Total War: Warhammer 2

Just to clarify, the “Black Orc Big Boss” is a new Orc hero, so available to any Orc faction you play. It’s a nice addition because previously all the Orc melee heros (spellcasters aside) were squishy little goblins. They had their uses and were insanely fast on their cavalry mounts but it was kind of thematically weird to play big hulking brutes and have your melee heros focused on fast hit and run attacks.

If you haven’t played Orcs before, you didn’t miss much. They were very lackluster until the current update gave them new toys.

Yeah, the first 80 turns were great, securing my corner, beating off Grimgor, and then securing a route to the coast. After that it turned into turning up somewhere just after the other order factions had weakened the enemy. There was a fun fight against Crone Hellebron where she made the rookie mistake of only bringing 5 dragons, but otherwise all the enemy were so beaten up there was minimal challenge.

It’s my own fault, I shouldn’t have made all those alliances, but at the time it seemed like an easy way to secure my trade income…

I really want to try Imrik where I am actually able to secur eCaledor and build the tier 5 landmark so Imrik has -80% to dragon upkeep and can have a bunch of star dragons as well as his specials.

I decided I wanted to try something different for my next campaign, so set up: Settra, normal battles - legendary campaign difficulty.

So far, I have been managing to hold off hordes of zombies and spearmen and peasants and skaven-slaves with my heroes, the starting sphinx-scorpion thing, and chariots (the latter take a ton of micro but are actually incredible for dealing with hordes of low-tier troops, something I never really appreciated).

I’m dreading what happens when the AI techs up and starts fielding hordes of dragons, but it’s not there yet.

The other thing the Orc Big Boss does is he gets an immune to psychology aura which is pretty important in MP, and still relevant to SP if you are playing at a difficulty that is a challenge for you.

He also gets a boar. I wish Grimgor had a mount. :/

I played in similar settings, though I used Very Hard rather than Legendary.

Playing as Settra, you won’t really have too many issues with public order I found. When it comes to dealing with armies, focus on getting your high tier buildings as soon as you can. I also typically ran my armies around in pairs supporting each other. I hate doom stacks, prefering instead for some theming, especially with the generals the game gives you via research. I normally had one army with skellies, and one army that was a little more specialised with Constructs and artillery. They’d back each other up and really helped with the general expansion. I found mid game opened up once I had screaming skull catapults. Casket of Souls is ok, I think it got buffed recently.

Yeah, I’m mostly just scrambling right now - no room for theme! Settra gives lots of Tomb Princes and bonus ranks, so I’m filling out on those right now. I just got a Casket of Souls. I’m trying to the higher tier stuff as fast as possible.

I actually like the unit limits. A lot. I wish other races had similar mechanics for limiting troops. I actually much prefer battles involving a few high tier units and lots of low tier, rather than doom stacks - it makes the special units feel important. I might look at a unit cap mod one day.

There’s a unit cap mod that I play with sometimes for those reasons. I don’t universally recommend it because it changes gameplay quite a bit, probably too much for many players, but it seems like you might like it.

So if anyone’s still having issues getting their free junk (Gotrek & Felix, Spider Mount) registered to their steam account like me, they’ll apparently just give you a cd-key if you contact support.

Tried Imrik (Dragon Elf) because I watched the Spiffing Brit: Warhammer 2 Imrik is OP!! Total War is a Perfectly balanced Game With No Exploits! Dragon Only Army

170+ turns, my first long victory. The campaign was so long, Imrik didn’t have room for any more Legendary Lord traits.

Trying the fat goblin campaign now. The fat goblin is so powerful you can kill anything with base goblins . I killed a few random brets, the dwarf, and the necromancer near it. This is assaulting the castle, no fancy ambushes or whatever. Attack, end turn, attack, end turn, etc etc. The drawback is I ended up at war with 3 wood elf factions. Fortunately, you can also take down a wood elf stack AND the garrison with a waaagghh and starting army. It’s ridiculous. Well, later I brought in a second goblin with half a stack to help out.

The pump wagons are a bit squishy but they are not bad to distract the enemy archers.

Oh, you can use raiding camp in the water near the pirate capitals.

I don’t understand why I wouldn’t just call a waaghhh on an easy target next to me. I still get 19 turns of waaagghh left afterwards.

How much better is the 2nd game compared to the first? I had some fun with the first one but it got overwhelming pretty quickly.

Biggest change is extra faction and a different, huge map. It roughly has North America, South America, Africa, Europe up to Russia.

Who do you like to try playing, I am sure people can give lots of tips.

Thanks! So it’s not really gameplay differences, more just content? I was going jump back into the first one and see if I can make it stick but figured it’d make more sense to wait til the sequel goes on sale.

It’s been a long while since I played the first game, but I think the second game is designed for a bit less scut work. For example in TWWH1 you had to explicitly assign heroes to carry out tasks in provinces. In TWWH2 it just happens automatically.

I think there are a variety of minor changes that help streamline the play and taken together they add up enough that it would be difficult for those of us with TWWH2 to go back to playing TWWH1.

Nothing really revolutionary though, except if you’re playing Vortex campaign, which does add probably a cleaner campaign objectives. Mostly I’ve been playing Mortal Empires (which is basically TWWH1 campaign ported to TWWH2 with extra races added) rather than Vortex campaign (which is the original TWWH2 campaign) though.

What part did you find overwhelming? The tactical battles or the strategic layer? If you didn’t like the former in the first game, you won’t like it in this game. It’s definitely more of the same (with more content) which is what the fans wanted. There have been enhancements and niceties added at the strategic layer as others have noted to streamline things a bit, but it can still be complicated.

If you get into the game and want a bunch of tips on whatever faction you decide to try out first, I’m sure myself and other fans of the game in this thread would be perfectly delighted to oblige.

The strategic layer for me. Things started piling up and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t being anywhere near efficient or optimal in handling things. I enjoyed the tactical battles!

Thanks for the help everyone! I’ll jump back into 1 as it’s been quite a while, then wait for a sale on 2.

A lot better. Things are cleaner and just work better for the most part. Better variety among LL’s and the like.

WH2 is significantly better. I deleted WH1 and haven’t played it since.

But it goes on sale quite regularly and you certainly won’t need to pay $40 for it.

For sure I’d wait for a sale. They seem almost monthly.

  • Gambling Winds of Magic will no longer give the same result each time
  • Removed the Lord of Changes’ influence on the stance list – it should no longer play mind games and close while moused over

It’s worth noting that it’s currently a beta patch and people have to specifically opt-in to it.