Total War: Warhammer 2


Agreed. I think the TWH DLC is pretty fair … only issue I have with it, is that it’s a monstrously expensive game to buy all at once.

On the other hand, it is a monster of a game.


Though they fuck up sometimes and screw up the game for non-DLC owners by doing this. Most recent was Queen and Crone with one of the new DE units being attached to a building chain prevented the entire building chain (which had other effects, i.e. public order) from being built (for non-owners)


Plus seriously I love a mortal empires campaign, but if your cpu is slower it is a dog on turn times. Warhammer 2 out of the box is the best bet and then addons there.

I should say when I have the time I play Warhammer 2 every day. Maybe 30 minutes at least on a long campaign. I am sure if I were looking at it fresh I would NOT bother with WH1 now at all. CA has a plan for all three games but it might change by the time they get through 2 dlc and the Ancient China game out next year.

Finally Scott’s assessment of the games above and the agreement by others I concur. Completely though I liked Queen and Crone maybe a bit better. Tomb Kings is awesome.


Completely agree. I remember when I was first thinking about getting TW:WH I got a bit of sticker shock at seeing it all, but the sheer scale of the game is mind-blowing.

And each faction you buy is at least 15-20 hours of playtime (which means the base games are 60-80 hours each). You don’t need the DLC unless you really want to play a specific faction or you’ve already spent ungodly amounts of time in game.

I’ve only got TW:1, TW:2 and tomb kings and there are still factions I own that I’ve barely played.


Right; these games are huge. I am still happily working my way through TW:1, which I got on sale, and have picked up almost all the DLC on various deep sales. Eventually I’ll get TW:2, but I’ve still plenty of content to get through.


Apparently they made Burke Black, the pirate streamer, into one of the Legendary Admirals you can unlock.

That’s pretty awesome of CA.


Holy shit, that is very awesome!


A bunch of the Tomb King lords are named after the most prominent youtube streamers of TW games as well (using their real names, not their internet names). There’s a few other instances of meme-y easter egg stuff as well.

I mean, obviously it’s in their best interest to keep the biggest free promoters of their games happy, but they really do go a bit above and beyond the call in that regard.


Friends, I’ve an odd technical issue that I can’t seem to find a solution for. I got a new PC, which runs this thing so well…except for the sound. I use a mixer program for sound, Voicemeter Banana, and with it I can switch between speakers and headphones easily.

Well, with this game in particular, as soon as I load it, the sound becomes all poppy, crackly and stuttery, either through the speakers connected to my sound card or the USB headset.

Anyone ever run into this that might have a solution? I’m at my wits end.


If it wasn’t for this, I’d say you have a loose cable. As that’s not the case, have you tried without using Voicemeter Banana to potentially isolate the issue?

edit - assuming that’s it, I’ve seen people suggest switching from WDM to MME.


Brian I hope you get that working. I have no idea what is wrong. My new cpu is almost Warhammer 2 dedicated. Meaning that game responds very well to super great graphics and load times with a new cpu.

Total war games have strategy, tactics, sometimes some family (or whatever mechanic) – but I think one of the key reasons I play Warhammer 2 is the spectacle (as I mentioned above). And with a new cpu you certainly get that.

Consider this: I planted this new dell on day one and Warhammer 2 played like a dream out of the box. This must have been a standard configuration I did nothing to change anything. I didn’t mean to rub it in quite the opposite --have you considered just a basic driver sweep and a reinstall of Warhammer 2?

I hate that you have a new cpu and can’t get a premier game to run.


Wow, that seems to have helped a LOT. There’s still a teensy bit of popping, but I’m one step closer to figuring this out. Thank you!

I’ll get it figured out. You know how it is with new systems. Lots of wierdsies to get hammered out.


Yeas it took me a day or so to get the kinks worked out.

Btw if I haven’t said this already: Warhammer 2 is so good when you can max it out. I had 16 thousand uh — well they were skeletons mostly (I wanted to say "troops) on screen. I had to step back and just watch and say “wow”


You’re welcome! Only other thing I can think of would be trying a different frequency; if you’re on 44.1, maybe try 48.


Exactly. This and Elite Dangerous are my problem games right now. Everything else is butter. I’ll get them fixed.

I will certainly try that once I figure out how. ;) Thanks again!


I started using SoundSwitch, but literally all I’m using it for is to save myself time going into Windows and changing the settings there when I use headphones. So that isn’t an option if you’re using the mixer for… well anything other than swapping outputs.


Consider me a +1 for soundswitch if all you want is to switch from headphones to speakers.


I used to use SoundSwich for that very thing before moving to Voicemeter Banana.


You guys got me all excited but it’s a $500 piece of software. Geez.


Wait what?