Total War: Warhammer 2


I feel like the new campaign screen should have more fine grained control over the campaign settings. Rather than just picking a single difficulty, how about a setting that changes the end game invasion, or one that makes it easier or harder to confederate your races factions, or one that makes other races nastier.

Also, speed settings, like increased growth rate so you can play a faster campaign.


OMG the select-a-lord screen breaks H-scroll!!!


Sadly, I can confirm that the Chaos spawn bug happens in regular Vortex games as well. Turn 38 and 3 full high tier stacks of Chaos is marching upon my high elves, and those alone.

Thats - rather annoying.

@Richard_Holt I agree - I actually dislike the invasion mechanic, and would love to be able to tone it down a bit.


Tone it down ? It’s never been anything but trivial nuisance, on legendary it can’t pass the other empires at all. 3 full stacks at round 38, that might be hard, but I could field one and a half stack of empire troops plus altdorf city defense, I wouldn’t be worried.


Yes yes, I understand you are superhuman at the game - I am not, and would love the OPTION of toning it down.


I thought the issue that cropped up was the problem of 12 stacks like the picture further above, not 3.


I think there’s an argument for both being able to make it harder and being able to reduce the Chaos armies.

My problem wouldn’t be helped by either option though. Sometimes I get a great start, and the end game is just mopping up, sometimes I get a rough start and the end game is me getting instantly crushed.


Yeah, I guess campaigns can vary, I mean I had an easy time of it with the high elves, but in my current campaign as the dark elves I’m behind the them on the ritual completions piece and don’t honestly know if I can can catch up for not. But I think that’s an interesting development because it’s forced me to adapt to a strategy of trying to build an economy that can support the armies needed to send an invasion force and try and wreck the high elves in order to slow them down. It may work, it might not.


Totally agree the campaign could have a. Lot more options, heck legendary is the only one with the battle realism mode sigh


I’ve always thought yet another seemingly easy option CA has never bothered to implement is to provide the option of iron man at every difficulty setting.

Even at the easiest setting xcom is a different experience with iron man on.


I saw there was a small patch… but we don’t get any sort of clue what it did, probably mostly nothing.

I had unknown updates on Steam. If you push out a patch, have someone write up a post telling people what happened. It’s not a CA thing, it’s a lot of companies that do it.


So I met these chaos stacks as a dwarf. At the time I had wiped out the vampire counts, and expanded South close to Not-Egypt. Wiping out a few of the stacks meant the Empire, bretonnians, and wood elves all loved me. Each turn I get a request for a NAP or defensive treaty or whatever. I charge them 1k-2k and they pay for the privilege.

Soon Eurasia will be united in a military alliance and we can go meet the donut-elves and the american elves.

There’s still 5 stacks floating around the South. They were half dead, but was I so I could not chase. They seem to be healing up and recruiting :(

oh, I finally got guns and was testing this formation. Seems to work!

edit: I spoke too soon. Archeon the Everquest Chaos Lord finally showed up and I’m thinking I may have to run and give up my cities.


I feel you may not be investing Warhammer’s rich lore with the gravitas and respect it demands.


No no, I think he’s got exactly the right amount of gravitas.


The last two replies amuse me greatly.


Round 50 and no sign of chaos , it’s all business as usual, vampire counts are strong at least .


I just got my first Chaos ~ turn 80. It was only four fleets of Level 9 Heroes. Unfortunately, it happened right after I left for my invasion of the Dark Elves and Lizardmen. Fortunately, I was able to confederate another High Elf Faction and get a couple small armies from them, which I hope to grow enough to repel the Chaos hordes.


I checked my winning conditions for the short… dwarf campaign and it seems I’m only missing one region. So the Chaos hordes are just the new version of a realm-divide. I didn’t check when exactly it triggered but… I’d guess 80% of winning conditions? Or maybe it’s number of total regions.

if so, then like Shogun 2 vanilla you should consolidate right before you hit realm divide so you don’t get caught in break-neck expansion mode.


So where is this insurmountable invasion everyone speaks off, I get NOTHING…and I’m on legendary, I see some pictures, but I never get this.



I tried the Ulrika The Vampire novels and…they were pretty much exactly what you’d expect franchise based fiction to be.

The Path of the Eldar/Dark Eldar books were kind of the same. Pretty much sponsored fan fiction. But, they were maybe more interesting than the Ulrika books because there was more sci-fantasy technobabble and grimdark to spice things up a bit, and there’s more to flesh out in their fiction.