Total War: Warhammer 2


Gods, playing this as both High Elves and Dark Elves makes me miss Warhammer Online fiercely!


@MisterMourning yeah I figured that out. Thing is I think I already knew that lol.

Anyway, as Empire, am on turn 84 (I didn’t quit!) and currently squezing the noose around Vampire neck. There are 2 Carstein factions, one called Carstein, and the other Vampire Counts. Why they didn’t confederate, but instead just allied, is beyond me.

Anyway, I captured the moot, and then a Carstein army and 2.5 VC armies attacked my 2 Empire Armies, which are mostly high tier.

Each army has 1 of each Demi Gryph, one cannon and one Hellstorm battery (not convinced these are actually all that useful btw) and 1 Reiksguard, the rst of the slots taken up by Halberdiers and 2 or 3 Greatswords, and various Wizards and Captains etc.

Seems to me Halberdiers are ok but not great, Greatswords are not bad, but I am kind of missing the High Elves.

I inflicted a crushing defeat on the Vampires, and the only reason they are still in the game is that their territory is fairly spread out, and their garrisons are strong, so I need both armies moving together to capture a settlement. It’s fairly slow going, but my various agents are really cleaning out the corruption.

I have a 3rd army being raised, by my treasurer, again mostly high tier.

Once the Vampires are dead I shall move 2 or maybe all 3 armies to Norsca, on a crusade, or wait for Chaos to show up. IIRC about turn 100 they should make an appearance.

Edit - the mod I had for 300% unit size was causing the crashes. I’m running a 200% unit size mod now, no crashes, still epic.

Edit 2 (3rd edit for typos) - Chaos showed up turn 115, and then Archaen about 10 turns later. They are far away and I am prepared.

The good things about having Karl as your secondary hero is that your early quest battles are much easier, and I was just now enjoying crushing the Chaos wave int he battle where he gets the reikland RuneFang.

I have an Amber Wizard with me, who can summon manticores…and holy moly those things are tough. I summoned one and he occupied 6 infantry units, which made a wonderful blob for my great cannons (480 kills), Luminark of Hysh (78 kills…I’m thinking I should keep this in reserve for fighting individuals, i.e. monsters like Chaos Giants?) and Hellstorm batteries (450 kills) and my Amber Wizard’s amber spear, which seems vey effective.

back up with 3 greatsword and one regular sword,
3 halberdiers and 1 spearman,
2 Demi gryphs and 1 Reiksguard,
3 gunners and 1 crossbow unit

and my total losses were 378 versus about 3000 casualties.

It was glorious, wonderful, beautiful…and then just as I clicked to end the batle, after iot said “decisive victory,” the game…crashed…



Look here:


Thanks, I know - Just not interested in breaking the law, grey or otherwise :-) Also, you can never go back - it wouldn’t be the same.

I do wish, with all the warhammer licensing someone made a gigantic Warhammer open world game for me!


BTW I got my Malekith novel, and it seems like it will explain a lot of the lore for this setting. It’s Malekith and mommy issues.


Mommy is not a very nice person.


Just fyi but the Morathi sub-faction and the Malakith sub-faction have different city ambient sounds and responses. When you click on a Morathi city it says something a bit on the nose like “corruption is rife!”. Also, the ambient sound of the Morathi city is something like “orgiastic violence” with lots of clashing steel and crazy screams.


Yeah, the Chaos God Slaanesh is pretty dark stuff. Like eyes-wide-shut but with mutations so you get tentacle penises or something.


It’s pretty much Hellraiser, except with…no, just Hellraiser.


Slaanesh is being retconned out for the new generation stuff. As a holdover from the 80s it seems sexual/weird/kid inappropriate today. From what i understand Slaanesh doesn’t exist in Age of Sigmar at all. Which reminds me…

You know with the naming of the combined map being “Mortal Empires”, i now heavily suspect Warhammer 3 will move into the horrible Age of Sigmar setting. I kind of feel like the remaining Warhammer factions that could be made in a separate game are so bottom of the barrel they don’t matter, but also, Games Workshop would really love a PC game that embraced the new setting. This may well have been the plan all along tbh.


BTW the chaos thing was apparently hotfixed last night.


Horrible? Really? What I’ve seen of it, particular the new stuff this year is pretty cool. It’s just not the Old World, and as a WFRP 1st Edition fan, I did always enjoy the Old World.

Anyway, I guarantee the four launch races in Total War: Warhammer will be the four powers of Chaos and their demons. The combined campaign will be a more elaborate invasion of the Old World (and other continents).


It’s Space Marines in an age of castles. They also rebranded all the races for copyright purposes. It’s also a mishmash of all the races together. It’s more Warcraft 2 than anything.


But the Ogres… :(


They’re coming! As a DLC race though.


That’s funny, because I “guarantee” you that the launch races of Total War: Warhammer 3 will not be the four powers of Chaos and their daemons.

Having read the Daemons of Chaos army book, there are no more than 5-6 unique daemons per god. The rest would just be re-skinned “Warriors of Nurgle, Warriors of Khorne, Warriors of Tzeench…” you get the idea.

A stand-alone game (it is being sold as a stand-alone) with no protagonist, only what flavor of evil do you want to be would be a bizarre and almost absurd risk for CA to take.

It might be Daemons/Ogre Kingdoms/Chaos Dwarves/Kislev or any number of possible things. They might even go way off the beaten path and throw some army lists together out of Cathay/Ind/Nippon. But the one thing I’m almost certain of is that CA isn’t going to release a stand-alone game where the only playable factions at release are 4 flavors of demon.


Well when you put it like that, it seems less likely. Killjoy!


Yeah 4 variations of DoC is unlikely.

I’m pretty firmly in the DoC/Ogre/CD/Kislev camp right now, though a lot of people think Kislev wont happen because it would be “off the map” or the like. But they’re the shield against Chaos, people really, really, really want them in the game, they would be a good race with likely fairly standard units for the most part. I just think there will be map over lap between 1 and 3. I could be wrong, but it makes sense on just about every level.

That said, I’d buy the crap out of a game that was just the Chaos Wastes and Daemons, but I’m sure I’m not in the majority.


I don’t mean to be a killjoy! I actually kind of hope some of the really weird, barely in the lore stuff like Cathay/Nippon make it into Warhammer 3. But the boring and logical part of my brain tells me that game 3 needs a protagonist. Did you know Empire is the most played race in Warhammer 1? People are boring.


Is there any possibility of TW doing WH40K? B/C I would buy that for a dollar. Oh, yes, I would.