Total War: Warhammer 2




Creative Assembly hosted a multiplayer tournament this past weekend. I just finished going through the videos. The second day in particular (which was the Semifinals and Finals) had some really terrific play:


If I have TW:W2 now, do I still need TW:W1 installed for anything?




Lol your user icon. “computer”


Expansion announcement.

I am ready for lobster mecha.


From the FAQ:


Awesome! When is it coming out?


I think that mecha is actually constructed of a shipwreck, but my eyes may be deceiving me. And the monsters look… extremely awesome. You can tell someone had fun making that video, it shows.

But this looks very exciting. A few highlights that struck me:

This DLC will come along with a FLC Legendary Lord, probably a Dark Elf since they speaking of which - made it so you no longer had to autoresolve naval battles and would fight them on islands or when appropriate, on a new Black Ark map. It’s really only the specificity of the Black Ark addition and the fact that Dark Elves still only have 3 Legendary Lords even after their expansion. And the next DLC is surely the Skaven vs Lizardmen one and I imagine we will get the 4th Skaven Lord then, in addition to a Lizardman one and an additional free Lizardman LL (since the Skaven already got a 3rd one free).

And apparently a large/major rework of the existing Vampire Factions. Probably to differentiate them more from the new one. Exciting times. It’s kind of fun that all three Vampire Factions start with the initials VC, which isn’t confusing for anyone.


Nov 8th apparently. Just missed Halloween to add all those spooky skellingtons.


We’ll just call them Original Vampire and Other vampire to differentiate them.


I pre-ordered this DLC on Steam, only to notice it was even cheaper on Fanatical at $15, FYI.


I noticed it on Humble Bundle for 15.38 just now and came here to post that. Pretty sure you need to be a member to get that price. But if someone wants to save themselves like… an extra grande starbucks it might be helpful :)

And just to be clear I always take free money. Not knocking it.


Jeez, the GCCM folks have been working on a mod for this for ages and CA just tweet it out!


CA did explicitly mention the modders in their press release and gave them a shout out. I feel like that’s pretty classy.


That is classy indeed. Thanks for this very important addendum.


Some nice mods. I like the formation one and the ai spectator that let’s you let groups ai attack. I still play this game a ton esp now with my new cup. Wow it is fantastic with a good computer.


This is gonna be the first game I install on my new rig. Can’t wait to play it at a normal speed.


First game I installed on my new one --ultra ultra --just wow. What a difference. God love it Total War: Warhammer has all three: tactics, strategy and spectacle!


I can’t freaking wait.