Total War: Warhammer 2


Yeah I’m pretty sure chaos invasions are just realm divide. I’m at turn 107 in a Bretonia campaign where I’m doing badly. I only have 3 full provinces. I ended up going to scandinavia and razing every skaeling and Varg city. It is very slow work.

No peep from chaos so far even thought it’s turn 107. For reference by turn 100 I had killed… 20+ chaos stacks in my dwarf game where I expanded everywhere.


I wouldn’t say I’m farming them per se, it’s just a natural consequence of tackling a spawling and prosperous Empire as Chaos in TWW2. Since they resettle so aggressively it’s a long slow slog to raze them out of existence. And while I do they keep throwing Gelt and Franz at me again and again. Every time I kill them they pop up 6-8 turns later with a new stack!


So I played the Lizardmen as Kroq-Gar and got up to the point of rolling out some Carnosaurs and Holy Crap. A level 20 Kroq-Gar, plus a line of beefy veteran Sauruses, plus half a dozen Carnosaurs is just insane. It’s like EZ Mode: super easy to play and crushes well, most everything.

Of course it all depends on play style.

For you TWW vets, what are the factions / units / army composition you find most enjoyable to play?


Round 90, no sign of chaos, Varg owns half of old world, I’m going to kill varg soon, they never stand a chance with their tier 1 shit roster, it may rock in auto resolve, but not against my imperial armies. If chaos comes now they better bring 12 stacks of doom, anything less wont do.

I don’t get it though, where is this pain everyone else but me suffers…


Is this in Mortal campaign? If so, at the very least it gives me hope that I can actually play a game this weekend :-)


Yeah, well play dwarves, let varg conquer the empire, then go save them, you’ll have a grand time mowing down varg armies with cannons. Make sure you bring at least 4 cannons|lobbers per army


What is your win progress at?


I don’t think you phrased that right. Based on current internet-wide rules for game forum ettiquette the correct formulation of that would be “Git Gud N00bs”


There’s a beta patch out today for the ME chaos issues, so you definitely can.


Is anyone else getting crashes frequently?

I am running a larger units mod and the better camera mod, and in my first campaign I had no issues until the patch dropped.

I’m in another campaign now and every 5 or so turns the game just stops working.

Annoyingly, the most recent crash was with Teclis, playing the fight he has against Malekith, to get his sword..

My forces have suffered greatly due to Malekith and his Hydra smashing through my front line, but my Archers were placed to the rear and In think I was about to win the fight.

Then the game crashed. That was 20 minutes of battle progress lost.



No crashes here.


None here, though I don’t run any mods.


Sorry not here either. And I really punish the game with lots of loading, reloading.


Magic is so much stronger now that Dark Magic for the Dark Elves can get hundreds of kills a battle, and hydras also slaughter rats and men with abandon. I think Morathi got 600+ kills vs the lizards in one desperate battle.

With magic DE armies are a bit less brittle than Wood Elfs. But in War2 the wrong unit composition is fatal. The AI brought about 8 Silver Helms against my Darkshard heavy DE army and even with the Hydra completely owned me. But i like being able to use real magic that blows armies up.

There really isn’t a single composition you can make - the question is what are you facing, and what are the skills of your lord. I think most times you’ll want your first lord to obtain the +6/+6 or whatever buffs for you basic troops. The hardest part of the game is when you don’t have all the units your faction has available to build, buildable, and need those troops to counter things that hard counter your tier 1 stuff.


Yay! Been playing a few hours, and getting my butt kicked - I really, really suck at this game, but I enjoy it immensely!


I like rolling an Empire army with a Wizard of Light, the Silver Bullets, some doughty spearman and greatswords, a couple crossbow troops and some reiksguard knights. Some artillery is a must- the hellblaster is great now. Maybe some outriders for skirmishing. The Empire has a lot of great options for putting together a flexible, combined arms force that still has a formidable number of troops. I wouldn’t invest heavily in leaders, instead relying on careful use of the Net of Amytok and your ranged to bring the big boys down. Give it a shot!


Sounds like the larger units mod might be causing you some problems? Everyone and their mom uses the Better Camera Mod and it literally only changes one tiny setting, so it’s not that.

Might wanna give it a go without it and see if the game is more stable, I haven’t had a crash yet and I’ve played an embarrassing amount.


I got 13 of 100 provinces, but its enough to field 3 larger armies and 4-5000 i money each round, its good stuff.
In round 90 now, and still no chaos, I noticed the patch will adjust chaos to be less of a danger, I don’t know really…I dont’ feel it at all atm.

Also, I got 13 of 100 cause I’m just playing it slow, I could have had 30 provinces by now…

My imperial armies are Flaggellants and some spear, with 4 x mortars and leaders, a few archers… this will MOW down most armies early on and kill plenty of Varg :)

Mortars are hands down the best artillery in game, but not good against large targets, which you don’t really face that often. AI is mostly low tier stuff anyway.


I feel like I’ve had enough RAWR Lizard/dinosaur action for now. I’m in the mood to play a strong cavalry faction. I’m willing to play TWW2, or TWW1 or ME. What’s a fun faction with strong cavalry?