Total War: Warhammer 2


It’s got to be possible. But likely? The real problem is can CA think of a way to do it that doesn’t suck? I don’t want it to be provinces on a single planet, I want to be fighting over a whole sector of space!


Unlikely, the Total War system falls apart beyond Napoleonic tech levels.

Once you no longer have formation fighting, it just doesn’t really work.


One could argue that their formation fighting system doesn’t work well right now.

I won’t be making that argument. For me, it’s good enough and I’m enjoying myself.

Regarding the new game, and/or future dlc, it seems to me that an obvious thing to do would be to make all the current computer controlled factions playable, with appropriate quest chains.

We keep hearing about this Boris Todbringer fellow…well make him playable, make Middenland a start province, and make the quest goal to dethrone Karl Franz.

Plus there are other empire factions, whose start position could be enough to make things interesting.

Rinse and repeat for the other factions, something they started doing with the new* Dwarf start positions.

  • new for me. I just downloaded the (overpriced?) dwarf and elf dlc.


The King and the Warloard DLC is really nice. I had a lot of fun playing as Clan Angrund. I’ve still not finished a goblin campaign yet. And the new units it adds are good.

I’d be down for this, but they need to flesh out the Empire’s campaign mechanic. The council thing is pretty boring. Also, once and Empire faction controls the Altdorf College of Wizards, they should have Warhammer 2 style Rites to perform.

Also, am I crazy or should Empire have an infantry unit that’s armoured and good vs large? An armoured version of the Halberdiers.


The formation mechanics in Warhammer are more about charge defense and mass than formation. With 4 story tall giants, hellcannons, dragons and swarms of giant tree things, you’re more about either charging or taking the charge, and then having the mass (or not having the mass) to prevent them from charging through. This is kind of the complete opposite of the Rome games which basically degenerated into thin long lines being the default in almost every situation.

It’s rare you can have a traditional line that is able to hold against a charge. I think this i why people like playing Dwarfs, and why people like fighting against Vampires. In most cases it’s better to think of the “center” of battle and the wings.

Empire don’t need armored, armor piercing infantry. That’s what Demigryph knights are for, why they have Greatswords and Halbediers. You just don’t get a universal “do everything” unit, which would make them too easy.


Steam Tanks come close to the do-everything label. Pricy but potent!

One of my favorite things to do with a late-game Empire army when I’m filthy-rich is to put a line of Helblaster guns behind a spread-out line Steam Tanks. With some Reiksguard on the flanks and maybe a flying hero and wizard behind them. In TWW1 that army would ROFLstomp just about anything the AI would throw at it.


Hold em with Halberds or Spears while you shoot them with hand gunners or cannon. It’ll work- trust me, I’m a doctor!

*okay a juris doctor


Yeah between Halberds, Greatswords, Demigryphs and various ranged AP stuff Empire is more than fine.

Almost no one has an anti-large armored unit really do they? Just HE and DE that I can think of.


Well, obviously they would have to change the tech to allow for smaller, looser squads where the precise position and LoF of every unit is more important, but imo they have already shown they are able to change their tech with TW;W, lots of things are new there in comparison with the old historical games.


Anti-large armor piercing heavy infantry? That would be only halberdiers. So offhand I can think of Chosen, Black Guard, and Phoenix Guard.

Armor piercing heavy infantry on the other hand is a lot more common. Just about everyone has that. Grave Guard Greatweapons, Longbeard Great Weapons, Imperial Greatswords, etc etc.


I think it would work assuming a 40k based closely on the tabletop. I mean really, when you think about, the warhammer fantasy and warhammer 40k tabletop rules both fit into the same constraints in terms of battlefield size and mixing up shooting/melee. I see no reason why an engine that models the fantasy battles wells couldn’t model the 40k battles as well.


Yeah, those are the only ones that came to mind for me.

As far as armor-piercing heavy inf for Empire, that’s Greatswords.


Bah, new patch for the big campaign fundamentally changes how Chaos is spawned. They recommend starting over if chaos has spawned in your game - i’m 100 turns in, sucks! Onto Dark Elves I guess.


So I just discovered an interesting lizardmen combo for the mid-game. You still want your core Saurus warriors, which can be recruited at Tier 1 or 2 settlements early, and in the late game the Tier 4/5 Carnosaur/ranged Stegodon/etc. team is still awesome. But I found a pretty solid Tier 3 combo: about 1/3 Saurus, 1/3 Feral Stegodon and 1/3 Cold One cavalry. This set up lacks range but has a decent amount of cavalry and the Stegodons are faster than most infantry. The Cold Ones are on the weak side for cavalry but that’s OK b/c you are not using them for shock but for screening and pursuit. The Saurus are to form your core line and the Stegodons, it turns out, are pretty damn good at crumpling an enemy line like a tin can. Instead of using the Stegos as slow flankers, I realized if you use them as the core of your infantry line you can pummel most opposing lines with ferocity. While the fight is shaping up, you use the Cold One Riders to screen and harass and then once your Stegos have cracked the enemy egg, you unleash the Cold Ones to ride everybody down. It works surprisingly well for a relatively cheap mid-game force. If you can supplement this with some long range Stegos, even better.


This is the way I went too. This build scales to the late game as well, although the Cold Ones/Horned Ones become a bit of a liability. Upgrade to Temple Guard, the nastier dinosaurs and heroes riding dinosaurs. You can pack a lot of meat into a 20 unit army.


If anyone was looking at getting Warhammer 1 so they can play Mortal Empires, Humble have it at $30 in their Games Workshop sale.


I’ve played enough now to try out some mods. What mods have people enjoyed thus far?



Ones that most people will enjoy -

Better Camera Mod, Building Progression Icons II, Faster End Turn Camera, Improved Border Colors

There are some nice looking flag/banner mods as well that many people love but although they look very nice, to me the readability is bad and definitely diminish my ability to assess situations at a glance.

Other than that just go through popular stuff on the workshop and think if it might be something you enjoy. So much of it is subjective. There are two big overhauls, Radious and Steel Faith, but honestly I find them both substantially inferior to vanilla. I prefer picking and choosing my changes rather than adhering to one persons massive overhaul where it’s all or nothing.


I haven’t really found a need to mod the game, where previous games had enough issues to warrant a mod for some aspect of the game or another.

CA is not only constantly releasing new DLC but tweaking old content. They’ve even tweaked the skins of some of the units in Mortal Empires (Blood Knights are much less stoplight red now). So underpowered skills get buffed, overpowered spells get nerfed, ect, with such regularity that i’ve just never gotten a handle around the “metagame” before it’s different all over again.

This is in contrast with Attila, which, for ex., added some extremely interesting Desert Factions which really were my favorite in the game. But because of the way trade words - needing a direct path to a capital -, and because of their objectives - attack their potential trade partners - they were unable to trade with anyone despite their factions specific bonuses revolving around trade. Oops.