Total War: Warhammer 2

One of the greatest abuses is to ambush, because the AI then merrily goes and feeds you kills. You can ambush in a forest, or ambush next to the town (but this tends to be harder?)

I finally finished my Lothern game that I started in early January. All told, I guess I played 20-30 hours for a short campaign victory. I could have pressed through to the long victory but I wasn’t sure if my allies would abandon me after Archeon the Everchosen was defeated… I know the first game had a mechanic where diplomatic relations worsened once Chaos was defeated. I really got spoiled by how efficient the high elves played. Using Lothern Sea Guard to play ranged attack and line holders was fantastic, as I could just put them on autopilot while I used my dragons and cavalry to smash enemy artillery. The campaign was a very satisfying experience.

Instead of moving on to another game, I started a Hard campaign as the Kaz-a-Karak. Going from a highly mobile and tactically flexible faction to almost the exact opposite is quite the change. Dwarves are tougher than elves but they move very slowly and have no cavalry. I find that artillery is critical as this is the only thing that will force an opponent to come get me. Thankfully Dwarven ranged units can hold their own in melee, though not as great against cavalry or monsters. Greenskins rely on large stacks to overwhelm me but I’ve been able to take the orc faction down to one settlement. Next I’ll move on to the vampires to the north or Skaven to the east.

I wish I could like the Dwarves better but they are probably my least favorite faction. Not from a lore point, but when I play them I feel like you just box up and kinda wait for the enemy to die. They have no magic either. I mostly just feel like I’m twiddling my thumbs without much to do when I played them last.

Plus their high tier units are pretty underwhelming other than Ironbreakers. Which are insane, in all fairness.

I see where you’re coming from, but damned if it isn’t great to focus your thunderers and war machines all on one unit (or monster) and watch it disintegrate.

Dwarves need a faster way to access gyrocopters. A couple of high-speed chasers and artillery killers makes all the difference.

They kinda have a cavalry now with the slayers - at least they can neutralize the AI cavalry that ALWAYS goes for your shooters.

Do people always include artillery in your army makeup? I have used it a few times, but they generally are not part of my units.

Artillery is good at softening up troops, but it’s particularly effective in forcing the opposition to bring its troops to battle lest they get peppered to death.

I had at least one bolt thrower as the elves but it wasn’t absolutely required like, say, cavalry. When I play as the Dwarves I absolutely need it as they don’t have cavalry. As the Empire, I run a very balanced force with them so 1 or 2 units of artillery are very important (to me) for maintaining that balance (sometimes 3 if I already have 2 experienced artillery and I tech up to a luminark or other cool gun).

Playing this now. One thing I will say they definitely got wrong - stop using some homemade web browser to give additional information about things. For example, right now it literally isn’t working for me - it brings back some error and won’t load information about the unit I’m trying to get more information about.

Just give me actual tooltips in-game, so I can see what the little unit attributes actually do.

There’s an option to always show unit cards or something, get that on. I’ve never used the web browser. It sucks.

Yeah, but I want to scroll over them when I’m deciding what to build, not just during battles. I can’t see how to force them to stay up in the strategic view, so I can see what I’m actually building. (I mean I can see the unit card, but I can’t scroll over the things like “Armor Piercing” and the like to see what they actually do. Armor Piercing is pretty obvious, but other things are not. And I would like more detail in any event.

There should be a pin somewhere that will keep their card up, and is particularly useful when comparing units, because they will show the differences between stats.

Yea, I love love love this game but I’ll tell you the main things it fails at is having no siege diversity (outside of a handful of forts) and that god-awful “help” browser. I only ever click it on accident, and even that gets me grumpy about it.

Always. It forces the enemy to engage and does insane amounts of damage.
For races like Skaven it’s almost the only way they can kill a lot of things.
For say, the Dwarfs, it’s the only way you can force a fight and if the enemy has it and you don’t you’re pretty well screwed since they’ll just sit there bombarding you while you very, very slowly walk towards them.

I find artillery basically mandatory for many factions. Artillery always serves to make enemies close in as others have noted but it also has the important “siege” attribute that lets an army assault a walled city immediately instead of having to wait until siege towers or rams are built. Big monsters and a few lords also have this trait so artillery is optional in my mind if those lords/monsters are in the army.

Even with access to “siege” units, I’ll always put artillery in Dwarf, Vampire Coast, Empire, and Skaven armies. Because it’s just so good.

Artillery is also a ton of fun. (Though admittedly the bolt thrower is probably the least fun of all the artillery pieces.)

I finished the Lizardmen ME campaign (short). It was a little anticlimactic as I was just futzing around with these six-stacks of Chaos that would repeatedly spawn off the coast while I tried to simultaneously occupy all the required territories, and I had to wait for the Empire, Bretonnia, and Dwarfs to get Archaon. At least Chaos managed to clear the High Elves out from my continent because Lothern was not interested in a military alliance and that war would have been a big PITA.

I looked at the long campaign victory conditions, saw that it was too capture seven more capitals… yeah, nope.

Next I’m thinking the Bretonnia vortex campaign (how’s that?) or the Empire or Vampire Counts ME campaign. Or maybe I’ll try out EU4 that I just got for a dollar…

Select artillery, press insert. Pause liberally. 100 points to griffindor if you can snipe the leader.

I had a lot of fun with the Bretonnia Vortex campaign personally. Though in fairness I hadn’t played them at all since game 1 and they’ve been updated a few times since so a lot of it felt kind of new to me.

What does insert do??

Well that’s my situation too. (Not having played them since 1.)

… But that’s also my situation for the Empire, and I couldn’t resist their troop diversity, so I started one as Gelt. I like (I think!) the new imperial mechanics, but I feel a little hemmed in by people I don’t want to fight (Dwarfs, elector counts). Hopefully I can take out the vampires and that will allow me to confederate my annoying neighbor…