Total War: Warhammer 2


Maybe I’ve just had some bad rolls. The 10K armies I send are almost always for the first ritual and just get destroyed.


The armies can’t be too good, they get sent against you too. The game would never progress if they were an automatic stop ritual button.

For an interesting data point, in my current High Elf (Lothern, Normal) game, I sent out a 10k intervention force against Naggarond for the second ritual. Not only did they raze one of the ritual sites and prevent the ritual completing. They went on to raze six (6!) other Naggarond settlements. And they’re still going.

But there’s nothing random going on here, this is all strategy. Naggarond had sent their main army and their black ark along the the northern edge of map, apparently attempting to take the Shrine of Khaine before I could get to it. Didn’t work out too well for them. But it’s not random.


Yeah, I get you. I didn’t think about the “behind the scenes” movements of the enemies. Could just be bad timing.


Mine so far show up and get wrecked. I still don’t remotely track on why I shouldn’t be allowed to control them, but whatever, adaption to what’s at hand is the name of the game.

So for me at least to increase the chances of success i’m going into agent recruitment over drive in my current campaign so I have eyes on the ground where the ritual is going on. Then I can make an informed decision about dropping the bucks to do this or not (i.e if no one is home give it a go, if there’s a stack around reconsider or send a stack you control plus recruit the magic stack out of the sky).


Did none of you play orcs last game? This is a pretty clear adaption of the waaaag mechanism. Sometimes those armies murderated everything in their path and helped me immensely, sometimes they bounced off the first place they attacked and added nothing to my empire. Given that they were a free capability that I had very limited control over I was pretty happy either way, and regularly used them to distract and weaken my enemies.

Now everybody gets it, it automatically targets the strategic goal, but it has a cost. Good timing or a bit of luck and you get a big impact, otherwise no.


Yeah, I played orcs, doesn’t seem much like it to me based on how effective I’ve found the results so far. The stack that mechanism created did useful stuff for me every single time I worked to make it happen. And it wasn’t half way across the map from me either.

I guess I was just lucky with waag and unlucky with interventions.

As I said above, I’ll adapt my use of this one and see if I can improve my luck.


I have found much, much greater success with intervention forces when I time them to hit around turn 5 of the enemy ritual, right about when the chaos hordes hit. When I trigger them turn one they just die- when I wait they often take their target and rampage even further beyond into the enemy empire. Well worth it in that case.


Chalk this one up under the heading of I told you so. The AI dark elves just air dropped an intervention on me and leveled one province. While being forced to deal with that chaos took one of my 3 provinces I need to complete the current ritual. If I don’t get over their and kick them out in the next 7 turns the ritual fails. Given I’ve only got one stack in range and they have two I’m not sure how this is going to go.

If I fail I guess I’ll get to discover just what the consequences are for failing a ritual.

On a side note, I’ve noticed that the AI appears to keep at least a couple other races really close to you on completing these, I don’t know if everyone else is noticing that or not. But as a result I’ve sent off armies in the direction of two of them to start taking out part of their civilization to slow them down.

I’m really liking this feature, it’s completely different way to play a campaign from the usual paint the map. Speaking of map, damn this things big. It takes me ages to get anywhere.


The ritual race isn’t as important as it seems. It’s one way to victory, but you can completely neglect it and win as well. The AI slows down later versus the power of a well-run player empire. I can’t prove this, but I suspect that in order to increase the tension the AI gets bonuses towards progress of all the rituals except the final.

The huge map is a definite plus and one of the things I love about this game. In my first Tyrion playthrough I ended up owning most of Ulthuan, most of the Dark Elf territories, and had almost no presence in the southern half of the map. In the first TWW game the map would often end up feeling dead and lonely in longer games, especially with Beastmen/Chaos/Norsca razing settlements that the AI would never resettle. In this game the map is always lively and full of surprises and things to discover right to the end. I think it’s a massive improvement.


I don’t think this is happening. The thing I don’t quite understand is what criteria the AI is using to determine when to perform a ritual. They sometimes seem to take a very long time to retry a failed ritual. But other times they’ll do the ritual seemingly as soon as they can, even if they have no chance to defend it.

Overall, the AIs ritual performance seems to track with difficulty level (at least on Easy and Normal). It’s quite easy to stay ahead the entire game on Easy, whereas on Normal the AI often gets ahead early but seems to struggle to get the ritual resources for the last two rituals compared to an expansionist human player.

Totally agree with this. The map just adds so much to the game. There’s always things going on. My first Lizardman campaign, I never left Lustria, it’s like being part of a living world.


Autoresolve is still sometimes like cheating, observe how effective the AI is in the field now, you will get into surprisingly much trouble in places…except Sieges I think.


I’m finding on Normal, manual and auto resolving give me similar results on average. Certain types of battle the auto resolve seems to have an edge, others it’s a bit pessimistic.

I’m quite happy with it so far. But I didn’t like the punishing auto-resolve in earlier Total War games.


It is still underestimating Menace from Below. I don’t think I’ve ever had as many Heroic Victories as I have had with my Skaven campaign so far. To the game’s credit, I really do feel heroic afterwards.


Maybe it just uses Menace Below like the AI does… which is to say it completely wastes it every single time.


I’m sure you’re right, but it does make it very exciting to play Skaven as a human. I guess it is a minor cheat, because the poor AI has no idea how hard the coming fight is going to be for it. The AI actually does a pretty good job of responding to Menace in general, but it needs to learn to leave a guard unit for it’s artillery.

In my first Lizardmen campaign, my fellow tribes eradicated the Skaven before I got a chance to do more than clear out a few meager warrens. So, I don’t think I’ve seen the AI even try to use it on me yet.


Yeah, summons tend to stymie the AI.

As far as the AI using MfB, it just craps them out the instant the cooldown comes up. In front of things.
It’s pretty awful.


Menace From Below (and indeed, all Skaven summons) are currently bugged in that they have no collision boxes. Against an immobile and single foe, you can actually kill a hero or lord with one, because all 150 or whatever clanrats can attack them simultaneously.

It’s apparently going to be fixed in the first patch, but it’s incredibly broken and makes them far better than they are supposed to be. Between that and the fact the AI is awful at defending itself from them (which is in practicality extremely difficult due to the bug, anyways), it makes the Skaven campaign pretty trivial even on Legendary.