Total War: Warhammer 2


There’s also a mod that adds a button to the screen that you can click to automatically decline all diplomacy offers. This is quite good for alt-tabbing out during long turn times:


Do you know if it will autodecline joining alliance wars like a comment suggests?


I don’t know for certain - I don’t usually join alliances. Based on the way it works, it probably does decline them, so if you like to form alliances, probably better to use the other mod.


I have TW2, but have held off diving in because my rig (and especially super old HD) is just not up to the task. Periodically I plan to build a super rig and take several days off work to bask in Warhammer glory. But, so far… I always back down. But someday, yes someday…


Apparently the battle load times are absolutely ungodly if you don’t have an SSD.


They can be slow as is (well for me, was) the load game (esp loading an old campaign). Also after you load a pre-existing game it would be slow for me as well. The game is a bit of a hog, but worth it.


Getting the hang of things and this TW seems to make more sense in terms of how to do/see things with the interface. One thing I find really annoying is the unit dance when they are routed, run across the map, then charge back. Again and again and again. It’s not as bad in a fantasy game as it is in something like Civil War (where this makes the game unplayable for me) but is there a mod that might help to keep the retreats less ridiculous?


Are you playing skaven? Cuz skaven retreating is by design.


Nah. Was the high elves and empire. Just the yo-yo effect kind of takes me out of things. It made me shelve some more historical rts games but in Warhammer it’s only kind of silly to see is all.


I am not all that excited about the new dlc, It might not be all that bad but … ugggh vampires. After trying to get corruption (mechanic) under control for years now… I just can’t be in that camp.

So I recently learned that “Halflings” are actually a Warhammer race. And they live in the moot. The moot that I know is a battle ground . Can’t CA come up with something more interesting than Pirate Vampires?


Zombie Pirate Ninja Vampires?

With Cadillacs.


Did CA come up with this, or is it from the Warhammer miniature war game?

Related - it sounds like a lot of fans have been wanting this for a super long time, so while it not be up your particular alley, it sounds like many TW2 fans are super excited.


A lot of people would have liked Araby, since they have an army list of sorts.


They are only missing the ninja part then.

I think Warhammer fans get excited about EVERY content patch :)


I begrudgingly agree… heck it’ll probably be crazy fun anyways.

I’d be curious to know from a Warhammer person what is actually left.

(Brief research uncovers both Araby and Albion. And Kislev I guess too…)


Dogs of War, Araby (in theory, they never had a book that I know of).

And the stuff out in the East/Chaos Wastes, but that’s for game 3.

Dogs of War is the big one since it’s Tilea/Estalia, their colonies and whatnot.

Kislev has always been on the radar. They even have unique voices in diplomacy, but I’ve always said they’ll come in game 3 as the “Good” faction that’s kind of normal to counteract all the Chaos stuff.


I am excited just for treasure hunting. Now that I think about it… heck it’s maybe a resource or two short of becoming HOMM.


I would actually like to see a DLC with a smaller campaign map that crams a ton of factions into a smaller area, but instead of 6 or 8 nations per faction, we get just 1 or 2. Basically Mortal Empires downsized by 75%. In theory, this should speed up turn times a lot but still allow for the insane many-faction craziness. For example, you could add a previously “undiscovered isle” where all the factions have a small beachhead. Like a WH2 Battle Royale. My money is ready.


Oh Sharpe that does sound good. Toe to toe! All in! I already wrote the check and it will lay it in my foyer envelope when I hear the announcement! (BTW I just lost a Tomb Kings campaign in mortal empires ….)