Total War: Warhammer 2

There is only one thing I can think of, and that’s the special campaign for the Wood Elves/Beastmen that was in the first game. But honestly, not worth caring about, especially with the wood elf/beastmen stuff in warhammer 2.

Original Warhammer is completely obsolete by this point.

Wood Elves and Beastmen were much saner to play in 1 before they got their reworks in 2 in the past year.

Just Chaos left on the crap to play block, but they were that way in 1 too, so not gaining anything there.

Haha, good timing.

I thought generally speaking the reworks for WoodElves and Beastmen were well received?

They were, but before that happened it was pretty ugly.

So if you wanted to play them before the rework, playing them in game 1 wasn’t crazy.

non obvious change, you can rotate spells as you cast them in WH2. I believe you could not in WH1.

Which is massive for the Winds of Death Faction. I’m sorry I mean Vampire Counts.

What does “rotate spells” mean?

It’s like you know those column spells you cast? Instead of having to move the caster to the flank of incoming enemies you can cast it while you’re right in front of them

You first pick originating point of spell, and then you can rotate 360 degrees to pick the second point

I do not know, actually! The only spells I have are like spirit leech and the one that restores unit hit points, and both are targeted. I did get a sword at one point that made a cone shaped spell, although I couldn’t do much with it.

I should emphasize that I am quite green.

bookmarked, it shows how

This game is confusing sometimes. The Grave Guard says, “requires building, ancient armory,” so I built an Ancient Armory, which indeed says, “allows recruitment of: Grave Guard,” and yet I can’t recruit any. My lord is sitting in the province, indeed on the settlement that has the armory built, and yet there’s no option to recruit Grave Guard units, just the same old skeletons, zombies, wolves and bats. What the heck. There must be some other required building, but I can’t see any way to find out what it is. The fandom wiki sucks for this, not mentioning required buildings for units at all. Also some other building (the one that allows Varghulf recruitment) says it requires Vampire Crypts, but I don’t see these listed anywhere, and the fandom wiki just says they’re a military support building. Is there a better source for this info with dependencies for buildings and units?

They are built in the Barrow chain of buildings, but also require an Armory to be built. The Barrow is the same building where skellies and Crypt Ghouls come from. If you mouse over the Grave Guard unit Barrow, it shows an arrow over the building it requires. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go the other way. The important thing is that if a building doesn’t have any unit cards next to it, by itself it doesn’t allow that unit to be produced. It can be a bit of a hunt sometimes to find the base building the unit needs.


Here you can see the Grave Guard and the building it also requires.

Good lord, I have no idea how to play the rats.

which faction? most ppl like skyre

So the infantry is pretty much garbage there to hold the enemy in place.

good heroes:
engineer (movement, artillery buffs)
priests (summon clanrats as tanks)

to kill something like gatling guns, the sniper guns, and artillery.

I started with Eshin, and I don’t have any of that stuff (except garbage infantry), and I keep getting chewed up by my nearest neighbor.

Eshin is all about abusing gutter runners and skirmish from what I gather.

Just shooting stuff with slings and whatnot while running away constantly since it’s all AP.
And as many assassins as you can shove in an army since they get buffed to silly levels.

I never got the hang of them and they start in a really rough neighborhood, but I did win with them somehow (mostly by using their Delete Faction ability on the only remaining faction I needed for my win con iirc).

Yeah,my neighbors are very aggressive. I have been making gutter runners but they still get mauled by the enemy crossbows. I guess I should just get used to it.

On the strategic layer the #1 tip is abuse ambush. The AI doesn’t like moving stacks near your powerful stack unless it thinks it can win.

Too true. Part of really getting good at this game is just learning how to exploit the AI. The AI is computer-perfect at hit and run tactics and loves to use them. A tactic that the AI uses a lot is having an army swoop in, sack a player city, and then retreat just far enough that the player stacks can’t get there to retaliate. It’s super annoying and leads to horrendous and aggravating chases to get an AI army to engage with a player army.

The counter is to learn how to ambush and/or quickly raise disposable stacks (regiments of renown are great for this) to blunt an AI offensive before your cities get sacked down to level 1 settlements.

Yeah, just is a startling contrast to my Vampire Counts game where: a.) units don’t route, b.) I haven’t had to deal with very much artillery, c.) the neighbors haven’t been up in my shit as much.