Total War: Warhammer 2

I’m pretty sure Vashnaar is the worst of all the rogue armies. Even his garrisons are extremely scary when he conquers settlements.

Wound up taking three stacks of mine to defeat it, but it was a satisfying victory. Now I’ve got a couple of downgraded cities I had to recover and more Skaven in the neighborhood than I’d care for due to the time it took to rally my forces. At least I flattened the jerk who bribed them in the first place.

I hate skaven. I have never played them. Hate!

At some point I need to play skaven just so I can slaughter everything with those damn ratling guns.

God taking a skaven capitol is like attacking Stalingrad. They murder you. Artillary, guns, magic … it hurts to watch it. Even with a super stack. I hate the skaven!

For instance:

This video is perfect timing for me.

Some standout mods in my opinion:

Decline diplomacy. Basically I hate it when the AI initiates diplomacy with me, and I wish more games would ship with an option to “ignore AI” so I don’t have to be taken away from the game.

Two points per level: I wish I had that mod when I was levelling Harkon in my Vampire Coast campaign.

Solved Dials of the Old Ones: Fuck those puzzles.

There was also one mod I remember which was a map pack of major settlements. This video didn’t cover it, and I wish I could remember what mod it was because I never downloaded it at the time.

Funny you mention this, I led two Empire stacks led by Balthasar Gelt and Karl Franz against the Skavenblight garrison and their armies were slaughtered. I had been able to win every siege battle before this one but Sakvenblight was just horrible. I managed to get a win, but decided to loot the settlement for that huge $30,000 payoff and figured I would occupy next turn. By the next turn the Skaven had replenished half of their garrison and that looked rather grim for my two torn-up stacks of empire soldiers who wanted nothing to do with that city after what they just went through. The joys or learning and reloading.

Skaven slingers are hilarious. They kite the enemies, run away, then turn around and eat the exhausted humans hahaha.

edit: one tip I learned from the video is continuously sacking a settlement for XP. This is abusive but very powerful for many reasons - faction rep, xp farming, and early game you can’t really afford to spread out territory anyway (because it’s just opening yourself up to counterattacks and rebellions.)

Can’t believe just figured this out. You can bypass a victim’s alliances trivially by asking one of your allies whether you can join a war.

Oh yeah, that’s the only way to wage war effectively given how in the late game everyone has a tangled web of alliances. Otherwise you are just (most likely) betraying your own allies constantly and your rep goes to crap and nobody will trade with you. How were you managing before that? Just playing passive and letting the enemies come to you?

Erm I just decide the entire continent is mine and pick my allies very carefully! Or declared war as I am finishing another one before they got threatened and stuff.This trick seems to be more useful mid-game, late game after you fight some chaos the factions tend to align properly. Some factions can be iffy (Settra likes to do his own thing. Stupid wood elfs sometimes start to fight the Brets. Skaven… nobody should ally with skaven unless you’re Chaos and want someone to settle everything you’re settling.)

(If a good guy, basically aim for the Franz, the blue dwarves, tyrion because they make good trade partners and tend to be too big to fight)


Removed supply lines (additional upkeep for all armies the more armies the player has)

(That’s in the proving grounds thing, no guarantee it will make it to the main game, but still…)

It makes perfect sense to reduce army upkeep if you look at all the other changes. They made armies cheaper and everything else worse. Settlement growth reduced, all buildings razed on capturing a settlement, reduced economy scaling, etc.

I think they what they are trialing in this beta branch is a general reduction in player economic strength coupled with a lot more investment required in captured territories before they become profitable. So making armies cheaper makes sense, because nobody will be able to afford very many armies until the late game. I’m guessing they want the limitation on expansion to be gold, not number of armies. Which would make the game fightier on paper, so may be good.

Of course doing all this probably makes Tomb Kings overpowered because they are already optimized for low army/low cash economic situations.

Well, it’s one thing to reduce army upkeep, and another to remove the scaling aspect of it. But I’m not opposed to it!

Biggest problem with warhammer is 20 units is too damn many to manage for mortals. The last two total war titles (3 kingdoms + thrones) tried to fix this, so they know.

Isn’t 3K 3 stacks of 6 with 3 heroes for a total of 21 units? I haven’t played it in awhile but I certainly don’t remember feeling like I was managing substantially less units.

In any case I’m looking forward to trying this. Do we know if there were any unit balance changes or if everything is economic in nature?

been a while for me too, I think you are right about 3kingdoms, but maybe one plays with non-full armies more often?

Not to me, at any rate, but I will agree once you get much over 20 units (like with a nearby army or garrison). I believe the cap is 40 and that’s where things get to be way too much for me. It also depends on the army - if it’s mostly spears/melee and some ranged/archers with a wizard and a couple cavalry, that’s obviously not too hard to manage almost regardless of the number of them. But some of these mixed unit armies (which is usually what you want) can be tough for me. I would definitely not be opposed to smaller armies where you don’t feel it’s required to have a full stack of 20 and a second full stack with it to siege successfully. Those are the battles I most auto-resolve, but they are also the battles arguably the most interesting, too.