Total War: Warhammer 2



@Enidigm was playing on “Easy” combat difficulty because he “wasn’t very good.” Turns out you’re much better than you think!!

OOPS Enigdim not Sharpe.


I’m just laughing at this. I played all my TWW2 on Normal/Normal because it seemed challenging enough and I didn’t think I could handle harder. Turns out I could have!

I might turn it up to Hard next time I have to take on Orion or Durthu. Man those skirmishy Wood Elves are the most annoying thing in the world to smack down.


Well, to be fair, campaign difficulty is mostly about volume rather than quality. Even if you have bonuses reversed ij thr battle itself, you may be fighting 2x or 3x the troops because of the bonuses AI received on the strategic map to their production. That’s probably why no one noticed until modders picked up on it.


LOL wait, went digging and this Dec 1 post claims that the CAMPAIGN leadership bonuses/penalties are reversed on hard as well.

So looks like they reversed everything hahaha!

Conflicting posts on whether it’s fixed in beta or not.



December: Reprisal + Foundation updates to skill trees, along with some other tweaks
January: Tomb Kings
Fucking May!: Norsca + DLC RoR to ME, more ME updates and tweaks

Good of them to be honest, but, holy shit, May?


Yes! That’s all I care about - Norsca schmorsca.


I find the Mortal Empires turn times rather daunting - its a shame, after being subjected to Rome 2s excellent turn speed to be back at Attila turn speeds - It kinda ruins the game for me. Its a shame, because damn Warhammer 2 is a fine game!


The post claims that all battle difficulty AI bonuses are reversed in campaign mode.

I haven’t seen anyone claim that campaign map difficulty AI bonuses are reversed. “Everything” is not reversed.

I suspect they forgot to test battle difficulty because its in a submenu :)


Yea, from all indications the difficulty bug is only in actual combat. The AI still gets massive boosts to production and upkeep reduction on higher difficulties. So while the battles might be a lot easier on legendary, you’ll be up against a lot more enemies.

I’m not a programmer, but May is 5-6 months away from now. I’d be honestly shocked if Norsca’s original implementation took anything like 5-6 months of programming. Sure, from the drawing board to actual realization, maybe. But they have no art assets to do, no creative decisions to make, and I just can’t wrap my head around why it would take so long to get this content back into the game.

I understand that the next DLC is almost ready, and don’t begrudge them releasing because holding on to a finished product is pointless. But if Norsca comes out after a 3rd or 4th paid DLC, I’m going to be pretty cranky with CA. It ought to have a priority higher than “after Danny the intern learns how to program and can do it in his spare time”.


Do you know how freaking long it takes to hand paint all those figurines? Give 'em a break.

More seriously, studios often stagger things out to keep the interest in the game high for a longer tail on sales.


Staggering content people thought they had already purchased is likely to attract the wrong kind of interest. I’m actually sort of interested if any gaming media will cover it.

I think these games have been pretty great on the whole, but the apocalyptic level of screwup that had to occur to get something back into the game that was already actually implemented taking 5+ months is truly breath-taking in scope.


I was wondering why people care about the Norsca b/c to me they are the least interesting faction by far. The game has so many good factions, I really don’t care that Norsca is delayed. However, if it was content that was promised as part of the purchase, I can understand why there would be an issue. On the other hand, Norsca? They are just… OK.


I feared something like this might happen.

What’s happened here is that CA have basically been on the same code base since at least Empire, and possibly before, and it’s way more complicated than it has any right to be. They got a little over excited and made too many separate deep changes between W1 and ME, now they have a headache. Having worked on non-game software of similar scope and age, you really can get yourself into a mess. Which they appear to have done.

The reason it takes so long to fix, is basically only one person can work on this merge, and that’s probably their best programmer. And they are probably suppose to be working on the engine for the next historical TW game right now.


Actually, they’re one of the most interesting factions according to a vast majority of the playerbase. Norsca is regarded as the best DLC of TWW1 by a landslide. But the real issue is how horrifically awful base Norsca is. Full stacks of chariots are terrible in basically every way and now everyone is stuck with it for 6 months.

Base Norsca isn’t remotely fun to play against.


Agreed, Norsca are fantastic both to play and as foils to the Empire. It’s a real shame they’re not in ME.


They made it clear Mortal Empires is more an extra slice of cake then the main course they’re selling you, and they accepted long turn times/slower updates as the cost of “giving” people free content. They’re not going to optimize ME much more than now, imo.


Except that… they’re spending a lot of time and resources on it instead of the base game (or so it seems), so that doesn’t really work.

I think if Tomb Kings was coming out this month, it would mostly placate people. But… October, November and December are all dedicated to ME. Then we finally get Tomb Kings and then… they’re planning to dedicate 4 months to ME by their own account. At this point in TWW1 we had Beastmen and 2 minor FLCs.

I think where they’re screwing up is not getting the FLC ball rolling. By this point in TWW1 we were seeing DLC and FLC stuff. People were excited for the next FLC and debating what/who it was going to be. As of yet we got ME and… that’s it.

Now the game came out end of September. So we had a 2 month wait for what many consider a mostly broken and borked FLC (which imo is a fair view). December will… be spent on that same FLC trying to fix things that many think should have been in it to start with, but even that wont actually fix it. So December is slotted for “starting to fix something” as far as most people are concerned.

I think they REALLY need to start hyping and pushing their FLC and the plans for it. People wont mind as much waiting until the middle of next year for something if there is stuff to look forward to before then. As of now it feels like they’re offering “nothing until January.”

I don’t agree with all those views, but I’m also pragmatic about game design for the most part. From a PR view it’s a nightmare of a failure and the way to recover that is to remind everyone they’ll be getting cool shit. Unless, of course, we aren’t getting cool shit anytime soon, in which case this is a truly epic clusterfuck on their end.

I think they need to get that first FLC out the door sooner rather than later. I would hope we get some FLC with the December update, but it seems unlikely. They set an amazing track record with the first game basically giving people something every month, but they hit a wall with TWW2 and the nightmare that is ME. I think putting that on the back burner and focusing on other stuff is needed. Which they’re basically going to have to do anyway since past January it’s just too long a time.


The non-playable Norsca factions in the Vortex campaign - what flavor of Norsca (base or DLC) are they? My opinion of Norsca is primarily based on playing against Norsca in Vortex. Perhaps I’m just seeing the base roster and not the DLC roster?


That is the base roster of reject Chaos units.

Actual Norsca has like… 3 of those units. And fucking mammoths, ice trolls and frost wyrms.


Going off memory.
Base Norsca:
Chaos Hounds
Chaos Chariots oh God so many chariots
Sometimes some Chaos Trolls

DLC Norsca:
Frost wolves
Norscan hounds
Ice trolls
Frost wyrms
Fucking Skinshifters (chaos werewolves)

Plus Fimir caster heroes, Skinwolf heroes and shaman heroes


My unsubstantiated take is that they moved some troops around and have slimmed down the War2 staff, and things are just going to take longer. I also don’t think there’s going to be as much DLC for War 2 as War 3.

But i also think (you heard it here first!) i’ll stuck my neck out and say i think War 3 will be set in the Age of Sigmar. It feels right - and while i think the setting is kind of dumb, imo it has a ton of narrative hooks. You start in one corner of the map and claw your way back, chaos owning the rest. Also it’s a big innovation (?) in that you can mix and match races - so you get slayers and elves with the empire, etc. And also, though this is by far the wildest speculation, but Aurelian in the Empire Divided expansion just released for Rome 2 literally looks like a Stormcast … uh… medieval space marine from Age of Sigmar.