Total War: Warhammer 2


I’m kind of not understanding the distribution for this game. In order to have everything at the end, you’ll have to buy three games and a few dozen DLC?


That was the original plan, I believe it was announced as such and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.


Sounds like a single game with 2 standalone Expansion Packs, plus a ton of DLCs.

I would be all over this game, if my computer could actually run it. But it can’t so I’m safe.


I just genuinely did not know if that was still the plan. I’m trying to figure it out, because it’s frankly a bit of a logistical pain to keep up with. I don’t want to buy three games and a assload of DLC, so I’m wondering if there will just be a “pack” in 3 years or so where you can get everything at a go.


I think TW1 was at $10 the other day.


I understand, but it’s a giant game. It’s probably bigger than any series I’ve every played. It’s hard to make tha sort of game work without a constant influx of money from somewhere.

The only game that seems to have that same scale is Dominions, and that’s a different beast.


Don’t wait. Seriously. If you want to get in, just get Warhammer 2. Here’s how I would place order of importance with cost factored in for everything (get blood and gore - it’s a given):

Or if you need to break down Warhammer 1 too:

  • Warhammer 1 base game
  • Realm of the Wood Elves
  • Call of the Beastmen
  • Norsca
  • Chaos Warriors
  • Grim and the Grave

note: lots of free-lc in the above so not listing them individually.

It’s well worth going all in if you like this kind of thing.


Agree with this list - @SlyFrog the game is a ton of fun, there is no reason to wait until it’s “completed”. Get the second game, it is better than the first because the campaign is better (though both are fun), and if you want the big, expansive Mortal Empires with all content on one map, you can grab everything. But just the base Warhammer 2 game alone has 4 factions (all are awesome) and a great campaign. Maybe just start with that, see what you think, and go from there.


I 100% agree with Scott’s assessment which perfectly wraps it all up. :)


There only being 2 Lizards is starting to get a bit… painful to look at.


Thanks for the advice guys. I have the first Total War: Warhammer. I just did not realize there would be quite so much following it, so I stopped after buying the stuff for that.

Maybe I’ll stick with that for the time being, and see if they have some package for the rest at some point.


Yeah, if you own the first game but haven’t much time into it, no time like the present - there are dozens and dozens of hours of awesome packed into what you already own.


Though maybe wait for the Halloween sale on Steam? Granted, they just had a big WH sale, but I’d be surprised if they don’t match (or exceed) those prices when the Steam sale rolls around in a week or so.


Yeah, and there’s Xcom, and AI War 2, and so many goodies. :)

I might do that - basically, I’m probably willing to pay the cost of a normal game for each game plus all of its DLC. So if they drop to 50% off plus, I’ll take a look.

Thanks again to all of you for the great thoughts!


While my computer is just not up to the task and TW:W has been on my dream staycation list for awhile, I don’t believe the DLC is super critical. As far as I understand it, everyone gets the DLC races, units, leaders, etc. as part of their game when released. Players just can’t play AS said DLC unless it is purchased.

Assuming I am not wrong, the best way to purchase TW:W is to get the first game and the second game as these unlock play modes and campaigns, then snipe any faction DLC that you want to play. This gives you all the content essentially.


I don’t think that’s true. I didn’t think Wood Elves and Beastmen were added to Warhammer I without the DLC. Same for Tombkings in Warhammer 2.


Incorrect on all counts


Wow, that’s really nice then!


Yeah they add all DLC into the game every time. You just can’t play as that faction without the DLC.

Only if there is a DLC for an existing race, like say the Dark Elf/High Elf DLC, that adds units or whatever, you don’t have access to those new units. Though I think the AI still does, so that might be a little irking for some people, but such is life.


Yeah, I think I read somewhere along the line that it would have been more difficult for them to maintain different versions of the game so they just fill the game with all DLC for the AI to use, but the player has to buy it in order to use it themselves. It also serves as sort of a permanent in game commercial to quietly tempt players into picking up something new. The way I see it, and given the current world of DLC we live in, that’s actually a fairly customer friendly approach.