Total War: Warhammer 2


That was me! So should I just give a Shameful Display to the whole thread? Hmm…


As I posted above, I don’t think that works the way you want it too, unfortunately.


This seems to be out now!


Yeah, but its to be purchased for 0 dollars, and every single payment method is “currently unavailable”?!


Do you own both? I just have a download button.


Yup, I own both - the price is zero. Its just steam can’t process payment from neither mastercard nor Paypal currently.


For a while I couldn’t get it because I needed to own Warhammer II. But I think the download just wasn’t really live. It downloaded fine after a few minutes.


and NOW I had a download button instead - patience was apparently key - thanks guys!


I just ran into this too, what’s the solution?

update: went to store page for w2 and now there’s a download free button only it doesn’t do it anything when i click on it, guess this is just from too many ppl hitting it…


Aye, I think so too - it magically resolved itself for me as well :-)


ok, it worked, odd, after all the gloom and doom about a huge file download unless i’m missing something this came in like 5GB


Hey, guys! How much disk space will I need to apply this update?


45GB of free space.

EDIT - correct answer.


I am watching my drive space drop from 275 to 233 just pulling down the 5GB file, so it can patch to an alternate copy of my installation. So while the patch is small (ish) it takes a big footprint.


ah, installation space was the issue not download file size, got it

didn’t pay attention to that part as i’m installing to a large drive

looks like everything went smoothly


Yep, no problems here.

I do have to eat some crow though, and after re-reading @Juan_Raigada description his reply makes perfect sense to me now, but it does only need 45GB additional space for an existing installation. 85GB of total space is needed, but you are already using 45GB of that if you have it currently installed. I never went below 233GB from the 275GB I started with, and the final footprint put me at around 270GB, as I would expect.

Sorry for the confusion guys, but I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong. This time.


I wouldn’t worry about it, patching Total War games on Steam works literally the opposite way anyone would expect or want it to.

So has anyone played it yet? I started a sneaky Empire campaign. Not having the Norsca patch yet is pretty dispiriting, but the early game turn resolution times feel faster than Warhammer 1.

Edit: Oh boy did it confuse me when Karak Ziflin annexed Bastonne! Oh right, I guess that’s a thing now.


I haven’t had a chance to actually play the thing, but I’m aiming to this weekend and next week with some Mario going on between there. I’m pretty excited about it, but not sure who to pick as a faction. Probably Dwarf - in WAR1 they were my favorite faction and I’ll probably have a clearer idea of how different things are with them than almost any other race. Almost for sure I’ll pick a WAR1 faction though, as I feel like if I was going to play a faction I haven’t yet from WAR2 I’d just be better off playing the Vortex campaign, right?

Maybe I should pick the Beastlords or whatever, I bought them but never even started a game as them. Hardly touched the Wood Elves for that matter.


I would not have the Beastmen be the faction you play when you haven’t touched the game in a long while. They’re very different from most of the others.


I really liked the Beastmen, much richer game than the Warriors of Chaos. You could also try one of the new lords, if you’ve not played them yet. Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet and his savage orcs got me into Warhammer 1 in the first place. Clan Angrund are also cool, if you’ve got but not played that DLC.