’t want to play that way. Range is king and you don’t even need blockers like spearmen to pin anything down. I guess I will just stick to role playing. The fun in this game seems to be leveling up your lords and trying out the magic.

@Vic_Davis Zerkovich has a lot of good videos:

Hey, Thank you! I hadn’t seen that channel. Looks like some good stuff. Plus some tips for Bannerlords coming up which I will definitely need. :)

A second vote for Zerkovich! I’d also recommend Party Elite’s beginners’ guides ( and his analysis of online battles (

By Sigmar, that is cheesy.

  1. hide entire army
  2. have 2 heroes dance in front of towers to dodge all the shots like it was LOL
  3. wait 10 minutes until the 2 catapults destroy 3 towers
  4. move in 15 archers and shoot the enemy till it runs away.

I’m gonna stick to auto resolve, I hate these sieges.

edit: And watching videos I learned you can rotate wind spells by holding left button. geez…

I abhor legendary difficulty. In fact I play battles on either normal or hard difficulty because otherwise the focus shifts too much to having stacks of archers and watching the ai constantly fight on to near death rather than flee.

On the campaign map I’ll play on very hard however. I can’t field as many armies so building defensive buildings is important. Public order buildings are also important given the difficulty malus to po. I find it strikes the right balance for me in terms of difficulty and enjoyment where the battles are fair but tough (the ai still fields plenty of tough armies, so minimise losses) and there’s plenty of action and challenge in front of me.

Ha! Yeah I watched that same one today and was just scratching my head. It does work obviously. Am I and idiot for building siege and trying to storm the walls when I try and take a city? I’m not very good on the lower difficulty settings so I wouldn’t even try this. I can barely micro cavalry when needed. It looks like you have to be extremely loss adverse on the higher settings. This game is loads of fun though.

Using the siege engines to kill stuff first isn’t cheesy if you ask me, the rest can still be hard if you don’t have enough. Missiles rule though.

Yeah sieges are easy to abuse the AI in, even without spending the time/artillery to take down the towers. Basically towers do damage very slowly (exception: upgraded walls in capital cities), and limited firing arcs means you can easily overpower their archers. Also since every unit brings ladders, you can swarm the walls very easily. Sure you get fatigued from that, but you’re fighting archers mostly and you have ranged superiority. Basically spend 1 turn on a ram (but don’t bother using it) is usually the best option if you didn’t bring a siege weapon or a monster that allows you to immediately fight.

I have a post from almost two years back showing the swarm the walls approach.

And the corollary to this is it often is much easier to defend a siege without using the walls, taking advantage of real chokepoints.

Quick trick I just learned on cavalry, pressing J will make them disengage, pressing J a second time makes them withdraw. Also, charge bonuses are up to 30 seconds (declining slowly?)

TIL. Thanks. That will be very helpful.

Legendary is just a matter of exploiting All The Things for the most part. A lot of people don’t care about it or like it.

BurkeBlack on Twitch has played a lot of TWW2 (hell, he’s in the game) and he doesn’t play Legendary because of it, so there is a lot to be learned without getting super sweaty if you want. He’s still on Very Hard, but the numbers aren’t so silly that melee is useless there. Also he’s a goofball that doesn’t always do things perfectly. Hell, half the time he’s not even controlling the battle so he can run the camera around to look at cool stuff.

Difficulty level in battles in this game is just dumb. Just play hard or legendary campaign and then play normal diff in battles. Sheesh I hate the cheats the ai gets.

That said I am playing a legendary Rome 2 “this is total war” campaign Check that achieve out.