Total War: Warhammer 2

I don’t suggest ever playing the WH1 campaign. No need to even keep it installed. Just needs to be in your steam library.

This is correct.

Going back to Warhammer 1 would be painful on many levels. There have been a ton of improvements since then. Now that ME turns don’t take 5-10 minutes, I can’t think of any reason to go back to 1, unless you really, really liked the map or something, and iirc it’s basically the same map, since the Old World didn’t get warped as much in ME, but it’s been a while so I may be remembering it wrong.

Also Warhammer 3 on steam is like “add to my wishlist”?

Gotcha, thanks for the information!

Seeing bloodletters and a bloodthirster was pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie.

I wonder how they’re remotely balance Greater Daemons. Hopefully not by making them garbage.
Seriously, Sarthorael, get your shit together.

In all fairness in the tabletop game I once saw a Bloodthirster get killed in one round by some insanely lucky dwarf great cannon hit. Like a lot of GW stuff the legendarily powerful units are more powerful in lore than in actual gameplay mechanics.

I was looking at the steam page and saw “release date: late 2021”


I made a Warhammer 3 thread!

So, if I have both WH! and WH2 installed, I can uninstall WH1 and still play ME?


Yep, it’s basically like playing WH1. Only with a bigger map and WH2 QOL improvements.

Ok, another question about reliability. Again my reliability is dropping for no apparent reason. In a few turns it went from the max to the minimum. For several turns it just dropped. I attacked no one. No new wars started. Just me moving troops in my territory and building stuff in my cities.

Is there some kind of hidden mechanic or is this just a bug they never fixed?

Did you break a trade agreement with someone or get invited by an ally to join a war and decline? I used to be confused about reliability drops until I figured out how it works. Basically any time you back out of any agreement you set the stage for a reliability drop unless you wait like 10-20 turns to make any further changes in diplomatic status with that same party.

No. I have no allys or defensive agreements. No wars started, no wars ended. I get asked to join into alliances all the time and I always decline.However, someone broke a non-agression pact with me, and then the next turn asked me for one again, which I agreed to.

That was probably it. The game is not always fair about the trustworthiness blame that occurs when they get broken, even when you’re not the one who did it.

Well hell man, then I am not even going to make those with people unless I am trying to get them to trade with me.

I’m not going to defend the game’s diplomacy system. It is bonkers. Worse than Civ V? Yes. But I will say that they do call it total war for a reason :) Ok, ok, even that isn’t good enough, context does matter. For instance, playing as Count Noctilus, I’m finding that diplomacy doesn’t matter one bit as I sail the seas looting and plundering. But for a High Elf run (if I recall your race correctly) there’s definite value in reliability to get those lucrative trade agreements. But over time, the game does seem to devolve into a crazy chaotic mess of wars erupting. Don’t forget High Elves can spend influence to bump up (or down) attitude of the AI. Won’t necessarily help with agreements, but it can stave off potential wars. Confederation is a whole other beast sadly, and I ended up adding a mod that forces confederation on a Lord when they are conquered:

The flying wood elf (added in December update?) is the easiest faction I’ve played with low lategame slog.

  1. Starts with hawk riders which have 360 no scope arrows. They can take out artillery, kite enemies, or force fire at important targets at will. Also they make early sieges easy as fliers will.

  2. Global recruit can be reduced to 1 turn for most units so it’s easy to get reinforcements

  3. only a few settlements can actually be built in. The rest are cheap outposts (200 gold to build) so it’s fine if the AI takes them. It really sucks when the AI razes or sacks a city you spent 20 turns building up.

  4. You have a choice on where to wander and fight. You can teleport to other major cities (5 total?), all with different foes to befriend or slay.

  1. Autoresolve is decent.

  2. Confederating the other wood elf factions can be done either by conquering them as normal, or doing various quests.

  3. Did I mention sieges are easy? You can recruit zoats, which are anti-large cavalry that grant siege attacker (no need to build siege engines)

Yea, I quite enjoyed my campaign with them myself. The hawk rider doomstack may not be the most powerful possible doomstack but with all those Arrows of Kurnous it sure is funny. Taking out 30% of the enemy army in the first volley is satisfying.

So in the last week or two my game has started crashing during faction choice. I start a new campaign and can slide the slider to see all the choices of factions. If I select one the animation of the leader starts to play and then freezes a second or two into the animation. Then I realize my game itself is frozen and after another 10 seconds or so it crashes to desktop.

A few times I’ve been able to start new games with dwarves or Norsica, but that was like 1/5 times without a crash. And it seemed like anytime I tried Bretonia it crashed. So today I started tinkering with it and after a couple of crashes described above decided to update my graphics drivers. Did that and I was able to select about 3 or 4 different factions/leaders. Then I tried selecting Bretonia and it did the freeze/crash thing again. Restarted, selected a dwarf faction no issues, then back to Bretonia and crash. I’m not convinced the Bretonia thing is a cause or symptom as it could just be a coincidence. Still, it’s weird. And I’ve done some searches and found nothing about this sort of crash. Everything is for ingame and AI turn crashes.

My son has a bunch (a BUNCH) of mods installed but when I play I disable all the mods. So I’m assuming it’s not a mod issue. I’d really prefer not to reinstall as there are like 100Gig of just mods my kids has that will have to reinstall too if I delete the base game (I assume).

Any ideas would be great.

Hit verify files on steam just in case?

Oooh. Not sure I even knew it was a thing. Thx.