Total War: Warhammer 2

Generally, the long victory conditions in ME are almost never worth it - they tend to always require you to wipe out other major factions on the other side of the map. Most of the short objectives tend to be achievable within the same time limits as the Vortex campaign. My only problem with the short victory objectives is that sometimes you achieve them before the real fun starts (e.g., you get to head to war with a faction that you wouldn’t normally encounter).

That’s what’s nice about the way they handle it though. You are welcome to continue to play after achieving the short victory and are welcome to bail whenever if you don’t feel like finishing the long. I’m sure you’re aware of that, but wanted others who have avoided ME to know you don’t need to decide going in.

Deep a High Elf Tyrion campaign seems the easiest for ME. Lostsa money and threats intitially are taken care of.

I think the vortex campaign was a smart idea for getting a “game” into the Warhammer Total war (missing in the first one). I also hated the chaos invasion in Vortex until I learned how to deal with it (no spoilers).

Now the ME campaign (mortal empires) is a whopper of a campaign with any faction you play with. Long haul. I admit I’ve played 200 turns in a me campaign and not finished (damn covid I had plenty of time last year).

For me I love he spectacle of the huge battles --I actually play with the spectator mod so i only run around with a few units in battle mode (don’t guilt me! I know!)

I tend to autoresolve like 95% of battles and only play the interesting ones, so I can definitely relate. ME long campaigns would be an unplayable if the player really had to manually direct every single battle.

Oh i agree completely. Though when autoresolve looks even steven or bit more losss than it seems acceptable i do the battle… and then i hit 5 units in the spectator mod and command my cavalry!

To be sure when you really look at the amazing battles that occur between the different factions it is really amazing.

Dwarfs probably?

Grungni is a dwarf god, but that’s all I got.

Edit: People speculating TWW3, but referencing a Dwarf God from the prospective of a Imperial Mage to hint at a game focused on Chaos seems really off.



Also, very awesome.

I started playing TW: Warhammer, the first one, again, and am liking it. Dunno why I stopped the first time some years ago, really. Does II add QOL stuff and overall improvements along with the new map, etc.? I missed out on the summer sales, so I’m wondering whether ponying up for II at full freight is worth it.

Yeah, and I believe you won’t find many that wouldn’t agree the Warhammer 2 campaign is a lot more fun/interesting as well. Plus, owning Warhammer 1 gives you access to Mortal Empires, the sprawling campaign that has all content (that you own) from both games.

That’s a lot of $$ to drop all at once, without a sale, but I love Warhammer 2 and if you are thinking of putting hundreds of hours into playing all the various factions and stories, it might be worth it. Otherwise, just grabbing Warhammer 2 base is probabaly a good start - play one of the main factions in the Vortex campaign, I think you’ll dig it.

Get on with Warhammer 3 already!!!

Preach it brother!

Cool, thanks. I wasn’t planning on buying the game and the about $100 worth of DLC; by full freight I meant full price ($60) for the base game. 'Tis tempting.

I paid $60 for it at launch and had no regrets - it’s only gotten better with age, even just the base game has a ton of content (and all of the newly added factions and lords are there, you just can’t play them, but you’ll get to square off against them and such).

Someone mentioned on Reddit that there was a fair chance of a sale in the next couple of weeks.

Of course it’s Reddit, so, maybe don’t trust that.

I got a pretty good return on investment, personally, but YMMV.


I, too, enjoy me some Warhammer.


1182 hours in the TW2, and there is still lots of Lords I haven’t played, that I want to spend some time playing. The Total War: Warhammer game(s) would definitely be one of my desert island games.

Hyped about the possibility of TW3 coming out. Not many games I’d buy at full price when they come out, but that is definitely one of them.

Yeah, it’s an okay game…

As said above, the great thing about the DLC is you’re not missing out on any overall game features if you don’t get any. Rather, you just can’t delve into the specifics of the given factions. So when you run across one which looks really awesome, you’ll know to keep an eye out for that DLC. Both the base game and the DLC go on sale occasionally, too.

I boughted it. Will download tonight as I sleep, so as not to discomfit anyone. If there is a sale, the DLC will be much more attractive :).