Total War: Warhammer 2


OK, then I am now on board with the people who demand the Norsca upgrade :O. That sounds pretty good.


Nah, they’ve said they wont do AoS. I’m fairly sure they don’t have the license for it and don’t want it since everyone hates it so much. They’re going to do all the 8th edition races, so the 3rd game has to be Daemons, Chaos Dwarves and Ogres.

Now after that? AoS could happen. But not for years.


They have the coolest roster in the game imo.

Crazed Northmen, cool monsters and werewolves.


I wonder if it’s worthwhile to go back to WH1 and try the Norsca with their full roster.


I’ve been strongly considering it. It was a hell of a lot of fun. The only thing really stopping me is the download and drive space on my SSD.


It’s one of my favourite playthroughs of that campaign. Norsca are really fun.

Don’t think Warhammer 3 will go anywhere near Age of Sigma. Although they might do an end of the world scenario as the victory condition for the Chaos factions. But I’d actually be into an AoS Total War, now that the setting has cities and stuff.


I gave the Norsca a try and am having a hard time getting a handle on them. They are a raid/sack based economy, but they do also need to hold some provinces. I’m not sure what the best way to get going early is. I figure once you have a stack O doom or two sacking away, it will go well, but I don’t have a good sense of how to get them rolling.


Actually Norsca is the only faction that makes sense as an invasion faction, imo.

The key to Norsca is always run deficits. It’s counter-intuitive, but it works.


Iirc most people focused on securing most of the North, but it’s been a while.


The key takeaway with Norsca is that Norscan factions will confederate with each other immediately if their leader is defeated in battle. So if playing Throgg or Wulfrik, number 1 initial priority is to find and defeat the other chieftains. Then offer confederation. Done correctly a Norscan player can unite the whole area shockingly quickly.

Once it’s united, it’s just a matter of building it up so you have places to build all troops and get a little income. The northern provinces will never get a player rich but they should support an initial stack or two. Once that’s in place, it’s time to go sacking!

Don’t neglect the monster hunts either, those are nice.


Yea, the biggest loss of Norsca is having the terrible base placeholder Norsca in TW:W2 and Mortal Empires. It’s a faction that no matter which faction you choose for your ME campaign, you can bet you’ll be having multiple large battles against Norsca.

It’s a real bummer when its just millions of chariots and skirmisher cavalry.


Has your cryptomining rig been idle ever since Etherium mining collapsed? Do you think Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is the greatest game idea ever?

Long story short, next week there will be an update that lets you create imbalanced Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator type battles with hundreds of thousands of units and no-gravity settings.


Enemy capitals are also very useful for Norsca to capture. Not only do they unlock techs, but I recall that they also have unique building chains.


What’s age of Sigmar? Is that after TW2 setting?

Yesterday I looked up and Felix/Gortek meet in ~2498, so that gives me a starting point.


Yea. Imagine if the Tolkien estate created a new property that blew up Middle Earth (again) - “Sauron found the other ring of power he had lost in the couch cushions!” - called it the 4th age, and then had all the good races and powers squashed back into a corner of the map. In reality it’s as much or more about branding and updating the fiction - there’s a certain medieval dustiness about Warhammer that apparently isn’t appealing anymore, and they want to trademark everything and remove as much of the lingering Tolkienisms as they can. The redone Warhammer Age of Sigmar is an almost exact analog of Warhammer 40k, with medieval Space Marines. It’s surprising though that they actually blew up a setting they had worked on for decades.


I’m either old, busted, stupid or stuck. I can’t play Mortal Empires.

Every single faction is a treadmill to nowhere when i play them.

Dark Elves - 100 turns, only 2 settlements captured. Only 1 stack active. Can’t actually fight manual battles against High Elves because in manual combat i do worse than the autoresolve.

Bretonnia - 100 turns, 3 settlements captured in battle, 2 settlements lost, 4 settlements by confederation. Only have 1 full stack, surrounded by 5 active enemy stacks. Can’t actually fight manual battles against High Elves or Wood Elves because in manual combat i do worse than the autoresolve.

The AI is so much better than me when playing Wood Elves/High Elves because it’s so efficient with cavalry. It charges perfectly, it skirmishes perfectly. Pure infantry battles i tend to always win, but those light/medium cav heavy armies just own me over and over. Wood Elves terrify me as Bretonnia. Fighting them manually is like 5x more casualties than the autoresolve, and it’s basically impossible to even invade their lands without two full extremely expensive, high level stacks.


What difficulty are you playing on? Bump it down to normal and you should easily steamroll everyone (which is what I do).



My Bretonnia campaign goes like this:
20 turn of next-turning Orc rebels, build up a nearly full stack.
Head south into Tilea where the rats are rampaging, take first city easy, get stuck on second city besieging for 10 turns.
Brayherd spawns and razes port city. Sigh. Rats attack and don’t break seige but i lose half my troops. Sigh. Retreat back to Carcassonne. Resettle port city.
All the Wood Elves declare war… but do nothing. Ok.
Nothing to do, since there’s nowhere to go now. Trying to diploannex nearby Bretons.
Go stomp the Vampires to north, take two of their cities. Diploannex nearby guys. Their cities provide 0 income… so i have to disband inherited armies. Sigh.
Norsca faction declare war. High Elves declare war, 3 Wood Elf stacks move into Carcassonne, Rats declare war. Chaos razes an ally city, 3 High Elf stacks take my other port city (Bordeleaux or Mousillion?) I have one stack still. Sigh.


Try playing Dwarfs!


Unchivalrous cur!