Total War: Warhammer 2


Is it a spell? It doesn’t look like the ice is coming from the dragon.


Friendly FYI - If you click reply right on the post you are replying to, the post author is alerted (I only saw your question by dumb luck, and I am even now assuming it was my gif you were reacting to).

The spells in Warhammer 1 which were directional (and tended to be the most powerful for requiring positioning) can now be rotated before you let up on them to cast, giving you finer control over how they target (as seen in the video from the Dark Elf combat, where I created the gif from).

The casting mage is lower left in the start of the GIF.


Ahh ok, thank you. Haven’t played the first one much yet.


Great thread on the official forums, so great they made it a sticky, which they really never do.


After hundreds of hours fighting over the old world map in TW1 and getting to know its nooks and crannies, I’m very pleased it will retain the same provinces in the combined map.


This is terrific. Some incredible details in here I hadn’t known about.


Anything in particular jump out at you, Scott?


Oh, man, so many things. Remember, you asked! :)

First off, treasure hunting sounds freaking awesome, and is a classic example of good strategy games forcing you to make interesting choices. Do you spend time hunting treasure, or do you build up settlement again sooner? The choose-your-own adventure aspect of the sea and land treasure hunts sound like an incredibly satisfying addition to the gameplay.

Bridge battles! Fortress Gates! Ocean Hazards! All good stuff, potentially, without taking away from existing systems.

I love that settlements have more slots for building, and until this article pointed it out didn’t realize that would not only make planning easier for me, but for the AI as well. Always a good thing.

Intervention forces, mercs you can hire to harrass the enemy during their rituals, sound fun.

I adore the new UI changes, from being able to customize the things you see and the game pauses on during AI turns to the change in the movement bar. All this stuff was detailed in a video I shared above, and I highly recommend watching that if you haven’t.

The trait system sounds like something I’m going to get a lot of enjoyment out of, too. What a cool idea.

I mentioned it before but it bears repeating, I think the new map and the way you transition to the high-level map looks great. I think it’s crossed “handy” and into “amazing” territory that you can press Spacebar to bring up the overlay screen while in the normal campaign view to turn on the colored filters without having to zoom out (or go to a separate map).

The faction mechanics for all four of the races are appealing to me in some way or another - all of them sound like a faction I’ll enjoy playing as or against, which is a great thing I am always a little worried about with strategy games.

The combined map is sounding more and more amazing, with a lot of the above changes being retroactively added to the original game’s factions for the combined map.

I think moving away form mini-campaigns and having more “meat” for the race packs will be smart, as well.

That’s just re-skimming it, at least, but you get the idea. Some really bold and well thought out moves, in my opinion.


Thanks a lot for providing us the rewards of your own treasure-hunting!




The treasure hunting thing makes me things of the random sites you get in Age of Wonders.

Anyway, I am cynical but the hype is starting to affect me. :). The slavery, loyalty and black corsair traits for the dark elves alone make me interested.





I’m a little concerned about all these Chaos armies and intervention forces magically appearing next to my settlements. This kind of thing is one of the more annoying aspects of Warhammer 1, and now they’ve turned them into not one, but two whole mechanics.



Ha the latest CA stream had 800 lizardmen up against 5000(!) skaven. This game is going to own bones.


Does anyone know when reviewers get access to this game, and when they can start talking about it? I really want someone who’s finished a campaign play through to give me a thumbs up or down before I pull the trigger.


Sigh. I never had a chance. I both loved the first game AND this game has my four favorite factions from the tabletop. Fare thee well, monies.


Looks like we have some more details on the combined campaign (I haven’t read this yet).


Funny you should ask Delrith from Angry Joe show is streaming it right now.

I assume there will be many others.