Total War: Warhammer 2

Forums. This was months ago so I don’t have a link. Definitely not official but the thread made sense. My first instinct was always, “this person is full of crap”, but what was written lent some credence to it’s release mid 2021.

It would mostly fit with how they handled TWW > TWW2.

You didn’t hear anything about TWW2 until after the last TWW DLC.

Also, they know we know. No need to hype something everyone knows exists until they’re ready to start showing stuff to people. Everyone knows TWW3 will happen. So anything they say about it will just make people on Reddit even more annoying than they usually are.

As far as actual dates, no one has any idea. There is another DLC for TWW2 per CA. We probably wont see it until end of Q1 2021 at the current rate of DLC releases. I’m guessing Q3-4 for TWW3, but that’s just a guess, no one knows anything at this point.

But they’re not going to talk about it until it’s imminent.

That’s not how I remember it at all. The last game 1 DLC was Norsca and they made a big deal about how it was a DLC for both game 1 and game 2. Plus if memory serves it was heavily discounted (possibly free?) if you got in conjunction with pre-ordering game 2. I distinctly remember them using that DLC to push the message that game 2 was coming and was awesome.

Hahahaha! Isn’t that the truth.

Warhammer 1 was released in May, Warhammer 2 was released in September. So I think it will be somewhere between May and Sept then.

It’s entirely possible they link the final DLC to TWW3 in some way, but everyone gets how it works now.
Norsca was something they hadn’t planned to even do, but they did it.
Which screwed up Mortal Empires fairly heavily for a long time, because of code changes between 1 and 2.

Anything is possible, but I don’t expect to hear anything about TWW3 until at least April of 2021 beyond maybe the logo.

Yea, when they do the countdown or tease… people are gonna go nuts and it’ll be mass mayhem til it gets released. I’m ridiculously hyped for it and I know nothing about what it’s going to encompass.

I’m still really sad that they haven’t added Thanquol as a Skaven Legendary Lord. I kept on waiting for Thanquol for my Skaven playthrough. I did end up messing around with the Skaven a bit, but still haven’t done a full playthrough with them, even though according to Steam I’ve got 340 hours of TW:WH2 play in.

Where is my Thanquol?!?!

Wont see him until TWW3.

I cannot wait to see what they do with TWH3. Chaos, Chaos dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms and Thanquol to name a few! Agreed that we are still going to see another DLC for TWH2, then on to TWH3. For the DLC, people are guessing either Vampire Counts, Dark Elves, Beastman or Dwarfs in the mix. Pick 2!

Is that what the focus is? If so how awesome! I really want more Chaos and Beastman stuff more than anything else.

I know some of you already know this stuff but if you aren’t big on following everything CA says on reddit and places like Twitch, some of this might be news to you.

Grace (community manager) confirmed that Twilight and Twisted will NOT be the last DLC for TW:W2. We have no idea what that means, just that there is at least one more. There are some small hints, however. There were several new map zones added and a new faction, the Sisterhood of Lahmia. They have done these map additions well in advance of their respective DLC in the past, so the timing is not really crucial, but I’d say it’s pretty close to confirmed Neferata will be coming at some point.

Dark Elves are the only base game 2 faction with only 5 legendary lords, and it seems like including a game 2 faction in a game 2 DLC is a mandatory thing based on some comments CA has made. So probably Dark Elves vs Beastmen or Dark Elves vs Vampire Counts. Then again, Neferata might not even show up until game 3. She has a huge history with Nagash who will almost certainly appear at some point in game 3, maybe it makes sense to put her in then. But before is possible.

Game 3’s races will almost certainly be Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Dwarves, Ogre Kingdoms and most debatably Kislev. The first 3 are the last main armies missing from the game that had their own rulebooks. Many people speculated Kislev because they have had some lore and are located precisely where the main action will be in game 3. Games Workshop sudden interest in the revival of Kislev makes it seem extremely probable to me that they will in fact be the 4th faction.

And yea Thanquol has been confirmed to be showing up at some point during WH3. I imagine we will also get Stormfiends and Verminlords at that time because while people didn’t necessarily love the Endtimes they sure do seem to love those models.

And a fun bonus Nagash, just in case anyone hasn’t seen it.

I think if nothing else “The Rule of Cool” will prevail and all those things will end up in the game. Eventually.

Wow those look so cool.

Dogs of War had their own rulebook didn’t they? I could see them as a 5th race.

They did, but they’re basically Estalia and Tilea, so it makes zero sense to add them to a game about the Chaos Wastes and Dark Lands. I thought for sure they were going to be in TWW2 since you had the colonies and expanding the Vortex map to include Estalia or Tilea would’ve been fairly easy.

Instead it seems like they just wont happen, though I guess they could have been waiting to figure out Ogres before they implemented them. We do know there will be no new races for TWW2 (we knew that shortly after Vampire Coast came out).

A lot of people want Hobgoblins since their Khan is sort of in the area. And then of course you have the Cathay people. Both seem more likely than Dogs of War to me, but who knows any more.

I don’t do much warhammering, but I’ve always loved the nation name “Border princes” - its so evocative. Even more than usual, and Warhammer naming conventions ARE pretty evocative, for good or bad.

There will almost certainly be Hobgoblins in the Chaos Dwarf roster at least. Just from glancing at the book they’ve got Hobgoblin Khan as a generic hero choice, Hobgoblin Cutthroats as a core unit and their spammable cheap infantry, and Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders.

That isn’t to say we might not get that developed a bit more. From a gameplay perspective they aren’t particularly differentiated from regular goblins and we do have some goblin tribes in the game that actually recruit mostly goblin units. So who knows.

There are a lot of wishful thinkers out there that hope CA will launch some surprise pre-order race for WH3 at the very end of WH2 because they did for both game 1 and 2. But I agree the wording seems pretty unambiguous that they won’t.

I think I always would have been a bit bored by Dogs of War since they are just a mix-match faction of existing units with a mercenary theme. I’d definitely prefer something with new content. I’d love to see Araby or Cathay just because I think if given some creative freedom you could make some pretty great stuff out of those regions mythology.

But I’m game for just about whatever.

Hey, good news everyone!

I have this assumption that all these outsourced mobile games must be terrible if you are a PC gamer but maybe that is really unfair and snobby of me, considering I’ve never given one a chance.

Real question, have any of you guys tried them? Are there some good ones I’m sleeping on? Am I justified in my blind dismissal of them?

The iOS Rome 1 TW was cool and almost a 1:1 copy of the original - but with the unit models set to lowest. There were like 12 cavalry or 24 men in a unit. It’s also just… very annoying to play TW on an iPad.

So it’s great if this is the only option you have, but even if you’re in vacation or sitting in a hotel room you’re probably going to still play something else if you have any other options at home.

Interesting. Working from home for the last decade has meant I don’t have many situations where I’m dying to game and there isn’t a PC accessible. Back in the beforetimes when you could go on a nice vacation I was just as happy to be away from it. So I’ve just kind of slept on the whole mobile thing and figured I ought to at least ask!