Total War: Warhammer 2

Generally, yes. The reality is that holding land is really strong.

You CAN play horde-lite, but it’s a rougher game imo because odds are your economy is weaker and your enemies are stronger - because planting a pirate cove or sacking hurts them a little bit, (mind you coves don’t steal income iirc) but conquering all of someone’s production permanently hurts them. And then they cease to exist.

Basically you can pick the best option depending on the situation, but as a general rule conquering just works better with how the game systems work.

Been trying a Vampire Coast game myself. The victory objectives require province control anyhow, so taking territory becomes mandatory it seems, even without it being generally useful. I do love their ranged units. More interesting IMO than the (admittedly awesome) High Elf archery dudes, and the fact that they are, well, already dead and can be recycled is very useful. Noctilus is a bad ass on the battlefield, once he gets his mojo going, and those melee-focused heroes, the blue guys, are pretty good.

But man, mortars and siege artillery. I don’t have Bess yet but those earlier artillery pieces are awesome. Took an Elf city with walls without needing an siege gear. Just blasted the gate and the walls, sent in the two lords, and that was it. Of course, I lost every other unit, but eh, next turn, there they were again.

Just wait until you get queen bess then. Have a gunnery wight supporting her with the more powder action to keep it firing. Remember Bess is unlocked via ritual then recruited via regiment of renown tab (just in case you weren’t aware).

I generally have Bess and a couple of other mortars together with a wight and that does enough to weaken the front line for my meat shield to slow and ultimately tarpit the attacking force. I don’t care about friendly fire with zombies, they’re expendable.

Also with their combat skills levelled up, a gunnery wight becomes a very strong ranged attacker in his own right.

Yes you want land as Noctilus, but when it is land you can’t keep then sack and pirate cove and move on. That’s generally best for places where there is low vampire corruption.

And you have to be in friendly territory to recruit RoR.

I remember having an issue where I couldn’t recruit Bess and it was because I was in the ocean. I had to go to land in a province I controlled to do it. It’s possible they changed that, but I doubt it.

You are correct because i had the same problem. I was in foreign territory and couldn’t recruit. I just didn’t put 1 + 1 together at the time.

Does anyone know the mechanics of why a faction will not trade with you? I have several factions which are positive toward me and refuse to trade, yet other factions which are closer to neutral which are willing to trade. I do not mean why is there not a trade option, but when there is, what governs their acceptance or refusal.

Some factions don’t like to trade. Norsca and Bretonnia are flaky about it. They are factions that CAN trade but they often don’t despite liking you.

Lots of memes exist on the reddit about Kislev refusing trade agreements. But yea, seems to be a faction based AI setting.

The Brettonians don’t like to trade either. They keep telling me to go away before they insult me again.


I’ve been reading this thread on and off, not sure there is any discussion of the DLC in particular. Any considered more desirable than others?

The best DLC for Warhammer 2 is Warhammer 1.

Beyond that it completely depends on what you want to play. The only content gating in the game is in what you can play with. But you can still fight against all the stuff without the DLC. So keeping that in mind I’d say do you like a particular faction? If so, the expansions focused on the factions you enjoy will probably be a good value to you.

Skaven is the only core faction where if you don’t own a DLC you are kind of missing some of their key and faction-defining units from Prophet and Warlock. The Skaven campaign from that DLC has won the several polls I’ve seen as “most fun campaign in Warhammer” by a pretty significant margin. You get nukes. It’s pretty fun.

As for the DLC races, I think Wood Elves and Tomb Kings have really nice campaigns and I enjoy playing them. Vampire Coast and Norsca campaigns are more middling to me but some people love them to death. You can pass on Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen unless you just love the aesthetics so much you can’t live without them.

You get most of the good Wood Elf stuff just from owning Twisted and Twilight which is cheaper than the Wood Elf race pack. And you get some bonus Skaven stuff.

If you have any more specific questions let me know, but thats some general info at least.

Thank you!

I’ve been playing a Tomb Kings campaign on - I think - Legendary campaign, hard (or maybe very hard) battles. It’s pretty interesting, but I worry expansion has been too slow due to some Skaven ambushes (costing me my starting war sphinx!).

The free troops but limited slots is pretty cool. I’m thinking much harder about lords and bonuses to particular troop types.

I really liked what the Tomb Kings had with the faction wide limits on certain units. So much so I actually ended up finding a mod that instituted a similar system across all factions. It is Cataph’s Closer to Tabletop (CTT) Mod that can be found on the workshop. When I get a few moments in the next week or two, I’ll share my experiences when playing with that mod as Vampire Coast. Definitely changed my gameplay a little bit, but that’s also in part due to the changes in the mod to make Vampire Coast a little bit more difficult. One “recommended” mod to go with it actually instituted army caps as well - I did not enjoy that mod when playing as the Vampire Coast. CTT does enough to hinder doom stacks, but having another mod that really cramps armies and makes the whole red line for Lords near useless saw me skipping that mod in the end. Faction wide caps are nice, something I wouldn’t mind seeing in WH3.

I haven’t tried CTT in a long time, I should check out what the changes are again. The last overhaul I played was SFO which has some great changes. For example the skill trees are flatly better than vanilla for all the lords and heroes. Just objectively better designed. But then it’s packaged in with a ton of stuff I dislike: larger and more powerful garrisons, more HP on all units so battles take 50% longer or so, and elite units being completely god tier compared to low tier stuff that is useless against them.

The combination of these things makes autoresolving settlement battles for the early game a complete no-go, and the battles take longer than vanilla. It just ends up feeling grueling to me.

I like this game a lot, but I am still not very good at it. Most of my games seem to follow the same pattern, so I’m trying to, well, not repeat that pattern. Essentially, I find myself either running out of steam really early, running into armies that eat me alive, or I sit around forever waiting to build up strength, but not really knowing where to go to do stuff that is useful without having to fight people I’m ill-equipped to fight. I guess “reading the map” is not something I’m doing well.

Aren’t most of these super mods compilations of mini mods, so you can pick and choose the aspects?

Yeah, the learning curve diving in now, with twenty trillion DLCs of improvements and added systems, is steep. Don’t be afraid to play on easy/easy to get your feet wet.

I’m less familiar with Radius and CTT so I couldn’t say about them, but there are many features of SFO that are drawn directly from other vanilla mods and those you can use if you like them. Of course the one thing (the skill trees) that I feel are an unquestionable upgrade over vanilla are not offered separately to my knowledge. There are other skill tree mods, but none as thorough as SFO.