Total War: Warhammer 2


Summon free Skaven with Menace Below. Use Warpbomb on free Skaven. Profit.


Well I pulled the trigger on this, it’s nice to have Norsca to play with while I wait for my Skaven to arrive. Norsca are quite fun.


Rock, Paper Shotgun’s WOT:


PC Gamer gave it a 92/100.


Here is Heir playing some Lizards vs some Skaven and this is the stuff Warhammer has always wanted to be. Lizard armies 4x smaller than Rats winning massively outnumbered battles, because he had a nigh invincible Triceratops and his units go bezerk and fight to the death, while the rats have horrible morale.


Steam pre-loads are live for people who care about those sorts of things. (Me apparently.)


this is my favorite play session of the new game yet. The situation he gets into with his Lizards vs. the Skaven feels exactly like the kind of problem I get myself into, and is very interesting to watch!


So not as good as Civ 6 which they gave a 93. Pre-order cancelled!


So Burke’s army lost. Only Tyrion was left against like 7-8 stacks of dudes.
After 5 minutes of max game speed:


So this took 10 minutes to preload. I guess I don’t need to preload anymore with my new internet provider.


25GB in 10 minutes? I mean… probably not?

My own connection is pretty good at 200Mbps and it’s taking around 20 minutes to pre-load, which to me is mind blowing. It’s not that I couldn’t just download it at launch, but it’s nice to not have to deal with it when the time comes to launch it, either, so pre-loading is always a nice perk, even when you have a gigabyte fiber connection.



More than 10 minutes, less than 11. 300 mbps+ connection and valve’s servers from here seem to be fast. Speed didn’t fall from 39 MB/S.

I am amazed Valve’s servers give up data at this rate, though.


Mine was about 10 minutes also.


Those are some insane download speeds! How much do you pay per month to get speeds like that?


The funny thing is, it typically takes longer for me to decrypt games than it would to just download it. At least that’s how it was for me in the past.

I typically don’t pre-load anymore for that reason, but I just bought Warhammer 2 the other day right as it came available for pre-load and the game downloaded (I had a brief moment of “wait, is it out?”). We’ll see how it goes. :)


You were 100% correct, however that issue has actually since been corrected so while for a good while there I was just like you and never bothered to pre-load you can go ahead and do it these days. Dishonored Death of the Outsider unlocked almost instantly for me, for example.


That’s fantastic!


Oh that’s great to hear, Scott! Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll get to see for myself when the game releases. :)


Steam is really damn good at pulling stuff down. It actually is one of the few programs I’ve seen that uses multiple unbonded connections.

(only a 100MB cable line over PoE and WiFi concurrently)


Unlock times for… everywhere.!&iso=20170928T0830&p1=136