Total War: Warhammer 2


One thing worth noting, so far as I’m aware, this only helps with the 4.5GB patch file. Not the copy of your game that Steam makes to patch.

Also, if anyone is interested in why Steam is so crazy, it’s so that if the patch fails to download or install, the old version of the game is still in the same place and working. I’m not saying it’s a good reason, but that is the point of it.


To be fair, some recent update to Warhammer/War2 (i don’t recall which one) said it required 40something GB of space and… sure enough, it wouldn’t install until i freed that amount up, even if the total size was 27gb or something. You should tell pdq if you can install or not.


This. If you guys are correct, it is in spite of the FAQ and the information, not because of it.


Again, I’ve read the patch notes and the FAQ. That’s not what it says. What it says in admittedly a convoluted way) is that you will need 44,5GB free over your existing install of 40,5GB, for a total disk space required during update installation of 85GB, to install a measly 4,5GB patch.

What they are doing, and they explain this in the FAQ, is that you download the 750MB patch, make a copy of your original install (40,5GB), uncompress the patch (.-750 MB + 4,5GB) and apply that patch over the original install keeping the copy in case something goes wrong (-2GB total since there will be some overwritten files).

Needing 85GB over your original install would mean copying the game, then copying it again, applying the patch over the second copy, use that copy to overwrite your original game, and do nothing with the first copy or your original files. It makes no sense if you think about it 2 minutes.


I guess I can’t figure out this line right here then.

“Total disk space required during update installation (includes 44.5 GB temporary files for installation process): ~85 GB”




I have over 300GB of space left on my SSD, so I won’t notice either way, I’m just curious as to their wording in the FAQ. I think it means one thing, and I am wondering if someone could break down that line specifically and how they interpert- it seems clear to me, but maybe it’s just worded strangely or if someone could explain it in another way, I’d be very open to trying to understand it.

Folks in Steam and CA forums seem to also believe it’s going to be the full 85 to get the install completed. Maybe I can watch my drive space while it installs, but I suspect I’ll be at work when it drops and auto installs.


I was just wondering how much space would be needed to install the patch?


So… I own WH 1. I own WH 2. I own all the DLC for WH 1.

If I do not have WH 1 installed, WH 2 will still know I own it based on steam’s record of it and I don’t require it to be installed in order for the DLC to pull all the races and DLC over? Or does it need to be installed because the DLC reads the data from WH 1 folder?


You do not need Warhammer 1 installed to play Mortal Empires and use all your DLC (temporarily excepting Norsca) from Warhammer 1.


Ok, good to know. I bought WH2 on day one, but after fiddling with it a bit decided to wait for this combined campaign to actually invest time in it.


Fair enough, but I will say the Eye of the Vortex campaign is very good, at least the first time.


sigh, clicked on the thread seeing 33 unread posts since this morning and figured something pretty cool must of happened…haha, nope


Sorry, I feel bad. I’m just so excited to play Mortal Empires, I can’t stop checking and posting to this thread. Even if it’s vacuous drivel like this message.


Same for me :-(


I mean they released part of the patch notes and the like, but they’re buried in a forum for the most part.

Stuff for TWW2 races in the FAQ itself.

Biggest let down is that stuff from the Norsa patch wont be there, which means no improved trees for the Old World Lords, which is… kinda crappy.


Have they said if that’s a future to-do they plan to complete though?


Oh they definitely will do it, it’s just a matter of separate teams so they have to go over it all and integrate it into ME.

Hopefully it wont take too long, but it will for sure happen. They’ve already talked about how there will be 37 LL’s not the 35 it will open with once Norsca gets added.


I’m just waiting to see which poster here will get the Shameful Display when we see if we need 40 or 80gb to install!


I find it most humorous that they gave a nice solution right in the FAQ for how to get around the space issues by having another Steam library on another drive, and it was like 40 replies before someone posted it here.