Total War: Warhammer 2


Yeah, those kinds of load times would kill my interest too. Out of all the games I own, Warhammer is one that benefits from a SSD the most. I’ve moved several games off the SSD to a hard disk when space becomes an issue, but this is one that’s non-negotiable for me. :)


It looks like it’s going to be similar to TW1 with expanding numbers of starts. A CA streamer’s game crashed and showed he had a “TOTAL WARHAMMER II: Bretonnia” module installed.


Game is cool, however how do i speed up units, I can’t use space anymore it seems, I saw a menu once in a youtube video, but I can’t find the button.

I’m thinking about enemy units, my own units movement etc…good to have in coop where time is money.

Thank you.


Describing it as “messy” doesn’t really sound like withholding judgement. You obviously know more than I do, so I’m curious why you’re dismissive of the idea of integrating both sets of races in one campaign. And what do you mean by only being able to win a “domination victory”?

And based on Scott’s post above, it sounds like there’s enough new stuff in here that I want it to apply to the classic races as well as the elfs, lizards, and rats, which is the case now, right? None of these improvements have been applied to Warhammer I, have they?



I want this as well, and I suspect the rolled up campaign map will be launched from within Warhammer 2 and you’ll be able to play the original races with the updated UI, map, and other goodies the sequel brings to the table, But this is just speculation on my part.

I further assume that, unlike the narrative heavy (or, heavier than past TW games) War2 campaign, the mash-up campaign will play a bit more like a “Civilization” type game, where there is pretty much just the one victory condition, since none of the vanilla races can do things with the “Vortex” so none of them will, in this mode. I imagine.


I just meant that they’ll be a lot going on and it won’t have the focus of the Vortex campaign or even the first games campaign.

They’ve explicitly stated it won’t have the Vortex mechanics or the Chaos invasion stuff. So the objectives will be something along the lines of capture X provinces (including a list of specific core provinces for each race) and maybe destroy/confederate the other factions of your race.

They will clearly have to adapt all the first games races a bit to make it work. Warhammer 2 has seven build spots in capitol settlements and new races have much larger seeming tech trees that the old races. Also I assume Rituals will make it into the combined campaign, so the old races will need to get their own.

But I’m just really digging into the Vortex campaign now. And so far, it’s really neat.

Stealth edit: Here are the released details straight from CA.


Does anyone know what happens to the Vortices during a coop campaign? Are they just completely deactivated and there’s no Vortex Rituals?


The set of tiny icons in the top left hand corner, there’s one for camera options. This is where you control how fast things move and what you see. Good luck with that UI…


I assume you have to play the two playable sub-factions of your race? And then either of you can trigger the Ritual. I don’t know tbh.

Edit: Am I the only one that struggles to keep two synonyms, that start with the same three letters, straight?


You are correct.
Except you seem to collectively trigger it, the numbers required are all doubled near as I can tell (so the first ritual takes 700 instead of 350).

Also a Skaven on a ship might be the best thing ever.


I wouldn’t make that particular assumption in this case.


Aw, c’mon, he explained and he even linked to the Official Explanation! Still, my ardor to Total Warwarhammer has cooled a bit. For the time being. Which is fine because it would have interfered with my recently reacquired Guild Wars 2 habit!



Thanks @ShivaX. We were planning to go with two different races just for more variety in the units we got to control in coop battles. Is that still an option? From what you’ve said it seems like playing two races might violate the new victory conditions.


About an hour or two into the campaign as the high elves and enjoying myself immensely. I thought the tutorial built into the beginning was rather well done. Battles have been enjoyable, although so far I’ve only been going up against what’s in my immediate vicinity, which in this case happens to be the evil dark elves.

The campaign map runs better for me than it did in W1 and I like the look of the map. The UI changes feel like improvements too and they’re seemingly everywhere I look.

I expect to have a lot of fun with this one and look forward to seeing how the combined map turns out.


For co-op you have to be the same race.

You could try Head-to-Head and play it co-opish (you can still share units I think- or they can take control of the other side).

Pretty sure different races option will be back for the Mortal Campaign thing, but it’s not really a thing for co-op in Vortex.


Thanks. We ended up starting up a High Elves campaign. My friend actually collected Warhammer High Elves when he was a kid, so that was pretty cool. Haven’t gotten to far yet, consolidated the initial provinces and just started expanding past that. The two High Elf leaders start all the way on opposite ends of the map, which has pluses and minuses, but I think it’s going to be a long time before we’re in a position to support each other.


Yeah, that’s the one downside. If you want to support each other you pretty much have to play Dark Elves at the moment since they’re fairly close while everyone else is across the planet from each other.


Ouch, it appears the game has been cracked already. The same day as release - which must be pretty bad news for Denuvo.


I’ve been following CA pretty closely enough since Rome 2 and what is interesting to me is that, underneath the grind of gamemaking year after year you can really see the hard business decisions peeking out.

So, for example, they created a sort of two-man community outreach show on Youtube to pitch Rome 2. They even continued this into Attila. But as soon as someone broke character - talked about things outside of the game - they would mysteriously never appear again. They had a podcast about Atilla DLC, even attended by amateur historians… and when they talked about games outside of Total War the podcast was abruptly ended, even before they released the final DLC campaign. Now that format is gone and you basically have creative directors talking about new content. You see that whatever the smiling, fun community minded stuff, this is a business run by business men. There’s a reason they’re perhaps by some standards the healthiest surviving RTS developer from that genre’s golden age.

Interestingly there has developed around Total War a YouTube community of non-affilated broadcasters that CA seems to have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with. They do provide them some support and a bit of early access but at the same time seem wary of “elevating” these community personalities. So i just noticed that for the first time (as far as i can tell) CA had a sponsored video with the Yogscast goofballs, playing some random Warhammer 2 FFA. They’ve never just outright paid a Youtube channel for content that wasn’t already a Total War channel. It seems they’re always trying new things to stay on top of the PR game.

The DLC for Warhammer was interesting as well. They tried to sell two expensive DLC factions and justified the price by giving them their own mini campaign, as well as adding some not-inexpensive unit and hero DLCs. Then later they tossed in one new faction entirely for free, and made a cheaper DLC, without a mini campaign as part of a pre-order bonus, and then tossing in a bunch of “regiments of renown” (essentially heroic level normal units) which they had formerly charged for in the pot at the end. They seem to be reacting on the fly here, seeing what sticks and what does not.

So it doesn’t surprise me, although it disapoints me, War2 doesn’t have a clear idea how it wants to integrate the existing factions into the new game. You can’t even play them in skirmish, but blobs of old factions do pop up here and there. Do we charge for them? Do we charge for the Super-grand Campaign? Do we charge for special units and heroes, ect? War2 seems to have only a vague outline of a DLC/post-release plan, but lots of DLC shaped holes everywhere you look.


This question was answered back before the first game came out - it’s free if you own both products.