Total War: Warhammer 2

He’s on the Skaven army list though.

Would be great if they could just get the Mac version of the first game out before releasing the 2nd.

But he is a demon! Oh now I get it, silly me, carry on.


Skaven markings on the logo.

Edit: Specifically marks of members of the Council of Thirteen.

Yeah, that pretty much settles it. It’s really compelling evidence. Skaven it is!


Dev diary!

Not too sure about this narrative thing they’re introducing, guess we’ll see how well they implement it, but as he said, this is not something that’s been in any previous TW title and I suspect it changes the basic premise to some degree that has always been the most appealing aspect of TW: you write your own narrative and history in your campaign rather than having it dictated at you.

And I don’t understand yet how this vortex thing plays into the larger map merger concept, when these two games merge does this vortex story line force itself upon the entire combined map effectively changing forever how Warhammer 1 plays?

My understanding is the vortex is only a thing in Warhammer 2, and will not be part of the super campaign that features both Warhammer 1 and 2. Also, I was under the impression that the super campaign was not finished.

Well good to hear the Vortex business is limited to warhammer 2. I honestly don’t know what status is on merging the games and whether it’ll happen at launch, if I was to hazard a guess I’d bet you will be able to play warhammer 2 at launch either as a standalone campaign or with 1 mixed in w/ 2 (along with all the DLC they’ve released to date for 1).

Interesting they’re saying release is 2017. Also interesting to hear they are working on some DLC or even perhaps a standalone for one of the historicals to tied us over till they release the next one (which it sounded to me like will not be this year, but nice to hear they’ve already been working on it for 2 years).

They said the merge will be after release, but really shortly, maybe a couple of weeks.

In their blog CA mentions they are actually investigating making new historic content for Attila or Rome 2 to “tied people over” until the next historic title which, reading between the lines, might be more than two years away., maybe as standalone content again.

If they’ve been working on the new historical for 2 years I would hope to god for their sake it wouldn’t take them 2 more years to complete it. ;)

I know I sound like a luddite but I am still playing attilla. So I guess this new Warhammer is gonna make things more sexy? And does this mean that CA isn’t going to do historical anymore? These are good questions.

CA supposedly has the largest team working on the next historical game, but it’s a ways out.

Well good. These Warhammer games are very nicely done. And wow do they have great battles. But the Historical games are where CA really shines. In my opinion. BTW I have a great Caesar In Gaul Campaign running in Rome 2. There were some weirdly tight addons for that game and now that it is better they work fairly well.

I found the best fun I had with Rome 2 was in the DLC campaigns, all of which like the CIG campaign you mentioned you’re in the midst of were quite well done, better done in fact than the GC I thought. One of the tougher campaigns I’ve fought in a TW game was CIG.

Yes CIG starts easy, but then gets harder and harder as you realize: Those Guals and germans hate you. All of them. And the British too. But you have legions and you have Caesar. Great Campaign!

My favorite campaign in Rome 2 was Bactria a few years back attempting the “This is total war” achievement. Thought it might be easier starting at a corner. There were so many bugs back then it didn’t work.

FYI Rome2 is pretty solid now for those that are interested.