Total War: Warhammer 2


Just a heads up if you’ve already played/poked around in the Vortex Campaign - Teclis starts on the opposite side of the continent in Mortal Empires and so has a kind of a different set of enemies to face, including a lot of vampires. So while playing the Dark Elves is pretty much the same as the Vortex and ME, Teclis has new set of problems to deal with.


I’m enjoying the Lizardmen so far. I’m around turn 50 and have found an army of mostly Sauruses (Saurii?) plus some Feral Stegadons and a couple of Cold One Riders is pretty damn good. In my main Mazdumundi army I have that setup plus the ole’ Lizard-Slug himself plus a couple of artillery dinosaurs (including a dinosaur that shoots a LASER out of his…- it’s beautiful) I just crushed two chaos stacks, one after the other who were attempting to interfere with my ritual and it was pretty much: pin with Sauruses, use Cold Ones to ride down interlopers and stragglers, find a good spot, Unleash The Stegadons, then … profit. I didn’t even have to cast many spells or do much with my laser-dino. I am liking the Sauruses. They are like Dwarf Warriors, somewhat less stout but harder hitting, and quite potent for their reasonable upkeep.


Lizardmen seem a little too good to me. Not really complaining, I don’t think factions in this game need to be balanced. But they kind of have everything, and almost all their units are good.

I already won a Eye of the Vortex campaign with them. I might take them for a spin in Mortal Empires, once I’ve finished my Empire game.


I agree that they are strong, but I am not in love with their cavalry corps. No light cavalry worth mentioning, and their heavy stuff doesn’t particularly shine.

Fantastic skirmishers and line troops, though. And dinosaurs. Rawr.


Lizards never break. They just go mad and start doing even more damage. So awesome. I get sad when I see my line warriors flash grey flags and surrender. When lizards go critical I feel they are doing extra work.

Chasing down skaven sucks thought… I think summoned skaven clanrats cause damage while routing.

I have lost battles to skaven just because my guys end up exhausted chasing the rats down.

Oh, and I forget, their strategic options are great - global recruitment, check. Also they get to eat their enemies to heal up. Very very useful.

Dwarves… don’t heal.


Yeah, the cavalry is kind of bad. In the final battle of my campaign I took four units of Horned Ones. They all went on a rampage and got themselves killed before the battle reached half way. I had one (literally one dude, not a unit) left.

But their units are all fast and have charge bonuses, so who needs cavalry?


I forgot about that, you just turn all provinces to recruitment mode, and you can recruit a whole stack of top tier units any where on the map. Completely ridiculous. I love it!


Oh, and lizard heroes.

You got Sauruses which give training XP
Then you got the replenish troop hero

Last one is the skink priest? Somehow I always end up with TONS of those. Last game I think I had 10. I ended up just recruiting the Humble trait guys and leaving them in my capital. Humble gives +2 to other hero starting level. It is very nice. Recruit a hero at like level 10-15 or something ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure one of them can steal tech too… Forgot which. BTW guys, steal tech stacks. That is, if you have 4 guys stealing tech at 25% each that’s 100%. The turns also accumulate… so if you did 2 succesful actions at 3 turns each you’ll have 6 turns worth. it’s a tiny icon on the portrait in the lower left.


That bothered me for awhile too until I realized that Lizardmen armies don’t need cav. They have Carnosaurs. Carnosaurs do the same thing as cav, only better. Forget cav, take Carnosaurs!


Really, there’s no such thing as a problem Lizardmen can’t solve by simply adding more dinosaurs.


Budgetary problems!


Eat the accountants?

But seriously, I had infinite money as Mazdamundi. I could easily afford nine high tier stacks by the mid-to-late game.


That’s next season of GOT - large reptiles vs the iron bank.

I tried a full dino stack once, started too early. -5k each turn. I desperately kept searching the seas for treasures so I could get my dino army to the front lines.

That actually annoys me, how I expand in an increasing radius from the capital where all my good buildings are. Turn 100 my main lord is still using crappy t1 troops. Only way around it I guess is to get some scrubby hero just to recruit stuff globally, then trade it to the main lord. No way to actually march it all the way from the capital.


I had to make a spreadsheet to work out where all my units should go and what I needed to build, I pulled all my armies back to the capital and swapped all of them around. It was a bit dumb tbh.


Huh, I’ve never had problems managing upgrades for early lords with any race that offers global recruitment. Dinosaurs are a bit painful since many of those are 6 turns via global recruitment, but I make it work. Typically there’s a breather period when a major foe is beaten down and only the cleanup/assimilation remains. That’s a time to garrison an army in a freshly-taken city to boost province order, replenish the troops, and replace any obsolete units with fresher models.


It bothers me to let my lord go idle. Some OCD thing about letting my most powerful asset waste turns.


I used to do that early in TWW1, but then I realized I’d hit the lategame with one or two level capped lords and four others at level ten. So my OCD kicked in about distributing the experience more evenly and giving other lords a turn. TWW2 has made me even more strict about rotating lords on the front line. Since certain legendary lords give valuable traits when defeated, I want all my lords to have a chance to smack them around.

Right now I’m doing a Archaon ME campaign while waiting for the ME chaos hotfix, and I think every one of my five lords has the +6 armor (whole army) trait from beating Balthasar Gelt, half of them have the +10% replenishment from beating the Fay Enchantress, and all but one have beaten Mannfred and Helmann Ghorst. Once you start stacking all those special traits on a lord you get a really impressive set of bonuses.


You’re farming legendary lords for buffs?


Haha, replace one OCD for another… That actually works.

There’s a 15 trait limit I believe. A lot of them happen automatically so I think it’s pretty easy to hit the limit. There’s the movement ones for being in March stance, there’s the stay in bad public disorder one (+control), etc.


There’s insanity, which my Malekith got…